Silverstone FARA R1: For Compact and Stylish ATX Builds

There are tons and tons of Gaming Cases coming out nowadays from various manufacturers. Starting from the low-priced ones to the top high-end ones. Whenever a new budget-oriented Gaming Case comes out with a plethora of features, it generates a lot of interest among the Gaming & Tech Community. So today we are going to check out the Silverstone Fara R1 Gaming Case. A case that is not only stylish but affordable.

Silverstone FARA R1 Gaming Case
Silverstone FARA R1 Gaming Case

Technical Specifications

TypeMid-Tower ATX
Motherboard SupportMini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
Dimensions (HxWxD)17.6 x 8.15 x 15.4 inches (446 x 207 x 390mm)
Space Above Motherboard1.1 inches (28mm)
Max GPU Length12.68 inches (322mm)
CPU Cooler Height6.5 inches (165mm)
Max PSU Length160mm
Weight11.0 pounds (5 kg)
External BaysN/A
Internal Bays1x 3.5-inch, 4x 2.5-inch
Expansion Slots7x
Front I/O2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 3.5 mm Audio/Mic Combo
OtherTempered Glass Panel
Front FansUp to 2x 140mm, 3x 120mm
Rear Fans1x 120mm (Up to 1x 120mm)
Top FansNone (Up to 2x 140mm)
Bottom FansN/A
Side FansN/A
Warranty1 Year

Silverstone FARA R1 – An Overview

The Fara R1 incorporates a full steel construction with a plastic perforated front panel. There isn’t much in the field of looks but the creatively designed honeycomb mesh grill not only holds the air filter on the other size but also helps in good airflow within the system.

The Tempered Glass on the side is non-tinted. That means you will get to see any imperfections or mistakes that you make in your build. But that won’t be an issue if you take your time in selecting your components to match your build and style.

Tempered glass Side Panel Silverstone FARA R1
Tempered Glass Side Panel

The Tempered Glass is held together by 4 thumbscrews and can easily be removed. Since the interiors are black you don’t need to bother that much about the non-tinted glass.

The I/O hub on the top of the front panel consists of two USB 3.0 Ports and one USB 2.0 Port. It also consists of the square Power Button, a Reset button, & a headphone/mic combo single jack.

Sadly it doesn’t come with USB Type C ports but we cant expect these features at this price point. Although Silverstone is thoughtful enough to include a total of Three USB ports instead of Two which is present on the majority of Cases at this price.

Silverstone FARA R1 Front I/O
Silverstone FARA R1 Front I/O

I specifically like the black color edition of the chassis as almost all major computer components are more or less black and it will help aesthetically.

Silverstone FARA R1 – Cooling

For cooling, there is a pre-installed fan at the rear which helps with the heat dissipation created by the components. The 120mm case fan is a Standard fan with three-pin connectors without the PWM control.

Silverstone FARA R1 120mm cooling Fan
120mm Cooling Fan

The front panel can mount up to three 120mm Case fans or two 140mm Case Fans with the top having rooms for both 120mm & 140mm fans.

For installing an AIO Liquid Cooler, there is room for a 120mm in the rear/ a 240mm radiator on the top/ a 120mm or 240mm radiator on the front. There might be issues installing a 360mm radiator on the front because of the PSU Shroud clearing issues.

Silverstone FARA R1 Front Mesh Filter
Front Mesh Filter

There are 3 dust mesh filters in this chassis. The front one is glued to the back of the honeycomb grille. The second one is magnetic and it’s placed on the top vents of the chassis. While the third one is located under the cabinet covering up the PSU intake vents. These mesh dust filters help to prevent dust from accumulating in your system.

The Silverstone FARA R1 supports CPU Coolers of up to 6.5 inches tall and has ample amount of room for longer Graphics Cards of length 322mm long with the front fans installed.

The top of the case also has the required amount of space so that the 240mm liquid cooler can be mounted easily.

Silverstone FARA R1 – Interiors

The SilverStone Fara R1 has support for full ATX motherboards. It is a little bit cramped up but it’s totally capable enough to handle ATX motherboards.

Since this case supports all types of motherboards, it has all the proper standoffs provided/preinstalled with one of the anchor points are present for securing the motherboard in place while screwing up. The main compartment also has room for a SATA 2.5″ Drive which can be screwed up.

Moving down to the main PSU area. We get a mini honeycombed mesh design PSU shroud. On top of the shroud, there are options to install extra 2.5″ SSDs with thumbscrews. Underneath the PSU shroud, there is an ample amount of space to install big ATX power supplies with proper mounting brackets already provided.

On the back of the motherboard, there is another option of installing a 2.5″ SSD thus allowing you to mount a total of 4 SSDs in the system which is straight-up impressive!

Silverstone FARA R1 Interiors
Silverstone FARA R1 Interiors

Silverstone FARA R1 – Storage

With SSDs getting cheaper and mainstream, the Silverstone Fara R1 is capable of hosting 4 SSDs in it. Out of the four, 2 SSD mounting cages are located above the PSU shroud and the rest at the back and on the front of the motherboard tray respectively.

There are two 3.5″ HDD mounting locations beneath the PSU shroud. Installing 3.5″ drives is easy with a removable tray present. The two 3.5″ tray is enclosed in a metal enclosure with trays for easy removal and installation.

Silverstone FARA R1 SSD Mount
Silverstone FARA R1 SSD Mount

You also have to keep a Screwdriver in hand as the screws are overtightened which doesn’t defend the point of having thumbscrews. But still, it’s not a major concern because any PC builder will be having the screwdriver anyway.

Silverstone FARA R1 – Cable Management

The Silverstone Fara R1 cable management system is like a mixed bag. They haven’t paid much attention to the cable management prospect of the Case. Also, this is one of their budget-oriented models being one of the main reasons for overlooking cable management up to a certain point.

The space between the motherboard tray and the side panel is around 20mm which is not enough for cable management until and unless you are using flat cables. Most PSUs nowadays are shipping with Flat Cables so cable managing won’t be an issue in this system.

There aren’t any rubber grommets considering the price of the case which is fine. The issue that we ran into was plugging the front I/O panel connectors on the motherboard. The reason behind this being the big ATX PSUs blocks the cutout locations thus forcing us to route the cables from the farthest cut-out ends away from the motherboard.

Now this problem can be fixed by using a normal size PSU but still, reaching out to the audio connectors which are there on the extreme left end of the motherboard can be a little hassle. So there are issues with the cable management for the I/O Panel connectors and also the non-tinted glass window might destroy the look of the system if the cables are not managed properly.

Silverstone FARA R1 PSU Shroud
Silverstone FARA R1 PSU Shroud

However as mentioned earlier, the cable management on the back of the motherboard tray is a breeze with ample space for routing & tidying up the cables perfectly.

Silverstone FARA R1 Cable Management
Silverstone FARA R1 Cable Management

Silverstone FARA R1 – Verdict

So this is all about the Silverstone FARA R1 Gaming Chassis.
To us, this chassis is like a mixed bag. Although it has certain drawbacks for the price, it’s pretty much a deal.
The SilverStone FARA R1 is now available on Amazon and will soon be available in all offline retail outlets throughout the country.

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Silverstone Logo
Silverstone Logo

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