RTX 3060 vs Arc A750 Gaming Performance

This article lists the performance difference between the RTX 3060 vs Arc A750 when it comes to Gaming benchmarks.

The RTX 3060 is a mid-range Gaming GPU from Nvidia that launched in 2021. The price of the GPU during the release was around $329, and it was the perfect GPU for any Mid-Range Gaming PC. It features a massive 12GB Video memory and a 192bit Memory Interface. The maximum power draw of this GPU is 170W, and it performs well in games. Ray Tracing is enabled on this GPU with 28 RTX Cores to enjoy games with RTX on.

On the other hand, Intel has released its dedicated Alchemist GPUs for Desktops launched in Q4 2022. The new Arc from Intel is built on a 6nm Process and features 8GB Graphics Memory. It costs around $289, around $40 less than the Nvidia RTX 3060. This GPU also features 28 Ray Tracing Cores and a higher 256Bit Memory Interface.

We have tested both cards head to head to see which performs best in gaming performance.

Nvidia RTX 3060 and Intel Arc A750 Specifications

Here are the details of the specifications of these two GPS from different companies.

GPU NAME vs GPU SpeicificationsNvidia RTX 3060Intel Arc A750
Model NameGA106DG2-512
Base Clock1320 MHz2050 MHz
Boost Clock1777 MHz2050 MHz
Memory Clock1875 MHz with 15Gbps effective speed2000 MHz with 16Gbps effective speed
Video Memory12 GB8 GB
Memory Bus192 bit256 bit
Bandwidth360 GB/s512 GB/s
Display Port Support1.4a2.0

3060 vs A750 Test System Details

Here are the details of the test setup we used for the RTX 3060 vs Arc A750 GPU experiment.

CPUCore i9 12900K from INTEL
MOTHERBOARDGigabyte Z690 Aorus Master
GPUNvidia Geforce GTX 3060 Founder Edition
Intel Alchemist ARC A750
MEMORYKingston 32 GB DDR5 5200MHz RAM
PSUEVGA 1600W 80plus Gold Certified Fully Modular
STORAGE2 x WD M.2 SSD PCIe Express 3.0 1TB
OPERATING SYSTEMMicrosoft Windows 11 64bit with the latest update patch

Nvidia RTX vs Intel Arc Gaming FPS Benchmark

Here are the results of the RTX 3060 vs Arc A750 GPU test. All of the games were tested at 1080p with ultra-high settings.

Forza Horizon 5111 fps avg101 fps avg
A Plague Tale Requiem51 fps avg49 fps avg
God of War67 fps avg71 fps avg
Cyberpunk 207748 fps avg52 fps avg
Hitman 389 fps avg100 fps avg
Red Dead Redemption 271 fps avg61 fps avg
Horizon Zero Dawn80 fps avg89 fps avg
Microsoft Flight Simulator51 fps avg57 fps avg
Dying Light 278 fps avg69 fps avg
Marvel’s SpiderMan109 fps avg102 fps avg

RTX 3060 vs Arc A750 Final Verdict

The above gaming fps benchmark outcomes show that both GPUs have performed their way. In some games, Intel ARC A750 has taken the lead, while Nvidia RTX 3060 is in others. The maximum performance results between the two GPUs are around 10 FPS-15 FPS.

In our opinion, if you are in a hurry, then go for the Intel ARC A750. Because of the minimal fps difference, you don’t need to spend an extra $40, as it will be a total waste of your money. Although we should also add that the Intel Alchemist GPU gives issues whenever you are trying to run an older game because the newer Intel GPUs are not designed to handle older games or applications. But Intel will soon fix these with more and more driver updates in the future.

So this was all about RTX 3060 vs ARC A750. If you feel we have missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, Folks!

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