Why choose DDR5 RAM over DDR4?

Learn why choosing DDR5 ram over DDR4 is recommended for faster speeds, higher bandwidth, and a snappier computing experience.

The days of DDR3 RAM are gone. DDR4 RAM is now the most popular choice for all the latest computer systems because it offers higher speeds and greater reliability than the DDR4 platform. But what about DDR5 RAM? Is it any good? And why is it becoming more popular even though it is much more expensive?

DDR5 is a type of memory technology that uses CCX (Complex Cell Cross-Connection) structures to achieve higher data rates. This makes it perfect for high-performance applications such as gaming and data processing.

You might wonder what makes DDR5 RAM special and whether it is worth the investment. If you are building yourself a PC, deciding whether to go with the cheaper DDR4 platform or the expensive DDR5 is important. This decision is crucial to many factors because you will not be changing your PC or upgrading it soon, and with newer technologies, it is important to know whether DDR4 will still do the job after 4-5 years.

So to help you make the decision, this article will explore the benefits of DDR5 RAM over its predecessor, DDR4, and help you determine whether DDR5 is the right choice for your computer.

Here are the key reasons you should consider upgrading or choosing DDR5 RAM over DDR4 memory.

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DDR5 vs DDR4 Specifications

Here are the key specifications of DDR5 and DDR4 RAM below

Speed1.6 to MAX 3.2 GT/s with 0.8 to Max 1.6 GHz Clock4.8 to 8.4 GT/s with 1.6 to 4.2 GHz clock
IO Voltage1.2 V1.1 V
Power ManagementON MotherboardOn DIMM PMIC
Channel Design40bit data channel where two channels per DIMM40bit data channel where 2 channels per DIMM
Burst LengthBC4, BL8BC8, BL16
Maximum Die Density16Gb64Gb
Maximum Die Density CapabilitySPDSPD Hub with Tem Sensor
Why choose DDR5 RAM over DDR4?

Now let’s check out the main and important advantages of DDR5 RAM over DDR4 RAM regarding the specifications chart and several other facts you need to consider before you buy DDR5 RAM and replace your old DDR4.

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DDR5 RAM Over DDR4- Motherboard

Motherboards are manufactured with the latest technology to support the latest hardware and software for higher compatibility. When buying a motherboard for your new PC, buy the new DDR5-supported motherboard.

Since both DDR4 and DDR5 RAMs are now available in the market, motherboard manufacturers are selling variations of the same motherboard, one with support for DDR4 and one with support for DDR5. Remember, only the newer Intel Processors currently support DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. AMD, on the other hand, only supports DDR5 for their latest Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs.

DDR5 RAM vs DDR4 RAM- Higher Data Raters

Even with the highest 128GB of memory, DDR4 RAM devices can only transfer a maximum speed of data rates at 3200 MHz (3600 MHz when OCed). However, DDR5 RAM devices can reach up to 8400 MHz OC with 128GB Memory, giving you a faster overall performance. And the good news is that the DDR5 RAM manufacturing companies are still working to break the speed boundaries, trying to push it further because DDR5 RAMs can do so.

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DDR5 RAM vs DDR4 – Performace

Along with SPD Hub, the DDR5 RAM model has great thermal management, producing less heat and lasting longer. So, in this case, if you want your invested money to produce a long-term benefit, you must go for DDR5 RAM over DDR4.

DDR5 RAM Over DDR4 – Better Flexibility

For example, the motherboard support provides better compatibility and flexibility with your PC’s other hardware and software. DDR5 RAM provides better multitasking management, Gaming performance, a huge level of data transfer, etc., than DDR4 RAM on the same system.

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DDR5 RAM Over DDR4 – Power Management and Efficiency

The IO voltage level of DDR4 is 1.2 V, whereas the latest DDR5 memory comes with the design of 1.1 V for your system’s power saving with absolutely no compromise in performance. And from the channel architecture, DDR5 delivers higher memory efficiency with much lower latency. You get more speed, and less lag, paired with efficiency.

DDR5 RAM Explained – Is it time to upgrade your RAM?

At the end of the day, if you consider our opinion, we will advise you that upgrading to DRR5 RAM over the DDR4 memory platform is a great idea. But you do not need to upgrade if you still have a great DDR4 machine that provides great flexibility and compatibility with DDR4 memory.

If you want to change or upgrade to the latest DDR5 memory generation, you need to replace other system hardware to get the best performance, which can pressure your bank balance. So if your system is running on that hardware with great compatibility and bandwidth with your DDR4 memory, you can wait over two years to upgrade to the DDR5 memory generation.

So this was all about Why you must choose DDR5 RAM over DDR4 memory. Let us know in the comments below if you think we have missed anything.

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