Resident Evil 8 Prologue – The Winters House Walkthrough

So the story starts with the Resident Evil 8 Prologue: The Winters House mission!

Welcome to our guide for the Resident Evil 8 Village. As we mentioned in the last blog that we will be in control of Ethan Winters, the main protagonist of the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Our blog will be mainly story-based as we will be guiding you through the journey on how to complete the game as soon as possible but enjoying every moment of it in the same way. The opening minutes of Resident Evil 8 Prologue is set in the Winters house. When searching the house properly, you might also collect information on the collectibles, which you should definitely not miss.

Resident Evil 8 Prologue Plot

The scene opens with a storybook cutscene where it is seen that Mia is reading a storybook to her newborn daughter Rosemary. You, Ethan Winters, will find yourself in a room with your family, home of Ethan and Mia Winters, as well as their newly born baby.

After surviving the Baker estate incidents in Resident Evil 7, both lived as a couple and led a peaceful life somewhere in the Eastern Part of Europe. After a short conversation between them, Ethan is tasked to take her baby upstairs in her cradle as it’s time for her to go to sleep. With the baby in your hand, you are free to explore the whole house and interact with several objects.

Walk around the house and interact with all the objects that are there in the house. Remember, many collectibles in the house need to be collected because they can’t be accessed later on in the game. There is a remote nearby if you want to switch on the TV and tune in some cartoons while you walk around with your baby.

You can also interact with the baby’s books, CDs, etc. Talk to Mia while she prepares the food in the kitchen, or you can even check out the memo list on the fridge. You can also notice the stroller and photo frame of the baby girl Rosemary before you go upstairs.

Once you are upstairs, you have to put down your baby in the cradle and interact with the music box on the left, a bathroom full of medicines for Mia. Before you leave, check on Rose’s clothes and the computer with Ethan’s diary files. Search more and you will also find a Medical checkup report file. You can also see a photo book full of Ethan and Mia’s photos. You can also check the other room where you would find an Old news clipping file. Head downstairs, and now it’s time for Ethan to sit down and have a lovely dinner with his wife, Mia.

But the happiness didn’t last long, as a bullet struck right on Mia’s chest, and you will be greeted with a familiar guest. The story starts unfolding from here as Chris Redwolf, along with shooters, broke into the Winters’ Residence, killed Mia, and kidnapped his daughter Rosemary. Ethan sees his whole family shattered in front of his own eyes,before he becomes unconscious.

The next part of the journey is “The Village (Arrival)”
Let’s go!

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