RTX 4090 GPU tested – Nvidia’s 24GB GDDR6X GPU is Ready

Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU has recently been tested and this AD102 GPU is expected to hit the PC Gaming Market in Dec 2022

Recently Nvidia has launched their strongest and fastest RTX variant GPU, 3090Ti. But some trusted source from Twitter and Reddit has already given us a hint of the upcoming next-gen 4000 series GPU. At first, there was a rumor that Nvidia is going to skip the RTX 4000 Series completely and instead release it as an RTX 5000 series. But it comes out as a piece of false news.

We have gathered plenty of information from the Twitter user kopite7kime. According to him, the 4000 series will be built on Nvidia’s Lovelace electronics architecture. This technology will mainly use to manufacture GPUs at mass production and supply electricity to the cards flawlessly. So we could expect a more stabilized electronics board on Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU.

Nvidia is going to keep their highest variant 4090 and 4080 GPU’s memory to be 24GB. Nvidia doesn’t want to scale in terms of the video memory. Already many users have rated that 24GB is very much overkill for Gaming related applications.

While Nvidia is keeping the same amount of 24GB VRAM, they are making some serious changes in the GPU engine sections. The upcoming RTX 4090 GPU will focus to deliver a huge amount of 1TB/s bandwidth memory speed…..yes you are reading right! BANDWIDTH MEMORY SPEED WILL BE 1TB/s along with 24GB GDDR6X memory.

RTX 4090 GPU tested
RTX 4090 GPU tested

This will create a historical milestone in the PC Gaming GPU market. Because with this amount of bandwidth speed, this RTX 4090 GPU will deliver more than 40% faster performance than the latest 3090Ti GPUs.

Also, we have got some serious information about the power supply requirements for the Nvidia RTX 4090 Graphics card. There were some rumors that this card needs at least a 1000W or better power supply. But the current information suggests that this card has a (Thermal Design Power) Architecture of 600W or even higher than 800W. So this monster will gonna consume more electricity than we thought.

With all of this, the upcoming GPU will need a 4×8 pin to 1×16 pin adapter to connect with the power supply cable. The rumors also suggest that Nvidia is going to introduce its RTX 4090 with quad-slot cooling technology. So we can expect some massive performance from both hardware and software components without having to think about thermal throttling.

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