SC01 4K Wireless 60hz Display Adapter Dongle Review – best for Streaming

The SC01 4K Wireless Display Adapter is a 60Hz dongle for TV from ProScreenCast featuring low latency streaming in a very compact form factor.

The all-new ProScreenCast SC01 4K Wireless Display adapter is a Miracast Device that helps you stream content from your mobile phone to your Television or TV. It is an intelligent device that allows you cast anything on your more prominent display wirelessly; it can be photos, videos, movies, or presentations.

You can cast whatever is there on your screen with the help of this SC01 Wireless Display Adapter. Right now, it is the most affordable and accessible way of streaming your content on any large display with an HDMI input, and we are thankful to ProScreenCast for sending over their device for us to review.

So without further delay, let’s quickly check out the all-new Proscreencast SC01 4K Wireless 60Hz Display Adapter Miracast Dongle for TV.

ProScreenCast SC01 4K Wireless Display Adapter Specifications

Here are the SC01 4K Wireless Display Adapter Specifications.

PowerUSB Type-C, 5V/2A or 5V/1A
Maximum Resolution4K (3840×2160) @60Hz
Wi-Fi2.4G+5G:802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
CompatibilityWindows 8.1+
Mac OSX 10.10+
ios 9.0+
DC InUSB Type-C: 5V/2A
Power ConsumptionMax 3W
Working Temperature0°C~50°C
Humidity10%~80% RH
Cable LengthHDMI 2.0 Cable 0.25m
USB-C Cable 1M
Weight50.7gm (unit)
200gm (package)
Packing ListSC01 x1
HDMI 2.0 cable x1
USB Type C Cable x1
User Manual x1

ProScreenCast SC01 4K Wireless 60hz Dongle – Price

The ProScreenCast SC01 4K Wireless Dongle is priced at $69.99 and is already available on their website. However, it will soon be available globally with other online and offline retailers.

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Grab the ProScreenCast SC01 4K Wireless Dongle this BLACK FRIDAY at a 15% additional discount!

Use Coupon Code “TECHU4K” during the Checkout to avail of the special discount!! Hurry up!

ProScreenCast 4K Dongle – Build Quality

The SC01 Miracast 4K Device from ProScreenCast has a squircle (neither square nor circle) shape and a plastic body. The look and feel of the device are pretty nice, although the top and bottom areas are prone to fingerprints in more prolonged use. It has only one button on the top of the device with an illuminated border to indicate whether it is on or off. Other than that, we don’t get to see any more buttons.

For the Ports, we have a Type C Port which helps power up the device, and one HDMI Port which works as an output. Besides that, the device is compact and lightweight and can easily be carried around if needed. The cables that ProScreenCast provided are of excellent quality and feel pretty durable. Other than that, there is nothing more to add to the build quality of this device.

ProScreenCast SC01 Miracast Dongle for TV Unboxing and Box Contents

You will find items inside the ProScreenCast SC01 4K Dongle.

ProScreenCast SC01 4K Wireless Dongle

Inside the box, you will find

  1. The ProScreenCast SC01 Miracast Device
  2. HDMI Cable
  3. Type C Male to USB Type A Male

How to connect the SC01 4K Dongle to a TV

Follow these steps to connect the SC01 4K Dongle to your TV quickly.

First, Connect the Type C cable to the device and the other end to a USB Power source.

proscreencast sc01 connected

Then take the HDMI cable and connect one end to your TV or display and the other end to the HDMI port of your device.

When the device turns on, select the HDMI port to which you connected the device.

A blue ProScreenCast Connection Window will open once you have selected the correct HDMI port.

There you will find detailed instructions on how to connect the device to your Wi-Fi. Your phone and the device should be connected to the same Router to start casting.

First, select the Device Wi-Fi named “ProScreenCast-BF21223B” and use the Password 12345678 to enter the Wi-Fi Channel.

Once you are inside the browser interface, select your Router, i.e. I have connected mine with the Router name DP.

As soon as you enter your Wi-Fi Password, the device gets connected to your local Wi-Fi.

Now you can view and change different settings and start casting your mobile content on a larger screen.

ProScreenCast SC01 Verdict

The ProScreenCast SC01 is an excellent device for casting and streaming wirelessly through your mobile with minimum latency. From our experience, the ProScreenCast SC01 4K Dongle works smoothly when the mobile screen is cast directly on the TV, but when it does take a little bit of time when we are trying to stream movies or videos. It is maybe because this is a Miracast or a casting device rather than a streaming device.

It does a great job when you are casting your mobile phone contents on a bigger screen, but as far as we have tested out on our 1080p TV, we find that streaming takes a little bit more time to load, and sometimes the browser becomes unresponsive. It wouldn’t have happened if the company had a standalone App for this, but we find the browser interface very easy to use and work around. The HDR Mode works if you have an HDR-supported TV or monitor.

There are two Miracast modes, including Game and Movie options, but we didn’t find any difference. There is also a Power Saving mode if left idle for 30mins up to 1 hour. You can also upgrade the firmware by clicking on the Upgrade button inside the browser.

casting the mobile screen on a 1080p TV using proscreencast

For the price of $69.99, I think this is a great device, especially for casting even on 4K displays. It supports all mobile operating systems like Apple because it has built-in Airplay, Android and Windows.

So this was all about ProScreenCast SC01 4K Wireless Display Adapter Review. Feel free to comment below if you have anything new to add!

That’s all, folks!

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