Nvidia RTX 4070 Performance – Best for 1440p in 2023

Testing out the Nvidia RTX 4070 performance as it claims to be the best graphics card for gaming and content creation at 1440p in 2023.

Recently Nvidia announced and launched their all-new RTX 4070 Graphics Card. This GPU was already on the hype train since Nvidia announced it, and we finally have our hands on the Founders Edition Version of the RTX 4070.

We have earlier reviewed the bigger brother of this GPU, the RTX 4070Ti, and it performed well. Even though the RTX 4070 is less powerful than its Ti version, we think it is still capable enough to beat the last generation RTX 3080 Graphics Card, and we will find out in this article.

So without further delay, let’s quickly check out the Nvidia RTX 4070 Graphics Card Performance.

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Nvidia RTX 4070 Graphics Card Price and Availability

The Nvidia RTX 4070 12GB Graphics Card has a price starting from $599. But the price will differ from location to location. The GPU is available globally on all significant Online and Offline Retailers. Click the link below to check the price and buy the Nvidia RTX 4070.

Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU Specifications

Here are the detailed Specifications of the Nvidia RTX 4070 12GB Graphics Card.

ArchitectureAda Lovelace
CUDA Cores 5888
RT Cores 46
Tensor Cores184
GenerationGeforce 40
Base Clock1920 MHz
Boost Clock2475 MHz
Memory Clock1313 MHz with 21 Gbps Effective Speed
Video Memory12 GB
Memory TypeGDDR6X
Memory Bus192bit
Bus InterfacePCIe 4.0 X 16
Bandwidth504.2 GB/s
DirectX12.2 ultimate
TDP200 W
PSU550 W
Output1 HDMI 2.1 with 3 Display Port 1.4a
Power Connector1 x 16 pin

Nvidia RTX 4070 Founders Edition Design

The Nvidia RTX 4070 Graphics Card is smaller than the RTX 4080 and the 4090 Founders Edition Card. That being said, it is even smaller than the last generation RTX 3080 3000 Series Graphics Card, which is the same performer as the RTX 4070 in theory. However, the box packaging is still the same as any other 4000 Series Graphics card. Thankfully, it takes up two slots and will fit most cases and some small form factor cases.

Although the GPU is smaller, it has a similar design to the RTX 4080 and the RTX 4090. It used the same die-cast aluminium body and paired with the Dual Axial Fans. It has eight layers of PCB, and the cooling has been much better than the previous generation RTX 4070. The GPU has four heat pipes and powerful fans to improve the cooling.

The display connectivity includes three Display Port 1.4a and one HDMI 2.1a.

You can check out this aftermarket RTX 4070 Design and the pricing from reputable GPU Manufacturers from the Amazon Links below.

Nvidia RTX 4070 Founders Edition Design

RTX 4070 Benchmark Test Setup

We have used the specifications to test the all-new RTX 4070 Graphics Card.

ProcessorIntel Core i9-13900K CPU
Graphics ProcessorNvidia Geforce RTX 4070 GPU
MotherboardMSI Z790-P PRO Wi-Fi Motherboard
MemoryCorsair Dominator Platinum 32GB RGB DDR5 6000 MHz
Power SupplyEVGA 1600W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
CPU CoolerLian Li Galahad 240 Liquid Cooler
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro 64bit

RTX 4070 Gaming Performance

Here are the RTX 4070 performance numbers that we have achieved. We tested the games on three resolutions, i.e. 1080p, 1440p and 2160p.

Games1920×1080 FHD2560×1440 2K3840×2160 4KGPU Temp
A Plague Tale Requiem118 FPS85 FPS46 FPS54°C/59°C/65°C
Assassins Creed Valhalla127 FPS98 FPS 58 FPS55°C/56°C/61°C
Battlefield 5245 FPS192 FPS112 FPS51°C/53°C/58°C
Control142 FPS92 FPS45 FPS45°C/51°C/58°C
Cyberpunk 2077116 FPS75 FPS35 FPS55°C/66°C/72°C
Days Gone177 FPS129 FPS68 FPS49°C/51°C/55°C
Deathloop180 FPS135 FPS77 FPS44°C/50°C/58°C
Doom Eternal338 FPS265 FPS159 FPS40°C/43°C/49°C
Dying Light 2155 FPS102 FPS50 FPS46°C/52°C/62°C
Elden Ring132 FPS104 FPS63 FPS55°C/63°C/69°C
F1 22243 FPS192 FPS114 FPS51°C/58°C/65°C
Far Cry 6165 FPS127 FPS72 FPS50°C/55°C/61°C
Forza Horizon 5145 FPS129 FPS90 FPS49°C/59°C/65°C
God of War122 FPS100 FPS66 FPS52°C/52°C/59°C
Guardians of Galaxy186 FPS135 FPS76 FPS44°C/48°C/55°C
Halo Infinite136 FPS103 FPS60 FPS55°C/58°C/66°C
Metro Exodus 188 FPS152 FPS93 FPS53°C/59°C/61°C
Mount and Blade 2163 FPS121 FPS73 FPS49°C/56°C/59°C
Red Dead Redemption 2117 FPS94 FPS60 FPS57°C/68°C/70°C
Resident Evil Village262 FPS188 FPS98 FPS52°C/59°C/65°C
Spiderman Remastered169 FPS135 FPS79 FPS49°C/52°C/60°C
The Callisto Protocol104 FPS80 FPS52 FPS55°C/56°C/63°C
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt234 FPS176 FPS100 FPS41°C/47°C/55°C
Warhammer 3140 FPS91 FPS47 FPS44°C/55°C/59°C
Watch Dogs Legion123 FPS95 FPS54 FPS58°C/65°C/69°C

Nvidia RTX 4070 Founders Edition Ray Tracing Enabled Benchmarks

Here are the RTX 4070 Ray Tracing Enabled performance numbers we have achieved. We tested the RTX DLSS games on three resolutions, i.e. 1080p, 1440p and 2160p.

GamesFHD Ray Tracing On2K Ray Tracing On4K Ray Tracing On
Cyberpunk 2077633918
Doom Eternal256196110
F1 20221127438
Far Cry 612910564
Metro Exodus14610353
Resident Evil Village14411876
Spiderman Remastered13011068

Nvidia RTX 4070 DLSS Performance

Here are the DLSS Performance numbers of the RTX 4070 on Games running at 4K!

GamesDLSS 2DLSS 3 Frame GenerationDLSS Frame Generation + DLSS 2 Quality
Hogwarts Legacy55 FPS59 FPS77 FPS
A Plague Tale Requiem54 FPS57 FPS75 FPS
Spiderman Remastered81 FPS97 FPS100 FPS

Nvidia RTX 4070 FE Thermals and Cooling

During the tests, we have seen the maximum temperature for this Graphics card to be around 70 degrees during gaming while the fan speeds stay at 50%, i.e. 1787 RPM.

The fan noise of the RTX 4070 FE under heavy load is 32.5 dBA. This GPU consumes more than 235W (with 20ms Spike) maximum, while on gaming, it consumes a maximum of 202W.

Here are some aftermarket RTX 4070 Graphics Cards with their Idle and Load Temperatures.

Graphics CardsIdleGaming
Asus RTX 4070 Dual41 degrees Celcius61 degrees Celcius
Gainward RTX 407042 degrees Celcius72 degrees Celcius
MSI RTX 4070 Ventus 45 degrees Celcius64 degrees Celcius
Nvidia RTX 4070 (this article)36 degrees Celcius69 degrees Celcius
PNY RTX 407038 degrees Celcius69 degrees Celcius

Can I overclock the RTX 4070 Graphics Card?

Yes, you can overclock the RTX 4070 Graphics Card, and you will get a rough Performance boost of around 5.3% on FPS, as tested out on the 3D Mark Time Spy Extreme GT1.

Nvidia RTX 4070 Graphics Card - Is it worth upgrading?

Nvidia RTX 4070 Graphics Card Verdict – Is it worth upgrading?

After reviewing the GPU and playing around with it for a while, I have sorted my verdicts as Pros and Cons of the RTX 4070 so you will better understand it.


  1. Great Pricing at $600.
  2. Faster than the RTX 3080 GPU
  3. Compact Design
  4. 2 Slot cards with back plate
  5. Power Adapters Provided
  6. Idle Fan Mode
  7. Low temperatures and silent operation
  8. Performance improvements for both Ray Tracing and DLSS-enabled applications.


  1. Performance increment is comparatively less than the previous generation cards
  2. No Display Port 2.0
  3. $600 can be challenging to afford for an entry-level gamer

So this was all about the Nvidia RTX 4070 Graphics Card Performance. Let us know in the comments below if you think we have missed anything.

Thats all, folks!

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