Top 5 RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Peripherals serve as a maximum point of contact between you and the computer. It affects your user experience directly. So having a good Gaming keyboard and mouse for any Gaming or Productivity setup is always recommended.

Gaming keyboards and mice have their very own flare. They are ergonomic and feels great when typing or playing games. Aesthetic wise, it has different modes of RGB color cycles. The keyboard and mouse are well built overall and the user experience is very good.

So today let’s check out the Top 5 RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo just under Rs.2000.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer RGB Keyboard Mouse Combo

The Zebronics Zeb Transformer Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo features 104 laser type keycaps with two step design. It comes in aluminum finish with RGB backlit LED on and Off dedicated buttons. It also includes the 4 mode RGB color settings with all keys enable or disable function.

The mouse feels ergonomic with breathing 7 color lighting. Gold plated braided USB is also present. The sensor is good and will glide on all plain surfaces smoothly.

Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Recently Cosmic Byte is making quite a name for itself in the gaming segment. The Cosmic byte Gaming Combo features a high-quality membrane gaming keyboard which is pretty decent considering the price point you will be getting it for. The keycaps are made out of plastic but it’s quite sturdy. It has 19 key anti-ghosting with 3 color backlight. Aesthetic wise the keyboard looks better than the Zebronics Zeb Transformer.

The mouse can go upto 2400DPI with 4 DPI settings. The mouse is very ergonomic and compact. It fits almost completely in all hand sizes.

Redgear Manta MT21 3 color Keyboard Mouse Combo

Red Gear is the name one can think of when it comes to durability and quality. The keyboard have a lifespan of 10M clicks with Windows lock key.
The keyboard is a 3 colour keyboard with different modes. RGB keys isnt possible at this price point but having RGB is a very tertiary priority.

The mouse is extremely ergonomic and equipped with a 3200dpi with optical sensor. The mouse gives you the option to customize using the Red Gear Software. Features like key binding and macro key settings can be done very easily on the software itself.

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TAG GAMERZ Avenger 3 color Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

TAG Gamerz have been in the market for around 2-3 years now and they have been doing great in both their product range and price range and their Avenger Gaming Keyboard combo is no less. The keyboard features floating keys with 3 colours. Full black metal finish with white floating backlit looks great in the dark. The keys are durable and responisve.

The Mouse is symmetrical in shape and it has a 4 gear adjustment for the DPI which ranges from 1200DPI to 3200DPI.

HP KM300F Gaming 3 Color Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Out of all, this product is from one of the most popular brand. Its great to see such brands are bringing in products within this price range. This is the HP KM300F Gaming RGB Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Features the stylish rust and scratch resistant metal with 3 colour zone RGB and plastic elevated keycaps.

The mouse is a standard HP mouse with RGB but the mouse is very ergonomic and glides on all mousepads smoothly.

These are our top 5 Gaming RGB Keyboard and Mouse Combo for under Rs.2000. Thank you for reading till the end.

Thats all folks!

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