Top 5 best RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad under $40

If you are looking to get yourself a cooling pad for your Gaming laptop then check out the list of top 5 best RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad for just under $40!

Heat is the biggest factor to manage when to comes to gaming laptops. Because gaming laptops doesn’t have that amount of cooling facilities as compared to desktops. Gaming laptop stock coolers are not upgradable neither they are customize friendly for the customers. For example, a non tech savvy person might not be able to disassemble a full gaming laptop to upgrade the thermal paste by just looking at videos. There would be a high possibility of ruining a vital component inside the laptop.

But in case of desktops that is not the case since disassembling a system needs some plugs to be removed and the CPU cooler which with a YouTube video one can easily take it out and install the thermal paste. But this is not in case of laptops as the connectors are very small and tiny and it might be difficult for a newbie to plug out everything.

Vencii A8 RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Top 5 best RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad under $40

The A8 RGB Laptop Cooling Pad from Vencii is the cheapest among the Top 5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad. This laptop cooler despite its price is quite packed up with features like 6 Cooling Fans along 3 fan modes for efficient cooling with controllable lights via a switch. Fan speed levels can also be toggled between low, medium and high along with some controllable RGB light along the edges of the cooler. Inclusion of the large geometric shaped vented metal plate for the laptop to sit on enhances cooling and allows more airflow. The USB ports light up and the anti slip rubber pads provide excellent grips. The cable is braided and there is a phone holder included along with it which you can use as a phone stand. It is height adjustable and it can be used anywhere.

Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Top 5 best RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad under $40

Havit is a popular brand when it comes to making peripherals and cooling pads for laptops. They provide a fantastic value for money with good quality components inside. This Havit Gaming Cooling pad features 4 high air flow ultra quiet fans with adjustable fan speeds using the wind switch. The metal mesh surface provides alot of surface of area for cooling and airflow. It also features two USB ports along with a DC 5V plugin port if you want to run it via an adapter to cool things like console, high end routers, iPads etc. There are anti slip rubber pads which provide excellent grip. The RGB light strip looks absolutely gorgeous and can be customized to different lighting modes. This cooler is for laptops and devices ranging from 12″ to 17″.

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Topmate C11 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Top 5 best RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad under $40

The C11 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad from Topmate is one of the most aggressive looking cooling pads among our list of top 5 gaming laptop cooling pads under 40$. This laptop has a pair of big airflow fans and two pairs of small max airflow fans. These type of cooling solutions is rarely seen in a laptop cooler of this price range. Both the big and the small fans have their own fan speeds which efficiently dissipates the heat from the laptop. There is a digital illuminated display which shows the fan speeds which can be controlled via the switches present. The RGB light strip can be turned on or off along with 7 different lighting modes. This laptop can also be height adjusted along with a mobile holder to place your mobile either vertically or horizontally. The mesh grill covers a huge surface area for maximum cooling.

Klim Ultimate Cooling Pad

Top 5 best RGB Gaming laptop cooling pad under $40

This Gaming Laptop cooler from KLIM Airflow is a slightly bit different when it comes to Laptop Coolers. Despite being bulky, it has one of the most unique ways of cooling Gaming laptops. It has a rotating turbine type cooling system instead of native fans. The rotation helps in dissipating out the maximum heat and keeps the laptop extremely cool with most 5 star reviews on Amazon. The base is hollow which also provides a gap for maximum airflow along with a controller to control the turbine speed. Can be powered externally also. Of course this doesn’t come with the the disco RGB lights but what this cooler does, most of the laptop cooling pads cant.
This is one of the most unique laptop coolers that we have seen so far.

iPOW Cooling Pad RGB

This Gaming laptop cooling pad features 6 massive Cooling fans for maximum airflow. These fans runs at speed of 2900+ RPM which makes this the cooling pad having one of the fastest fans in the list. There are 12 RGB modes which can be controlled and toggled on or off. The LED Display provides full information about the fan speeds and the RPM. The inclusion of two USB Ports as well. The Metal Mesh design covers the full surface area and pairing that with those amount of fan speeds, it gives an incredible cooling to your laptop thus preventing thermal throttling. The height is adjustable and the anti slip rubber feet gives a good grip. This cooler supports laptops of upto 17″ and can also be powered externally. A must buy for all Gaming laptop users.

So these are our top 5 gaming laptop cooling pad list for just under 40$.

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