Top 5 Best Accessories for a Laptop on Amazon in 2021

These are the accessories for a laptop that you must know about and buy when you are purchasing a laptop for the first time.

Most people only think and talk about laptops more than their accessories which can elevate the experience, performance as well. It is pretty much evident because you will be investing a major amount of money in buying a laptop rather than its components so it’s important to look out for these things too!

A lot less attention goes towards the laptop accessories segment but I would say that all those who own one know how often we use our laptops or notebooks without thinking about what they provide an extra functionality or form factor tailored toward us specifically? Sometimes even before considering price tags when choosing new technology and yet still neglecting some very basic accessories like the USB Hubs, Laptop Coolers, Mouse, external storage devices, and a backpack! These are the most essential items that are worth buying during your laptop purchase.

We all know that a laptop accessory is an essential part of modern-day computing. But with so many different things to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best one for your needs. This blog post will help you narrow down the choices by giving you five accessories for a laptop that will make even the most basic notebook experience 5 times better!

Accessories for a Laptop: Thermaltake MassiveTM Laptop Cooling Pad

Aluminum Panel/ Dual 120mm Fans/ Adjustable Temperature Sensor/ Digital Display/ USB 3.0 Connectivity

thermaltake cooling pad

Featuring on the top of our best accessories for a laptop list is the Thermaltake Massive Laptop Cooler. This cooler features an aluminum design with two large 120mm fans for maximum ventilation and heat dissipation! It’s also great because it comes from a company that knows how to make cooling products- in this case, they have been doing so since 2004 when their first-ever fan came out as well as one of our favorite brands around these parts: Tt eSPORTS (love those guys).

The built-in control panel and screen display the temperature. It also has its thermal sensors that monitor up to 4 different areas, so you can be sure your laptop runs cool no matter what you are running on it! A USB 2.0 port is there for charging phones or Bluetooth speakers if needed as well. There will be a 3 Year Warranty and for both Parts and Labor from the Thermaltake itself.

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Thermaltake Massive TM Unboxing

Best Accessories for a Laptop: Lionwei 8-Port USB Hub

USB 3.0/USB C Hub, Aluminum USB Splitter with 6 USB 3.0 Data Ports, SD/TF Card Readers, On/Off Power Switches, 5V/4A AC Adapter, for PC, Laptops, MacBook Pro/Air, Surface Pro, HP

lionwei 8 port usb hub for accessories for a laptop

The all-new Lionwei can connect up to 6 USB 3.0 ports and it also includes a Memory SD Card reader. It can be a good extension if you already have one Memory card reader in your notebook or on your device. The USB cable provided is 40 inches in length while the USB Type C cable is 15.5 inches in length.

The case is made up of high quality and durable aluminum shell which is not only scratch and fingerprint-proof but also light enough to make it a perfect travel companion. There are independent switches on each USB which will come extremely handy if you want to toggle a connected USB device on or off. It is indicated by blue light. Each of these USB Charging ports is designed to deliver 0.9A of current. It is also overheat protected. For stable transmission of data, there is a continuous supply of Power with the 5V/4A Adapter for stable heavy-duty use.

The SD Card Readers are built-in they are capable of supporting capacities of up to 2TB. And finally, for the compatibility part, all laptops which have a USB Type C or a traditional USB 3.0 Port will work. It is a plug-and-play device so you don’t need to install any software separately. It would work on Windows 8/10, Linux, Mac OS 10.3 or above.

Laptop Accessories: BOPAI Super Slim Laptop Backpack

15 inch Super Slim/ Men Anti Theft Backpack Waterproof/ College Backpack/ Travel Laptop/ Backpack for Men/ Business Laptop Backpack/ Casual Daypack Men

laptop backpack for accessories for a laptop

Another major essential item that comes under our must-buy accessories for a laptop is good quality and waterproof backpack. Yes, not just any backpack would be a perfect home for your new laptop. You would be needing a backpack that is waterproof and as well as padded and comfortable enough to carry the weight of your laptop, charger, and other essential items when you will be on the go. The laptop backpack features a soft flannel that would protect your laptop from any scratches and would hence decrease friction with the laptop body.

The double zipper increases the security with an inclusion of a secret Wallet and Phone pocket inside the backpack. The back sleeve design makes the backpack easier to slide in suitcases and the breathable cushion provides maximum comfort. The weight of the contents inside the laptop backpack doesn’t feel much when you are on the move. The backpack has a uni-gender design and its suits both males and females properly. It is good for carrying around in workplaces, school trips, and other locations. Having a height of 16.5 inches with a weight of around 1.55lbs, it is perfect to fit your lightweight laptops along with the other accessories.

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Accessories for Laptop: Logitech M355 Portable Wireless Mouse

Bluetooth or USB Connectivity/ Silent, Slim Computer Mouse/ Certified to work with Chromebook/ Graphite; Rose; Off-White Colors

logitech pebble mouse for accessories for a laptop

The fourth choice on our best accessories for a laptop list is the Logitech M335 Portable Mouse. This is an ultraportable mouse with Bluetooth or USB connectivity. It is extremely silent and slim and it is certified to work with Chromebooks as well. It stands out for its simplicity and design. The fresh new design from Logitech makes the mouse very pleasant to hold it felt great on our hands as well. The clicks are silent and feature an ultra-quiet scrolling with a 90% noise reduction on the click sound than the other traditional mice. In both the Bluetooth and USB Wireless Mode, the Logitech Pebble works perfectly without a hitch. The battery is exceptional with up to 18 months of battery life on a single AA battery. Logitech is always known for its high speed and accurate tracking on any flat surface. Overall, Logitech is a brand on which you can rely blindly when it comes to peripherals like keyboards and mice.

Laptop Accessory: San Disk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD

Up to 1050MB/s Transfer Speeds/ USB-C Connectivity/ USB 3.2 Gen 2 Connectivity/ External Solid State Drive/ 10.9cms size

sandisk portable ssd for accessories for a laptop

Having an expansion over your internal storage drive is crucial especially when you are handling huge data on the go. This is where the Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD comes in handy. An external hard drive would have been a choice for budget-conscious people but when it comes to SSD, it is an exponential benefit over the price paid for the hard drive. The speed, durability, and robustness the Portable SSD would offer would be second to none. With a read speed of 1050mbps and a write speed of 1000mps, the San disk Extreme Portable SSD would get handle your file transfers smoothly.

Not only that, you can use your 2TB SSD and use it as an extra drive to work and write on. These SSDs are designed to take high loads of reading and write activities simultaneously. This SSD also has 2-meter drop protection with both dust and water-resistant features. You can secure this SSD by using the carabiner loop for extra security. The SSD is extremely small and portable. It can also be used to secure private content with the included 256bit AES Hardware Encryption technology.

Other Laptop Accesories you might consider checking out

You can get a Laptop Cleaning kit along with the laptop. Although I would suggest you clean the laptop with a dry cloth only. Although it is advisable to use the cleaning spray rarely as too much might take away the shine from the display and the body. You can also get a Keyboard cover in order to protect the keyboard from dust and oily hands.

You can also get a Laptop Sleeve if you dont wish to get a proper backpack. Alongside if you want to invest in cheaper storage options you can look for pen drives from Reputable brands like San Disk, Adata, Corsair, etc. Alternatively, if you are the photographer or a content creator, you can go for High-Speed memory cards as well.

pen drives and memory cards for accessories for a laptop

Worthy Mention: Sikon AC Outlet Portable Laptop Power Bank

Universal 116Wh/31200mAh 100W Travel Laptop Charger, External Battery Pack for MacBook, Acer, HP, Samsung, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Notebook

laptop portable charger for accessories for a laptop

For more advanced users, this might come in handy. The Portable Powerbank from Sikon features a 31200mAh Battery with a 100W Travel Adapter. This Laptop charger features both USB and Type C power outs as well so that you can charge both your laptop and smartphone or tablets anywhere you want.

accessories for a laptop charger

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So you have a new laptop. Now what? You need to buy some accessories, of course! We’ve listed the top 5 that we think every laptop owner should consider before they start using their computer for anything other than saving documents and browsing the internet because these are our favorite picks.

All of them can be found on Amazon so you don’t have to go far at all if you’re interested in buying any one (or more) of them right now. Which ones do YOU recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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