MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop Review for Gamers and Creators

The in-depth insights of our MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop review include this tech marvel’s specifications, performance, and unique features!

Introducing the MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop – a powerhouse of performance and portability. This cutting-edge laptop is designed for professionals and creative enthusiasts and offers a seamless blend of power, speed, and stunning visuals. Whether editing videos, designing graphics, or running resource-intensive software, the MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop delivers the performance you need to bring your ideas to life.

Whether you’re a professional musician, video editor, premium-level gamer, or just someone who appreciates high-quality gear, you know that having the best laptop is important. And that means MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop. It is incredibly portable, and you can take it wherever you go. Furthermore, it has enough power to handle any multimedia task.

Get ready to experience a new level of productivity with this sleek and powerful device. Let’s dive in and explore the remarkable features that make the MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop a game-changer in portable computing.

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MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop – Analysing of Important Features


Here are the detailed specifications of the MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop below.

CPUIntel Core i7 13700H
GPUNvidia RTX 4070 Laptop GPU
MotherboardIntel Alder Lake-P PCH Board
STORAGE2TB Micron 3400 SSD
AUDIOIntel Raport Lake P/U/H PCH – cAVS
Nahimic 3 Audio Driver with one year of warranty
PORTS2 x USB 3.1 GEN 2
2 x USB 4.0
1 x Thunderbolt
1 x HDMI
2 x Displayport
1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack
1 x microSD Card Reader
1 x Finger Print
ConnectionIntel Killer Wi-Fi 6E AX1675i
Inter Killer E3100G 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Bluetooth v5.3
OSMicrosoft Windows 11 Home Verison
CameraIR Web Camera and 2MPix Primary Camera
SpeakerDynamic 6 Speaker system
Dimension20x356x260 mm

MSI Stealth 16 Studio Design and Build Quality

MSI Stealth 16 Studio Design and Build Quality

One of the most important aspects of any laptop is its design. Fortunately, the MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop has an attractive design that gives you the necessary functionality and style.

The Stealth 16 Studio Laptop features a great sleek design with a combination of strong aluminum and magnesium material chassis. With the help of this, it has made the laptop lightweight & easy to take wherever you go, and it perfectly fits inside your backpack. The laptop is built to withstand shocks and pressure while traveling with it. Besides, the outer coating doesn’t leave fingerprints and keeps the look clean.

This laptop can be opened with one hand because of the great hinge design. The display can also rotate up to 180 degrees smoothly. With pure white and star blue color options, MSI hasn’t left too many RGB functions in this A13VG model. Other things, such as the keyboard, webcam, ports, speakers, etc., are well placed. The laptop weighs around 2 kilograms and comes in white and black options. Because of the professional design, this laptop can blend into any situation, whether gaming or business.

Display Quality

Display Quality

This laptop comes with a QHD+ panel with a resolution of 2560x1600p. The type of display comes nonglossy with IPS color quality. Keeping the aspect ratio size of 16:10 in a 16-inch display is a great way to get extra viewing space for productivity in this small display. Besides, the 240Hz fast screen refresh rate makes it great for playing single- and multiplayer games.

Here are some details that we got from our display experiment.

  • Display P3 Coverage – 96.4%
  • sRGB Coverage – 99.7%
  • AdobeRGB 1998 Coverage – 84.8%
  • 50% Grey to 80% Grey Response Time – 4.4ms
  • Black to White Response Time – 5.6ms
  • PWM Frequency (Screen Flickering) – N/A
  • Overall Brightness – 424
  • Brightness at center – 411
  • Distribution of Brightness – 88
  • Black Level – 0.37
  • Contrast – 1146
  • ColorChecker dE 2000 Max – 7.5
  • ColorChecker dE 2000 Calibrated – 3.04
  • Greyscale dE 2000 – 4.34
  • Gamma – 2.32 95%
  • CCT – 6952 93%

MSI Stealth 16 Studio Keyboard and Touchpad

MSI Stealth 16 Studio Keyboard and Touchpad

MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop has a full 100% form factor Steel Series Gaming keyboard. It feels tactile and is on the shallower side, compensating for those who like thinner profile designs. The keyboard features translucent printed keys and a great RGB backlit feature that is extremely important when working in low-light and dark situations. All over, the keyboard is great for both typing and gaming simultaneously.

The trackpad of this laptop is fully glossy and placed at the lower centre position of the keyboard. Like the keyboard unit, it is tactile and features a satisfying sound with each left and right button click. While operating with fingers, the feedback and accuracy of this trackpad are great, and there are no issues with it. You can easily glide on the trackpad smoothly, and it responds to all the Windows Gestures.

Ports and Connections

Ports and Connections

On the left side of this laptop, it features One RJ45 LAN port, One HDMI 2.1 port, One microSD Card reader port, and one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C port. On the right side, it holds One 3.5 mm Audio combo jack, one Thunderbolt 4 Type C jack, One USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port, and one power connector. All of those ports work without any issues.

A wireless connection comes with an Intel Killer WiFi 6E module for networking and Bluetooth v5.3 for data delivery. Both of these wireless modules work very well, providing exceptional data transfers.

Gaming and Software Performance

Here are some details of the performance of the MSI Stealth 16 Studio laptop based on Gaming and Software benchmarks.

MSI Stealth 16 Studio CPU Performance

Cinebench R23Multi-Core – 20034
Single Core – 1854
Cinebench R20Multi-Core – 20034
Single Core – 1854
Cinebench R15Multi-Core – 7674
Single Core – 719
Blender v2.79 BMW27169 Sec
7 Zip v18.037z b 4 = 76344 MIPS
7z b 4 -mm1 = 6125 MIPS
HWBOT x26519.7 FPS on 4K Preset
R Benchmark 2.50.4498 Sec
CPU Performance RatingScore – 7329
Essentials – 10491
Productivity – 9376
Digital Content Creation – 10860
AIDA64FP32 Ray Trace – 17934 KRay/s
FP64 Ray Trace – 9680 KRay/s
FPU Julia – 81656
CPU SHA3 – 4080 MB/s
CPU Queen – 105597
FPU SinJulia – 11050
FPU Mandel – 44154
CPU AES – 81504
CPU ZLib – 1032 MB/s
CPU PhotoWorxx – 46114 MPixel/s
PCMark 10Multi-Core – 2854
Single Core – 273
Cross MarkOverall – 1789
Productivity – 1705
Creativity – 1936
Responsiveness – 1635

MSI Stealth 16 Studio GPU Performance

3D mark Performance Rating94.5 pt, 95% on a basis where Medion Erazer Major X20 is 100%
3D Mark 11 720p41302
3DMark720p Cloud Gate Standard Graphics – 163483
1080p Fire Strike Graphics – 30051
1400p Time Spy Graphics – 11955
Blenderv3.3 Classroom OPTIX – 24 Sec, 100% performance
v3.3 Classroom CUDA – 36 Sec, 86% performance
Gaming Performance Rating1080p Ultra Settings AA+4xMSAA+ FX AF 16X = 119 FPS
768p Lower Settings = 452 FPS
768p Medium Settings = 390 FPS
1080p High Graphics Nvidia HairWorks Off = 226 FPS
1080p Ultra Settings HBAO+ = 119 FPS
Witcher 3 Wild Hunt1080p Ultra Preset HBAO+ = 119 FPS
768p Lower Preset = 452 FPS
768p Medium Preset = 390 FPS
1080p High Preset Nvidia HairWorks Off = 226 FPS
GTA V1080p High Quality = 125 FPS
Final Fantasy XV1080p High Quality = 121 FPS
Strange Brigade1080p Ultra AA AF 16x = 200 FPS
Dota 2 Reborn1080p Ultra Settings = 154 FPS
X Plane v11.111080p High Settings = 120 FPS
Star Wars Jedi SurvivorUltra = 71 FPS
High = 75 FPS
Uncharted Legacy of Thieves CollectionUltra = 82 FPS
High = 86 FPS
Resident Evil 4 RemakeUltra = 82 FPS
High = 113 FPS
High on LifeUltra = 110 FPS
High = 134 FPS
Last of US 2023Ultra = 75 FPS
High = 85 FPS
God of WarUltra = 68 FPS
High = 95 FPS

Audio, Battery, and Webcam

MSI has placed six speakers in this laptop with a Nahimic Software Audio tool. With these, it can go up to 85dB of noise level without any noise distortion with features a Bass frequency of Max 315 Hz. The sound quality is balanced and linear and tests very well on your ear. Besides, the 3.5mm jack also delivers a great sound to your ear through headphones and is also great for gaming.

Stealth 16 Has a 99 Wh Battery, providing you with 7.5+ hrs of battery life, which is excellent for a gaming laptop. The battery can stay up to 11 hours without WLAN and keep the brightness on a minimum level. Also, with a 240-watt PSU, your laptop can get the full charge within 3 hours.

The Webcam with an IR Sensor that does a good job but with lower color accuracy. However, the quality of the images is pretty good. It is good for both daily video calling and live broadcasting.

Noise and Thermal

Noise and Thermal

If you use this laptop for daily content creation or Graphics usage, the fan is silent under 30 dB(A). But the fan increases to 51 dB(A) during heavy workloads. Here are the testing results below.

  • Normal Environment – 24 dB
  • Idle Minimum – 24 dB
  • Idle Avg – 24 dB
  • Idle Max – 24 dB
  • Avg Load – 34 dB
  • Gaming Avg – 44 dB
  • Max Load – 51 dB

Stealth 16 Studio 16 comes with a Dual Fan and heat pipe system. We did some experiments with the thermal system, and here are the test results below.

Max LoadAvg Temp 44 °C
Max Temp 60 °C
Power Supply Max 52 °C
Idle ModeAvg Temp 32 °C
Max Temp 38 °C
Power Supply Max 40 °C
GamingAvg Temp 44 °C
Max Temp 59 °C
Power Supply Max 46 °C

MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop – Final Verdict


  • Great Gaming Display
  • Lightweight
  • Premium Build Quality with Aluminium and Magnesium
  • Great Color Accuracy for Graphics Designing
  • Long battery life for a gaming laptop
  • Excellent Power delivery performance
  • Great Specs with fingerprint reader


  • Unstable SSD performance
  • DPC latency is very high
  • Heptic Price
  • The chassis gets hot in high-load mode
  • Fan noise gets 51 dB at max load

So that was all about the MSI Stealth 16 Studio Laptop Performance. Let us know in the comments below if you think we missed anything.

That’s all, folks!

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