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Hey, this is Akash Roy, founder of Techuda and Xombied. I have always been a tech lover since childhood, and Gaming is one of my biggest passions. Although it was pretty difficult to leave a full-time job and take up Tech and Game Blogging as a Career, I had to do it.

akash roy founder at techuda

This website is all about the latest trends in the Tech Hardware World. You will get articles about Hardware Reviews, Gaming Benchmarks, PC building Tips and Tricks, Windows Tips and Tricks, Tech News, Quick Windows Fixes, Apple Reviews and much more.

I have been hooked up to the Gaming and Hardware Industry since childhood; I have been working in this Gaming Industry for 5 Years now, organizing events, marketing, and working with various retailers in the city. I have been working with the MSI but ultimately left that path and went on to pursue a Career in Digital Marketing and Gaming. I am now a Senior Editor and Senior Author for one of the most reputed websites in the Gaming niche, Frondtech.

I am B.Com Graduate holding an Honors Degree in Accounting and Finance. Apart from that, I am a Certified Digital Marketer and a Grade 5 Certified Musician and Drummer from Trinity College of London.

Techuda was initially established with the mindset of a Gaming only website but later became a Complete Tech Hardware Website with the primary aim of helping all tech enthusiasts and buyers with helpful content, reviews and performance numbers. I am going to continue doing this for the rest of my life.

We care about the Quality of the content, and we make sure the content that we produce will help you out.

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  • Akash Roy [Founder/SEO/Author/Editor]
  • Alapan Chakraborty [Writer/Editor]

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Keep up the good work Akash.

Samar Jeet

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Thanks. Trying to decide on a laptop in a certain price range with my girlfriend so we can play old games together (also her old one is getting a bit slow). This review was exactly what I needed to know.

Devin Watson

Good Quality Content Keep it up. Will wait for more quality contents.

Soumyadip Dutta

and many more…

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