Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU – More Power Demand in Laptop?

The Latest leaked news suggests that the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU series will demand power in Gaming Laptop compared to PC Systems.

It is already the end of June, and we are all very excited. Because Nvidia will introduce their upcoming RTX 4000 GPU series in the next month, this 4000 GPU is getting considered a 200% more powerful GPU compared to the previous model’s 3000 models. With the size, thermal architecture, base and boost clock, core counts, bandwidth speed, etc., this latest series GPU will be much ahead of the current generation to handle games at 4k 150fps.

Many leaked rumours and news has spread in the marker about this GPU. And now, the latest buzz about this GPU has been circulating about its laptop version. Like Nvidia will launch their top flagship model RTX 4090 GPU for PC, they will also release this same model with laptops. This means we can see the world’s first RTX 4090 GPU laptop very soon, per the leaked news.

As we have mentioned in our previous articles about this power-hungry monster, it needs at least an 800W continuous power supply. Its laptop version will also give serious competition in power-demanding cases. This news has been revealed by a famous and trusted Twitter user named “kopite7kimi”.

Nvidia RTX 4000 Model Power Supply Demand in Gaming Laptops

According to his tweet, the Nvidia 4000 series Laptops will consume more power than a PC running an RTX 3000 GPU. This is because right now, the TDP of an RTX 3000 Series GPU is 450W, while the RTX 4000 Series GPU, as rumoured, is an 800W total system power requirement.

If the last Gen mobile graphics card consumes around 175W of power, we can easily say the laptop power requirements might reach 400 watts; If this comes out true, then we might see one most significant change in the Gaming Laptops. Either the Gaming Laptops will launch with more Whr battery model size, or the laptops will not last long, even for half an hour while gaming.

So In both systems, the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU series models will enrich your gaming experience because they can run the upcoming next-gen photo-realistic graphics games at 4k resolution very smoothly and without any issues.

So this was all about the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU series power demand rumours on a Gaming laptop. If you think we missed out on anything, feel free to comment below.

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