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The gaming mouse is a vital peripheral for every gamer or for every gaming system in general. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed there are gaming mice available for all types of gamers. The mouse is one of the most ignored peripherals and most people settle for low-end mice. A mouse is something that directly affects your gaming experience. If the mouse isn’t good, no matter how fast your gaming machine is, it won’t deliver the experience that you paid for your system.

Choosing a mouse that completely suits your requirements is a little hard. So make sure you do your research before buying any Gaming mice. And one quick tip, do yourself a favor by NOT purchasing the cheapest gaming mouse you can find. Not only it has a bad sensor but it will also ruin your gaming experience. These things to be taken into consideration while buying a Gaming Mouse – Sensor, DPI Settings, Software Support (if possible), aesthetics.
So I listed down the top 5 gaming Mouse under Rs.1500.

Ant Esports GM500

Starting off the list, the GM500 is an RGB Gaming Mouse which comes under the price bracket of around Rs.1100 after a sale on Flipkart. It has a DPI range from 500 which goes up to 4000. The mouse is quite sturdy and heavy which is good as it sits properly on the mousepad. The mouse has an ambidextrous shape and it feels good for medium-sized hands. It has 7 buttons which include the two dpi buttons. It also has an Avago ADNS 3050 Sensor with Huano mouse switches which can last up to 10 million clicks. The cable is braided and is 1.5m in length.
There is also software for the mouse which would help you in setting up your custom profiles and dpi settings and your RGB configurations.

Rapoo V210 Wired

Taking the second place in our list of top 5 gaming mouse under Rs.1500, the V210 from Rapoo makes it spot. It is an optical wired Gaming Mouse which comes just under Rs.1200 and is a perfect mouse for budding gamers and professionals. The mouse is ergonomic and has a total of 5 mouse buttons. The mouse is very comfortable and will give your game a perfect control. The DPI ranges from 500dpi to 3000dpi and you can save your game profiles onboard using the Rapoo software. For aesthetics, there are 16.7 million colors which can be adjusted and controlled from the software itself. There are various modes like RGB Breathing mode, full spectrum and proximity sensing mode.

Xanova Mensa Pro

The Mensa Pro is a gaming mouse from Xanova. Xanova is a sub-brand of the parent company Galax. Galax is already quite famous for their Graphics Card especially the Hall of Fame Graphic Cards. The Xanova Mensa Pro is a budget-oriented gaming mouse with PixArt PWM 3389 Sensor which is an excellent sensor for the price. The mouse weighs around 95gms and it’s neither too heavy nor too lightweight for a gaming mouse. The Omron switches can last for a long time and the build quality is pretty good. The RGB on the mouse is customizable using the Xanova Control Panel.


Zebronics Phobos Gaming Mouse

The Phobos Gaming Mouse is a flagship model of Zebronics. The mouse has a decent sensor and the DPI ranges upto 4000DPI. There is a total of 8 buttons on the mouse. The mouse is sturdy and heavy weighing around 172gms. The mouse driver and the software can be downloaded from the Zebronics website. In our opinion, this is aesthetically the best looking Gaming mouse with RGB all over the mouse. The RGB can be controlled using the Zebronics Mouse software. The mouse is ergonomic and its designed for long time usage.

Lenovo Legion M200 Gaming Mouse

Lastly, from our top 5 gaming mouse under Rs.1500 article, the Legion M200 is a gaming mouse from Lenovo’s Legion lineup of products. This mouse features an ergonomic design with a total of 5 buttons and DPI which ranges up to 2400. A braided cable is also present with seven color backlit circulating the whole mouse. Suited mostly for gamers and designers for the smooth and accurate scrolling.

Thank you so much for reading through the end of my blog. These are my top 5 choices for Gaming mice for under Rs.1500.

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