PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4 Gaming Performance with AMD RX 7600

Discover the Performance differences between PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4 technologies in Gaming with the AMD RX 7600 8GB Graphics Card.

Previously, our articles showed you PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4 gaming performance based on Nvidia RTX 3060 and M.2 NVMe storages. Today, we are undergoing a similar PCIe 3 and PCIe 4 Gaming Performance, which will now be based on the all-new AMD RX 7600 GPU.

PCIe 3 is an old-gen technology, whereas PCIe 4 is the latest and the newest version. But which technology is very performance efficient with AMD, especially if you plan to buy RX 7600? To get the answer to this question, we ran a test using some of the latest titles to test the performance between the PCIe 3 & PCIe 4 using the AMD RX 7600 GPU.

So sit tight, relax, and let’s dive into the details of the PCIe vs PCIe 4 gaming performance review based on AMD RX 7600 GPU.

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PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4- Test Setup Details

Here are the details of the specifications we used to test the PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4 Technologies in Gaming.

ProcessorIntel Core i9-13900K CPU
Graphics ProcessorAMD RX 7600 GPU 8GB
MotherboardASUS ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming using both in PCIe version 3.0 and 4.0 slots
MemoryG.Skill Trident Z5 32GB DDR5 DDR5 6000 MHz CL38
Power SupplyEVGA 1600W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
CPU CoolerArctic Liquid Freezer II 420 mm
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro 64bit
PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4 Gaming Performance with AMD RX 7600

PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4- Gaming Benchmark Details

GAME vs PCIeRX 7600 PCIe 3.0RX 7600 PCIe 4.0
The Last of US Part I75 Fps Avg75 Fps Avg
Forza Horizon 5130 Fps Avg135 Fps Avg
Hogwarts Legacy85 Fps Avg85 Fps Avg
Cyberpunk 207764 Fps Avg67 Fps Avg
Hitman 3147 Fps Avg148 Fps Avg
Returnal74 Fps Avg74 Fps Avg
Spiderman Miles Morales80 Fps Avg83 Fps Avg
Microsoft Flight Simulator51 Fps Avg51 Fps Avg

PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4- Final Verdict

We cannot see any massive FPS boost from the above chart list with the PCIe 4.0 technology that can deliver over the old PCIe 3.0. Most games have almost the same amount of FPS in every game, whereas some games with PCIe 4.0 barely provide 1-5 fps, which more or less doesn’t matter, to be honest.

Still, some Reddit articles say that these incremental boosts will matter as time progresses and PCIe 4.0 becomes the mainstream platform in the market. When it happens, all the game manufacturers will push towards getting their new Games to run better on PCIe 4 hardware, and thus it can be an issue, but considering the current state, if you have a good GPU + CPU Paired, then you are good to go for now.

In this situation, if you are considering spending some extra bucks for PCIe 4.0 for your GPU hardware, then it is unnecessary for now. But for now, you can save money or spend it on other necessary gaming hardware or software per your requirements.

So this was all about PCIe 3 vs PCIe 4 Gaming Performance with AMD RX 7600. Let us know in the comments below if you think we have missed anything.

That’s all, Folks!

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