Philips Gaming Monitor with 4K 144Hz display and HDMI 2.1

Philips Gaming Monitor 4K – Philips’s new Momentum 5000 Gaming Monitors feature a 4K Panel with a 144Hz display and dual HDMI 2.1 ports.

Philips launched a new version of their Momentum 5000 series called the 27M1F5800 to replace the expensive and more featured alternative of the 27M15500P. The new features in this Monitor make it an excellent choice for Console Gamers who love to play on their PlayStation 5 or Xbox.

So let’s check out the all-new Philips Monitor 27M15800.

Philips Monitor with 4K 144Hz display and HDMI 2.1
Philips Monitor with 4K 144Hz display and HDMI 2.1

Philips Gaming Monitor Momentum 5000 Design

Philips Gaming Monitor Momentum 5000 Design
Momentum 5000 Design

From its looks, the Monitor has gaming feel to it with height-adjustable clamps, rotatable options, and VESA mounting functionality. We liked the Monitor’s design, and it somewhat resembles the older Black BenQ Gaming monitors. The cable tie hooks and the headphone holders at the back are a great addition. Their arent any RGB lighting on the Philips Momentum 5000 Gaming Monitor.

27M1F5800 Monitor

Philips 27M1F5800 Gaming Monitor Specifications

Philips 27M1F5800 Monitor Specifications

The new Philips gaming monitor 27M1F5800 features a 4K panel instead of the 2.5K one for the lower version while measuring 27 inches. However, the unique Momentum 5000 Philips monitor has a better refresh rate out of the box than the older one, regardless of which display port you are using. Philips also equips the Momentum 27M1F5800 Monitor with dual HDMI 2.1 ports and pairs it alongside two Display 1.4 Ports. The new Momentum 5000 features almost the same I/O Panel layout. It has four USB 3.2 Ports, a USB Type B port, and a 3.5mm audio input jack. The Philips monitor features DisplayHDR 600 as well, which means it should reach up to 600 cd/m² of brightness but the company rated in their specification release that it will reach a maximum of up to 450 cd/m². For Gamers, it would be a great monitor with a 1mS GTG response time while maintaining a 98% DCI-P3 colour range.

Philips 4K Monitor Price

The Philips Momentum 5000 27M1F5800 monitor price is roughly around £629.99 or approximately $795, which is 100 dollars more expensive than the 27M1F5500P. This model is available from June and will be available worldwide with significant retailers.

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