Resident Evil 8 – First Village Mission (First Arrival) Walkthrough

You will be venturing into the village for the first time. You have to survive the Lycan Attack and find treasures and Collectibles on the way as well. Let’s see what else we have to face in the first Village mission.

Welcome to another new walkthrough guide of the Resident Evil 8 first village mission. Recapping a bit, the last time we saw Ethan, our main protagonist, is spending family time with her wife Mia and their newborn daughter, Rosemary. But that happiness didn’t last long as Chris Redfield and his mysterious team of shooters raid Ethan’s residence, murdered Mia in cold blood, and kidnapped Rosemary.

After being abducted by them, Ethan will wake up from his unconsciousness next to a dead body. The vehicle met with an accident in which they were taking you into. Answering the dead man’s phone will give Ethan an idea about what is going on, and all he needs to do now is find shelter for himself.

First Village Mission Plot – Resident Evil 8

Part 1

The First scene of the Village mission opens with Ethan waking up from his unconsciousness. He looks around and finds a crashed vehicle with a dead man lying by his side. He picks up the phone which was ringing beside the dead body. Once you get yourself up from there, pick up the torch and the Mission briefing file. Start walking by following the trail into the dark woods. You won’t see anything when you start walking. The scene is extremely dark and you can hardly make out anything in the woods. All you hear is some creepy sounds. You might also sometimes lost your way through the woods but don’t worry as there is a fixed trail path in the game that you have to follow.

Crouch and cross the barbed wire fence. Stand up and start walking again. You will see a group of dead crows lying on the ground with blood splattered everywhere around. You will also notice someone moving around in the bushes ahead of you. But right now focus on reaching finding a shelter. Keep moving until you cross a small footbridge and you will reach a small hut with a wooden door. Get inside the house and interact with the different objects inside the house. You can also take a look at the room inside the house. check the cupboard and everything. Go down to the basement from the stairs and pick up an object that is placed on the right side of the room.

You would have to check every interactive object as you might find some interesting and useful items. It won’t be long when you would hear a noise above you prompting you to return to the way from where you came from. Ethan runs upstairs and finds a dresser knocked over in front of him to keep him from accessing the main room. So he has to crouch and crawl down to find the place in shambles and a big giant hole on the other side of the house.

Walk and exit the house into the woods and you will find yourself in extremely dark daylight. The grayish tone of the scene perfectly compliments the game and setting and it looks beautiful. There will be a fence near you. Jump over that fence and run straight towards the path. Once you make it to the clearing, you will see a very spooky-looking castle on top with a small empty looking village. As bells rang, it announces your arrival in the Village.

Part 2

Descend the path and come sliding down the ledges to enter the outskirts of The Village. As you enter you see a gruesome sight of a slain horse beside a large hut. Walk towards the hut and open the door. Look for any items that you might find. As you walk towards the exit of the hut you can hear the noises again indicating you to follow it. Once you are outside the hut run towards the bigger gate with the warning “Do not Enter”.

But once you approach the gate, you find that it is locked and you don’t have the keys to open it yet. So you have to search for the keys in the village or you have to go and find another way. Go back to the outskirts and look for the key by searching the houses. Basically, the game wants you to explore the whole map to continue with your journey. Follow the road and find a house with a burning lamp hanging on the entrance of the house.

Get inside and retrieve a Knife. Now with the knife, you can destroy the crates to get the First Aid Med Kit. Explore further into the room and behind the curtains, you will find a lone survivor who will give you a handgun. Suddenly a commotion was heard and the unknown creatures took away the old survivor and killed him. They also pulled Ethan inside the chamber. Once down there you have to find yourself a way out.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a Lycan attacked. The altered human takes a bite off you and toss you outside the house. Lycans are like zombies with much more fighting skills. Once he comes charging at you continue shooting him on his head otherwise he will plunge and take a bite out of you. After the Lycan is down, take out your Bolt Cutters and open the gate into the next part of the first Village Mission.

Part 3

Once you move through the gate, cross the small river and walk straight up to the small building. You can hear the static noise of the radio but it will stop as soon as you approach it. Loot the house properly and collect every weapon and ammo. As soon as you are done picking up you can hear the Lycans coming in from the window and the roof as well. Get downstairs and block the room with big shelves. They can provide a temporary barrier to stop the Lycans. One of the Lycan will slip in so you better take care of that first.

Take whatever you can and leave the house cautiously. Check the map, and you can see you are in the East Old Town now. Venture further into the village and find a blood trail. Follow that trail and reach an empty house. Pick up all the ammo and gunpowder from that house including the shotgun because now it’s time for the big fight. Since the enemies will swarm in groups so you better step outside the house and fight. There is a hole inside the hose and drop into it. Once you are in the narrow cellar pick up some Rusted Scrap and leave.

The next part is all about surviving in a run-and-gun situation. Be extra careful when dealing with Lycans. Don’t waste your ammo at all by killing every Lycan you see. Even a larger Lycan called the Urias will join the fight against Ethan with a giant hammer. You don’t need to go and kill him directly. Just make him follow you in front of his friends and one blow of that hammer will damage the Lycans as well. The Lycans will throw you off the stream and the group will move off. A mysterious old woman will appear and she will move up past the large red gate. Follow her and exit the area. Before exiting just remember to explore once more to look for any valuable items from the crates.

Part 4

Run towards the old mysterious woman and she tells you that Ethans daughter, Rosemary is indeed in the clutches of the nefarious forces in the castle. So you have to find a way to reach there. Walk up straight to a wooden door and it says that you need to find two circular chests to open the door which leads to the castle. Search the area for a church. Go inside and find a shotgun. You would also find a maiden crest over there. Look inside the other huts to find yourself some gun powder and ammo.

Move through the field when you are ready and find a crate. Break open it and collect the items. Walk up straight through the fields and find a sealed gate at the top. Ethan pushes the door but it didn’t open. Then when you can hear some sounds coming from inside the hut. Open the door and get inside the house, where you will find two lone survivors hiding inside. After meeting them get out of the hut and climb the wall behind. Hopping off the wall will give you access to Luiza’s property. Open the iron gates from the inside. Ethan locks the door once they get inside. Luiza opens the door and lets everyone in. Follow Luiza inside the mansion. While you wait you can save your progress using the typewriter. When you are inside, you will meet the remaining survivors of the village.

That was when things turned out worse. Elena, the girl, her father transformed and started attacking and killing everyone. Ethan takes hold of Elena and runs towards the truck. The truck works but the key is missing. Your next task is to escape the house. Make your way to the next room to find the keys for the truck. Get to the kitchen and you will have it placed inside the drawers. You will also find a screwdriver. Run towards Elena and start the truck. Ethan will try to bust out but with no success. As the fire approaches, climb up the stairs and come near the attic window. But unfortunately, Elena dies while trying to save his father.

As the cutscene ends, you come out of the window and back on the ground. If you want to loot more chests you can do it and while you are here grab some Chem Fluids. Use the screwdriver to open and retrieve the Demon Crest. Return through the fields. A mysterious woman is seen killing a villager but disappears shortly after. Return to the Castle gate and insert both the Maiden and the Demon Crest and turn them in the right directions. As you open the door you complete your first Village Mission.

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The next mission is “Castle Dimitrescu”. Let’s go!!

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