Ryzen 5965WX vs i9 12900K- Which is best for Gaming?

We have tested the out Ryzen 5965WX vs i9 12900K to see which processor performs the best for next-gen Gaming.

For both Gaming and Content Creation, Intel and AMD both have their very own flagship processors for PC ready in their arsenal. Their CPU models hold unlocked features with no Frequency capping. The flagship model from Intel is Core i9 12900K, while the flagship from AMD is Ryzen Pro 5965WX. Both CPU delivers an extreme level of performance to fulfil every gamer and content creator’s demand with no compromise. But obviously, you need the best hardware combination of your motherboard, GPU, RAM, etc., to let the CPU deliver its ultimate performance.

So, in this case, both variants of CPU are incredibly pricey. It doesn’t come even within the range of budget-oriented gamers, and we had to clear this confusion, so we tested the Ryzen Pro 5965WX vs Core i9 12900K to see which is the best for Gaming. The outcome of this test will guide you to decide which top variant CPU will be good for you before you spend a considerable amount of money on them.

So without further delay, let’s check out the Ryzen Pro 5965WX vs Core i9 12900K CPU battle to see which CPU will be best for your highest-end gaming experience.

Ryzen Pro 5965WX vs Core i9 12900K – CPU Architecture

Here is the full details of the AMD Ryzen Pro 5965WX and INTEL Core i9 12900K CPU electronics architecture.

CPU NAME vs CPU ArchitectureAMD Ryzen Pro 5965WXINTEL Core i9 12900K
SocketAMD Socket WRX8INTEL Socket 1700
Base Frequency3.8 GHz3.2 GHz
Turbo Frequency4.5 GHz5.2 GHz
Integrated GraphicsN/AIntel UHD 770
DDR4 Support3200 MHz Max3200 MHz Max
DDR5 SupportN/A4800 MHz Max
Cache L164K per core80K per core
Cache L2512K per core1.25MB per core
PCIe ExpressGen 4Gen 5

Threadripper vs Core i9 – Test Setup

Here are the full details of the system that we used for our Ryzen Pro 5965WX vs Core i9 12900K CPU battle experiment.

CPUAMD Ryzen Pro 5965WX
Core i9 12900K
MotherboardASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE for AMD Platform
Gigabyte Aorus Master Z690 for Intel Platform
MemoryCorsair Vengence 32GB DDR4 3600 MHz for AMD Platform
Kingston Fury Beast 32GB DDR5 5200MHz for INTEL Platform
Graphics Processing UnitZotac Nvidia GeForce RTX Trinity OC 3090 24GB
Storage Unit2 X Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVMe 1TB Model No 2280
CPU CoolerCooler Master ML360 Liquid ILLUSION RGB
Power Supply UnitCooler Master MWE 1600 V2 Full Modular Gold
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 64bit

Ryzen Pro 5965WX vs Core i9 12900KGaming Benchmark

Here are the test results for the Ryzen Pro 5965WX vs Core i9 12900K model. All the latest-gen games have been tested at 1080p FHD Native resolution on ultra-high settings.

Game nameIntel Core i9 12900KAMD Ryzen Pro 5965WX
Horizon Zero Dawn209 fps avg204 fps avg
Marvel’s SpiderMan Remastered200 fps avg141 fps avg
Microsoft Flight Simulator100 fps avg103 fps avg
Counter Strike Global Offensive738 fps avg643 fps avg
Forza Horizon 5248 fps avg219 fps avg
PUBG226 fps avg224 fps avg
Hitman 3212 fps avg178 fps avg
Red Dead Redemption 2154 fps avg144 fps avg
Days Gone220 fps avg200 fps avg
Cyberpunk 2077171 fps avg155 fps avg

AMD 5965WX vs Intel 12900K Final Verdict

So as you can see from the test results themselves, the performance is more inclined towards the 12th Gen Intel Processor. Except for Microsoft Flight Simulator, all the other games we have tested benefit in favour of Intel. This is high because of Intel’s single-thread performance, which is much better in Gaming.

Always remember that Games work well when the single core performance is better. Although it would be wrong to say that AMD is not good at Gaming because the performance results we are seeing are much higher than the FPS that we would require or is visible to the naked eye. Even if you go with the Threadripper Ryzen Pro 5965WX, you won’t be making a wrong choice because these processors are meant for multitasking, and even Intel cannot beat AMD when it comes to multitasking.

The Ryzen Threadripper is a great processor for content creation like video editing, high-end music production and other applications which require extensive resources to run correctly. To keep it simple enough, if you are a gamer looking to improve your Gaming Experience, you can go with the Intel Core i9 12900K. Or, if you are a content creator and play games casually, you can very well get away with buying the AMD Threadripper 5965WX.

So this is all about AMD Ryzen Pro 5965WX vs Intel Core i9-12900K Gaming Performance. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you think we have left out something.

That’s all, folks!

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