RTX 3080Ti from Nvidia Leaked Specs, Price, & Release date

The RTX 3000 Series Graphics Cards were first introduced last year with the high-end RTX 3070 and RTX 3080. As we have seen from Nvidia they always tend to release a Ti version Graphics Card which is a refreshed powerful version of the non-Ti Graphics Cards. So Nvidia is set to release the RTX 3080Ti by the end of this month. We can confirm this report as we have seen screenshots of a prebuilt with RTX 3070Ti on a Chinese website. You can check out this tweet.

So there have been a lot of rumors and speculations going on regarding the RTX 3080Ti release and we may finally have an answer.

RTX 3080Ti From Nvidia Leaked Specs, Price, and Release Date

Leaked Specifications

Here are some leaked specifications of the RTX 3080Ti.

Architecture (GPU)Ampere (GA102)
CUDA Cores / SP10240
RT Cores80
Tensor Cores320
Texture Units320
Base Clock Rate1,365 MHz
Boost Clock Rate1,665 MHz
Memory Capacity12GB GDDR6X
Memory Speed19 0 Gbps
Memory Bus384-bit
Memory Bandwidth912.4 GBps
L2 Cache6MB
Transistor Count28.3 billion
Die Size628 mm²

These specs are still unconfirmed by Nvidia but according to the sources the speculations are 99% perfect.

Some notable differences and advantages that the RTX 3080Ti will be having and they are as follows:

  1. 12GB GDDR6 VRAM over the existing 10GB GDDR6 VRAM for the RTX 3080.
  2. A faster 384 Bit Memory Bus over the earlier 320 Bit Memory bus for the RTX 3080.
  3. There will be 10240 CUDA Cores over the earlier 8704 CUDA Cores on the RTX 3080.
  4. The new GPU will also feature 80 RT Cores, 320 Tensor Cores & Texture Units over the existing 68 RT Cores and 272 Tensor Cores & Texture Units on the RTX 3080.
  5. The GPU is clocked at a lesser 1365Mhz over the already existing 1440Mhz on the RTX 3080. And boost clocks of the RTX 3080Ti is 1665Mhz while the RTX 3080 features a higher boost clock of 1710Mhz.
  6. The RTX 3080ti has more memory bandwidth of 912.4Gbps with 112ROPs while the RTX 3080 has a memory bandwidth of 760Gbps and 96 ROPs.
  7. Keeping the Die size and Transistor count for both RTX 3080Ti and RTX 3080, the TDP is set to be 350W for RTX 3080ti over the existing 320W for the RTX 3080.
RTX 3080Ti From Nvidia Leaked Specs, Price, and Release Date
Leaked ASUS Strix 3080Ti – Source : Tomshardware

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RTX 3080Ti Design

Looks like Nvidia followed their old RTX 3000 series Founder designs on this card as well. Here are some images.

RTX 3080Ti From Nvidia Leaked Specs, Price, and Release Date
RTX 3080Ti From Nvidia Leaked Specs, Price, and Release Date

RTX 3080Ti Price

The Founders Edition GPU is expected to release at a price bracket of $999 to $1099. Since the higher-end RTX 3090 is priced at $1499 and the lower-end RTX 3080 at $699, this pricing is absolutely perfect for the Card.

Although we will see a surge in prices of the Graphics Cards right now as there is an acute case of Silicon shortage going on globally primarily because of Bitcoin Mining. The prices of GPUs right now is already soaring and will there till the end of 2021. We might see some relaxations in pricing from next year onwards.

RTX 3080Ti From Nvidia Leaked Specs, Price, and Release Date

Release Date

In the upcoming keynote from Nvidia on the 31st of May, they are expected to launch the all-new RTX 3080Ti Graphics Card and will hit the store shelves by June 4th. But we are yet to see how much this actually happens because of the Global silicon chip crisis.

Although an interesting feature, the RTX 3080Ti although it is based on GA102 Silicon, we might get to see a newer and improved die revision with an Ethereum Anti Mining Limiter. to prevent the usage of the RTX 3080ti for mining.

We are yet to see what Nvidia has in store for us, might be a 3070Ti?

RTX 3080Ti From Nvidia Leaked Specs, Price, and Release Date

Watch the Nvidia Keynote Here

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