Nvidia RTX 2050 vs GTX 1650 Gaming Benchmarks

This article shows you the performance benchmarks of an Nvidia RTX 2050 vs GTX 1650 when running games at 1080p Full HD!

Last year Nvidia silently released the RTX 2050 and the GTX 1650. Both cards came out as entry-level successors of the 2000 Series and the 1000 series, respectively. Nvidia mainly released these two cards to supply GPUs during the GPU shortage. But surprisingly, RTX 2050 was meant to build only for the laptop version, and now, Nvidia didn’t release any desktop variants for this GPU. On the other hand, the GTX 1650 is available for laptops and desktops.

As both cards are very similar in their design so, we decided to do some performance benchmarks with both cards to see their capabilities in gaming even on this low budget. Since the PC Gaming Market was shattered with inflated prices, portable solutions like laptops were sold like hot cakes. So Nvidia made a very smart move in introducing the RTX 2050 as a Gaming laptop GPU to capture the market, so we ran some tests with some latest generation Games. As the Nvidia 2050 doesn’t have a PC variant version, so we used the same system configuration as the laptop for these two GPUs in this case

Now without further delay, lets check out the performance benchmark comparison between Nvidia RTX 2050 vs the GTX 1650 GPU! This article is going to be the most awaited RTX vs GTX in Laptops Test!

Nvidia RTX 2050 vs Nvidia GTX 1650 – Test Setup

Here are the test specs we are currently using to conduct the RTX 2050 vs GTX 1650 Gaming Performance benchmarks.

GTX 1650 Gaming Laptop

ModelLenovo Legion 5 15ARH05
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 4800H
GPUNvidia GTX 1650 4GB
Storage512GB NVMe SSD

RTX 2050 Laptop

ModelLenovo Think book 16 G4+ IAP
ProcessorIntel Core i7 12700H
GPUNvidia RTX 2050 4GB
Storage512GB NVMe SSD

Nvidia GTX 1650 vs RTX 2050 – Gaming Benchmark

Here are the details Gaming Benchmark results of Nvidia RTX 2050 vs GTX 1650. As the GTX 1650 do not have any DLSS option available, we decided to turn off the DLSS feature for the RTX 2050 GPU while testing out.

Game NameNvidia GTX 1650Nvidia RTX 2050
Watch Dogs Legion54 fps avg59 fps avg
Control42 fps avg36 fps avg
Red Dead Redemption 246 fps avg45 fps avg
Horizon Zero Dawn57 fps avg61 fps avg
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla47 fps avg49 fps avg
Forza Horizon 471 fps avg63 fps avg
Rainbow Six Siege169 fps avg191 fps avg
Metro Exodus35 fps avg36 fps avg
Far Cry 561 fps avg62 fps avg
The Witcher 345 fps avg49 fps avg
The Division 254 fps avg55 fps avg
Shadow of The Tomb Raider55 fps avg55 fps avg

So from the above list, you can see that both cards deliver very similar performance. We can see a significant difference in performance for just one or two particular games. Also, if we turn off the DLSS feature, the Nvidia RTX 2050 gives approximately 15fps more than the GTX 1650.

So if you want to buy a laptop with an entry-level RTX graphics card, then go for a laptop that has RTX 2050, and if you are not thinking of spending so much on GPU, then you can go with a laptop with GTX 1650 or get a PC which has a GTX 1650 Graphics Card in it. With the DLSS feature, you will get more performance and fps in a compact gaming system with the RTX 2050 Graphics Card.

So this was all about Nvidia RTX 2050 vs GTX 1650 benchmark comparison. If you think we missed out on anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, Folks!

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