RTX 4000 Series Graphics Card – RTX 4080, RTX 4090, RTX 4090Ti release date and power requirements

Nvidia RTX 3000 Series Graphics Card has been with us for almost a year now, but we’re already starting to see the rumors have started to pile up regarding the new RTX 4080, RTX 4090 & the RTX 4090Ti Graphics Card. While previous whispers come packed with details about the RTX 4000 series Graphics Card, a fresh new leak have has been revealed for the Card’s release date.

Remember uncle Ben said, “with great power comes with great responsibility” and after that our beloved Peter Parker lost him? This iconic dialogue is going to be true in this gaming market too. Rumors and some trusted Tech reviewers said that Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4090 and RTX 4090ti GPU is going to be the most power-hungry product in the history of Graphics Card and the power requirements can be demanded up to 1200W!

The all-new RTX 4000 series is expected to be launched by October 2022 and this rumor is making hype for gamers. Some news has come in the gaming scene officially that RTX 4000 series Graphics Cards will provide you “double” the performance than previous RTX 3090 and other flagship cards. With a whopping 18,432 CUDA cores, it will Double the performance indicating a huge jump from Nvidia’s Ampere Architecture to Lovelace Architecture.

Nvidia RTX 4090 - RTX 4000 Series Graphics Card
Nvidia RTX 4090

Are the high-end PSUs available in the market right now can handle it? The latest RTX 3090 TI Suprim S has been manufactured with an 8 pin power connector requirement with PCIe Gen 5.0 technology. On the other way around, a good, powerful PSU like the Asus ROG Thor Power Supply comes with a 12 pin connector that can supply 1000W.

So, according to the news if the RTX 4000 series is going to be power-hungry, then both the 12 pins and 4 pins power connectors can supply power to the RTX 4080, RTX 4090, and the RTX 4090Ti as well.

With a 1200w power supply, the RTX 4000 series Graphics Card will fulfill your dream of ultimate gaming, but what about the electric bills that you are gonna pay? More details to come as we get into more leaks.

And here is the trusted Tech reviewer harukaze5719’s statement on Twitter- “Expecting Intel Core i9 13900k + RTX 4090 Ti recommended PSU at least 1000W GOLD” while another Tech reviewer Greymon55 added a statement in the reply “1000W is not enough”.

The release of Nvidia RTX 4000 Series Graphics Card like the RTX 4080, 4090, and RTX 4090Ti will take over the PC Gaming market with a storm. But we still need to wait and see what options are actually open for us considering the global chip shortage. The new RTX 4000 Series graphics Card will feature the TSMC’s 5nm Process notes and Nvidia is also going to switch things up with an alternate GH202 Hopper Architecture.

So this was all about the latest leak regarding the upcoming RTX 4000 Series Graphics Cards

That’s all folks!

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