Nvidia GTX 1630 vs 1050Ti – Is GTX 1630 Worth buying?

Is GTX 1630 Worth buying? This article shows you the performance benchmarks of a GTX 1630 vs 1050Ti when running games at 1080p Full HD!

Recently, Nvidia released their entry-level GTX 16 series GPU, adding one more GPU to their GTX lineup for PC, the GTX 1630. This is 4GB Graphics that is priced at nearly $159 and is equipped with GDDR6 type memory. As bitcoin mining is almost ending and the GPU shortage is over, Nvidia decided to release a new GTX GPU to replace the older GT1030 for gamers and beginner content creators. This card supports all the latest gen game drivers and has the potential to run all current games in low or medium settings.

But previously, a couple of years ago, Nvidia released another Entry-level 1000 series GPU, GTX 1050Ti, with 4GB video memory. The GPU was an upgraded version of the previous generation’s powerful 2GB GTX 950 card. So in 2022, we decided to do some performance benchmarks with both cards to see their capabilities in gaming even on this low budget. We did some tests with some latest Gen Games. We used the same system configuration for these two GPUs in both cases.

Before any delay, check out the Nvidia GTX 1630 vs 1050Ti Performance benchmarks and see which GPU is better for entry-level gaming.

Nvidia GTX 1630 vs Nvidia GTX 1050TiConfiguration

Here are the configuration details of both Graphics Cards below

Card ConfigurationNvidia 1050TiNVIDIA 1630
Video Memory4GB4GB
Memory TypeGDDR5GDDR6
Base Clock1291 MHz1740 MHz
Boost Clock1392 MHz1785 MHz
Shading Units768 Cuda Cores512 Cuda Cores
Memory Clock7008 MHz12000 MHz
GTX 1630 4GB GPU

Nvidia GTX 1630 vs GTX 1050TiIs GTX 1630 good for Gaming?

Here are the Experiment results of our Gaming Benchmarks. We used the following system specifications for the Nvidia GTX 1630 vs GTX 1050Ti performance showdown.

  • ProcessorIntel Core-i9 12900k
  • Motherboard – Asus Z690 plus D4
  • CPU Cooler – NZXT Kraken X73 RGB 360MM AIO Liquid Cooler
  • PSU – Asus Thor 850W
  • Storage – 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Operating SystemWindows 11

And for the GPU cards, we used Nvidia Founder Edition for both of them.

Now further any delay, let’s check out the Gaming Benchmark results of these GPUS. For both GPUs, we ran games at 1080p Ultra high settings. Here are the results below

Game NameNvidia GTX 1050TiNvidia GTX 1630
Dying Light 2 Stay Human35fps33fps
Red Dead Redemption 230fps32fps
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt55fps49fps
God of War32fps31fps
Cyberpunk 207722fps22fps
Forza Horizon 549fps38fps
Microsoft Flight Simulator31fps32fps
Days Gone37fps36fps
Horizon Zero Dawn41fps37fps
Hitman 3 Dubai33fps33fps

The chart above shows that the old Gen 1050 Ti is performing nearly 2% faster or the same compared to the latest Nvidia GTX 1630 card. So in this race, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti is a clear winner regarding budget and performance. However, we have seen that Nvidia GPU cars have performed well daily after their latest GeForce Drivers releases. So if there are changes in FPS Benchmark Results, we will also post about that on this blog.

So this was all about GTX 1630 vs GTX 1050Ti Performance Benchmarks. If you think we missed out on anything, let us know in the comments down below.

That’s all, Folks!

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