When is GTA 6 coming out? GTA 6 release date 2021

What is GTA 6 release date? Well, the GTA 6 release date for 2021 is very much difficult to say right now as Rockstar usually launches all their titles within a gap of four to five or maybe six years, to say the least. GTA 5 was released in the year 2013 for consoles and 2015 for PC and next-Gen consoles. Now, this is 2021, so we were expecting GTA 6 to at least launch by 2022. But we don’t think that is happening because of the recent events of the Coronavirus Pandemic that destroyed the entire world economy taking lives and ruining everything.

But we have some news about the game as rumors are a big part of the Grand Theft auto 6 game. All of these happened because of the huge success of GTA VI predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 5. The previous game made such a success specially with its tory telling and GTA Online which Rockstar even now is pushing daily updates which includes new cars, new missions, new locations, bug fixes etc. That is why we stocked up all the news and rumors that we collected regarding GTA 6 release date in 2021.

GTA 6 news and leaks till now

GTA 6 release date and leaks 1

We have stocked up some of the news and leaks of Grand Theft Auto 6 and here they are as follows.

  1. GTA 6 was in production from around 2012. But was not initiated properly till 2015 because the team was working on Red Dead Redemption 2.
  2. You might get to play in the older Vice City
  3. Might be set in the 70s or 80s.
  4. “Project Americas” is the code name of this project.
  5. There might be multiple cities as well like GTA San Andreas.
  6. The Plot might be something like this: You have to play as Ricardo, the wannabe drug dealer. Kacey, another key protagonist in the game. You have to start small running errands for the drug business and doing small-time drug smuggling. You will start your smuggling career from Vice City.
    Then you will end up in the South American area. By making connections with the big drug smugglers making your way up to the top.
  7. Music lovers will enjoy excellent soundtracks from the 70s and 80s.
  8. The theme will be inspired by the highly renowned Netflix Series “The Narcos”.
  9. GTA 6 Online is rumored to have 10 times the content than its predecessor GTA 5 Online.
  10. Fully dynamic weather with a heavy focus on weather changes.
  11. You will get to ride and enjoy rare old costly cars.
  12. GTA 6 release date was supposed to be revealed at E3 2021
  13. GTA 6 launch date should somewhere in early 2023.
  14. Grand Theft Auto 6 is still in the Pre-Alpha stage so rumors might change.

GTA 6 release date and leaks 2

There are some other news and leaks about gta 6 and gta 6 release date.

  1. The game will be set in Modern Day Liberty City or Miami.
  2. You might get to play with 4 main characters in the game out of which two of them will be the policemen and the rest two of them will be the gang members.
  3. There might be double the size of dialogues and narratives throughout the game.
  4. There might be two factions: The story might split into two. The criminal gang member side will have to build up a criminal empire thing. A sandbox type of an idea.
  5. GTA 6 release date was supposed to happen at Holidays 2021 but it might be pushed back to 2023.

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When is GTA 6 coming out?

Well, even we dont have the answer of when it is coming out. Earlier it was supposed to come out in the Holidays 2021 but it was pushed back because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. So now we are expecting that GTA VI might come out either in the fall of 2022 or in the early 2023.

Reason being, the last title GTA V was released in 2013 which would be more or less 10 years old. Its commendable that how Rockstar supported the game so well that we still have a huge number of player count in the game. Adding to the latest updates from Rockstar, GTA Online is a different level game now.

However, I am deseperate to see how GTA 6 turns out to be. GTA 5 was immensely successful and I am sure GTA 6 would hit double and triple amount of success.

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Thats all folks!

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