Windows 11 Game Mode Review – Does it Really Work?

We tested out the windows 11 game mode that is made especially for PC gamers to boost fps to see whether it works.

Gaming on a PC platform is always a significant advantage for video games. While on the console platform, you can get 120fps maximum with the latest Generation consoles like the PS5 for example, you can get an average of 300fps for the same game if you play that on a PC, but that includes if you have a beefy system. With the customization of CPU, GPU, and RAM, you can enjoy more fps with both performance and quality. Also, you can add some graphics mods to enhance the game, which looks even better than the original graphics.

Microsoft has released a new feature with Windows 11 operating system to provide PC gamers with better game performance. It is called Game Mode. Windows 11 Game Mode can be used when you are playing games. From the statement of Microsoft, this mode disables all other unnecessary background apps and tasks. It also prevents other apps from interfering or getting into work while playing a game. By doing this, the game runs faster rather than in normal mode.

But does this thing work? We are not saying that the windows 11 game mode doesn’t do these things, but the real question is about the ultimate result. To test out this Windows 11 Game Mode, we decided to run some modern gen games on the windows 11 operating system while the Windows 11 Game Mode is activated.

So without further delay, let’s check out the Windows 11 Game Mode Performance in Games and see if it works.

Windows 11 Game Mode Review - Does it Really Work?

Windows 11 Gaming Mode – Test System Details

Here are the details of our system, which we have used for the Windows 11 Game Mode experiment.

ProcessorIntel Core-i9 10900K
Graphics ProcessorZotac Trinity Edition Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 10GB
MotherboardAsus Rog Z490 Plus
MemoryG.Skill Trident 16GB DDR4 3600 MHz
Storage1 TB Western Digital M.2 NVMe SSD
PSUCorsair RM850i
CPU CoolerCooler Master ML 360 illusion RGB
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 11 64bit Latest updated version

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Windows 11 FPS BoosterGaming Benchmark

Here are the details of the gaming benchmark we tested with Windows 11 Game mode turned on and off.

Game vs Windows 11 Game ModeWindows 11 Game Mode
Windows 11 Game Mode
Forza Horizon 4188 fps avg189 fps avg
Hitman 3145 fps avg147 fps avg
Battlefield V160 fps avg164 fps avg
Cyberpunk 207766 fps avg66 fps avg
Horizon Zero Dawn110 fps avg114 fps avg
PUBG203 fps avg206 fps avg
Microsoft Flight Simulator82 fps avg82 fps avg
Red Dead Redemption 297 fps avg99 fps avg

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Boost FPS with Windows Game Mode – Does it work? Final Verdict

The test results show that this Windows 11 Game Mode makes almost no fps difference from PC games. Except in some games, there is only an FPS difference of 2-3 FPS, which is negligible for gamers as that makes no massive difference or improvement to the games.

So, in this case, turning on the feature Windows 11 Game Mode does not matter. Either this feature of Microsoft windows 11 is useless, or the company must work more to improve this feature.

So this was all about Windows 11 Game Mode Review. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you think we have left out something.

That’s all, Folks!

5 thoughts on “Windows 11 Game Mode Review – Does it Really Work?”

  1. I’m wondering beyond frame rates here. What is the operating temperature for say, 10 minutes of gaming on those games with game mode ON vs OFF. Is the computer gaining 1-3 FPS as well as reducing the system load? Because if all we’re looking at here are frames, we might be missing a bigger picture?

  2. no, it doesnt theres your answer, infact turning it OFF improves performance so its another useless feature by microsoft


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