Top 5 fields to build a successful career in Gaming

Have fun while you work. A proper Career in Gaming is very much possible right now.

The Gaming trend is rising the popularity charts like anything. This led to the rise of a lot of scopes, opportunities and even business for some people both online and offline. Gaming was here since 1972 with the Atari Hong Pong or the Magnavox Odyssey Game consoles, but not until recently, it has been on an increasing trend. Gaming was a big no no for all the parents as there wasn’t much career options back then and gaming was considered to be a big “Time waste and Violent” by the parents. But things have changed a lot ever since. Building a successful career in gaming is actually not a difficult task to do if you are willing to put in the effort and the grinding that comes along with it. So lets check out the Top 5 tips to build a career out of Gaming.

1) Gaming Blogger

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A Gaming blogger is one of the first paths that you can take to make your Career in gaming. You can be a game reviewer or a Computer Hardware reviewer by reviewing games and gaming hardware and peripherals. As more and more people are getting into PC building and gaming, you can write articles about the top upcoming games, game pricing opinions etc. On the hardware side you can write about PC benchmarks in different games, review different gaming gadgets etc. You can also open up a news website and publish daily news about the gaming and hardware industry. Its all about how well you can write and how rich is your content to attract gamers and readers all over the world.

2) Streamer

Top 5 fields to build a successful career in Gaming

Streaming is something that you can get into if you are not sure about starting your career in gaming with competitive games like E-sports. A Streamer is a person who livestream video games from his PC or Console to a specific or multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more. A good thing about being a streamer is that you can play your favorite games while interacting live with your viewers or audiences. This job doesn’t need you to be a pro in a specific game, its just that you have to be good at it along with some knowledge as well. A lot of brands nowadays sponsor streamers as livestreaming is widely popular globally. Gaining followers and subscribers on social media platforms can be tough in the initial days.

But once you attain a certain level of popularity among your viewers, you can actually base your life on that and build a career out of it.

3) Esports

Top 5 fields to build a successful career in Gaming
E-sports Event

E-sports is an untapped market in most of the countries globally. There is a huge potential in E-sports nowadays as the scope of recognition and the success chances are extremely high. Games like Dota 2, Overwatch, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Valorant are extremely popular. If you can start out at a very early age practicing and grinding these games over and over again, you will surely be able to make big in the E-sports Scene. Taking part and winning tournaments like DreamHack, ESL will not only build your career both financially and professionally but also would help you gain lifetime brand sponsors. It just that you always have to be on top of your game by practicing on a daily basis even if you have achieved the highest point in this industry. Having a good E-sports Career in Gaming will yield huge benefits both professionally and financially in the future.

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4) Caster

Top 5 fields to build a successful career in Gaming
Game Casters

A caster is a not much popular career in gaming. Gaming Casting is like doing live commentary while a match is going on. The job of a Game caster is to analyze the teams and their performances during the tournaments and predict their performances in the future games. A caster has to always analyze games and gameplays. Visit tournaments and have an up to date knowledge about the latest trends in the industry. Some Game casting jobs would also allow you to meet with the players personally and discuss your thoughts with them.

5) Youtuber

PewDiePie – A very popular Youtuber and Gamer

A Youtuber is a person who makes videos, does live streams and engage the audience with YouTube shorts. Youtuber is not only about streaming games. That being said the job of a streamer and the job of a Youtuber is not the same. A youtuber has to select his own niche and category and accordingly make create videos on that. A youtuber can also livestream games, music content or anything that he/she wishes for. Growing on YouTube is actually faster than other platforms because a YouTube subscription is free platform. So anyone and everyone can have their channel on YouTube and start making content. That also being said that these kinds of professions does take time to become big but it can be a very viable choice of a career in gaming.

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