New MSI Business and Productivity Laptops revealed

MSI brings in a new lineup of 14-inch convertibles for their business laptops as well as Discrete RTX Graphics Cards for their Prestige Lineups!

MSI announced a series of new laptops for their business and productivity line which includes the Modern Series, Prestige Series, and the Summit Series of Laptops at MSIology 2022, determined to Succeed. This new MSI business and productivity laptops will feature the latest Intel Core 12th Generation Alder Lake Processors along with either Intel Iris Graphics or with a Discrete Nvidia RTX Graphics Card.

So without further delay let’s quickly check out what MSI has in store for us this time at MSIology 2022.

MSI Business Laptops – MSI Summit E14 Flip

MSI Business Laptops - MSI Summit E14 Flip
MSI Business Laptops – MSI Summit E14 Flip

The new Summit E4 Flip features the new Intel Core i7 1280P Processor which is around 250% faster than the previous generation. It is also 15-20 percent faster than the 11th Generation Core i7 H Series Processor. It is certified by the Intel EVO Platform and is powered by the Intel EVO Platform. It also features the Intel Xe Graphics to run your Graphics intensive tasks while you are on the go.

We have earlier seen the 13 inch and the 16-inch Summit laptops from MSI but this is the first time MSI is coming up with 14 inch Convertible Business laptops. It comes with a 16:10 display along with a 360-degree flip. You also get an MSI Pen which weighs just around 1.6kgs with up to 10 hours of battery life with fast charging. It also comes with security features like TPM 2.0, Biometric, and IR Camera Logins and Camera locks.

MSI for the first time also incorporated the TobiiAware. When using the system automatically recognizes you and if you move away from the screen it will automatically blur and lockdown. If someone peeks from behind the system will also warn by blurring the screen.

MSI Laptop for Students – MSI Modern Series Laptops

MSI Laptop for Students - MSI Modern Laptops
MSI Laptop for Students – MSI Modern Laptops

The MSI Modern Series in 2022 is targeted towards young teenagers and college-going students. These laptops come in new colors and it is extremely lightweight and very easy to fit into any scenario. The laptop comes in two different colors the Classic Black color and the Urban Silver Color.

These laptops come with a 180-degree flip and share design. The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7 12th Gen Processor along with Intel Iris Xe. It weighs around 1.4kgs and is very compact and it features a 31% enlarged Precision touchscreen over its predecessors. It also supports PD Charging via the USB Type C Port and features fast charging as well. You get a Backlit full-length keyboard with a Numpad. The Modern Series laptops are the cheapest of all MSI Laptops!

MSI Content Creation Laptop – MSI Prestige 14/15

MSI Content Creation Laptop - MSI Prestige 14/15
MSI Content Creation Laptop – MSI Prestige 14/15

The all-new MSI Prestige Series comes in two different variants, the 14 inches and the 15 inches with two different colors in each of its categories. For the Prestige 14/ Prestige 14 EVO you will be getting in Carbon Gray or Bluestone colors while for the Prestige 15 you will have choices among Urban Silver and Carbon Grey.

The Prestige Series laptops are mainly focused to accelerate Graphically demanding apps like the Adobe Content Creation Apps which includes Photos and Video Editing. The Prestige features a lot of horsepower in a very thin and lightweight chassis. The new Prestige Laptops features a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor with Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards.

It features a Thunderbolt 4 Port along with support for PCIe Gen 4 SSD. It also features a silky smooth touchpad and comes with a True Pixel Display which is 100% Adobe RGB Certified, Calman Verified, etc. It is extremely thin and lightweight with up to 8 hours of battery life and you can get 60% battery charged in just 48 minutes.

MSI also featured their all-new Ambient Silent AI which auto-adjusts the fan speed and performance depending upon the usage so that you don’t get to hear any fan speeds even at higher workloads.

So this was all about the Latest MSI Business and Productivity laptops released at MSIology 2022, determined to succeed!

That’s all folks!

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