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How to build gaming pc build under 500 dollars?

When building a budget gaming or a performance-oriented PC, it’s better to build it with an APU. What is an APU? An APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is the same as a processor but with both CPU and GPU Cores in it.
rtx 30 series laptops

Nvidia releases RTX 30 series Laptops for Gaming and Creation

Nvidia announced the RTX 30 Series Laptops for both Gamers and Content Creators at large promising better performance within a thinner and lighter form factor! It’s been a long time since there has been no news about a new lineup of

Top 5 Laptops under Rs.20000

Consumer electronics like laptops are now widely popular especially due to the “Work from Home” policy due to the coronavirus outbreak. All workplaces/schools/educational institutions are using the Online Video Calling Feature for Conferences/Meetings/Classes etc. So nowadays there is a huge demand

2020 Steam Winter Sale-Top 10 Best Deals on PC Games

Since there are only a few days left for the sale. We are writing this as winter is that time of the year when the whole world enjoys their holidays, while we gamers, wait for Gaben Santa to arrive. And here

Silverstone FARA R1: For Compact and Stylish ATX Builds

There are tons and tons of Gaming Cases coming out nowadays from various manufacturers. Starting from the low priced ones to the top high-end ones. Whenever a new budget-oriented Gaming Case comes out with a plethora of features, it generates a