MSI Modern 14 B11M Review- Latest and Cheapest MSI Laptop

We have covered some lightweight laptops in the past articles like the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 and MSI Modern 14 B4MW. And today we are going to check out a brand new Laptop from MSI. Comes from the very popular MSI’s Modern Series, this Modern 14 B11M is the latest, cheapest, and lightest of all MSI Laptops.

Powered by the latest Intel Tiger Lake 11th Generation Processors with RAM speeds clocked at 3200Mhz, this laptop works like butter. So without further delay lets check out the MSI Modern 14 B11M Laptop.


The MSI Modern 14 is powered by the latest Intel Core 11th Generation Processors i.e Tiger Lake.
PROCESSOR: Intel Core i3-1115G4 Processor
GRAPHICS: Intel HD Graphics
DISPLAY: 14″ FHD IPS Display
BATTERY: 52W/hr Battery
COLOR: Blue Stone/Carbon Grey/Beige Mousse
WEBCAM: Yes 720P
SOFTWARE: Windows 10 Home 64Bit

Build Quality

Talking about the build quality of the laptop. The MSI Modern 14 is fully metal constructed. There is little to no flex on the display which says a lot about the build quality of the laptop. It is very light weighing at just around 1.3kgs and with no noises or creaks while using it regularly.

The Modern 14 B11 Laptop comes in three different colors namely Blue Stone, Carbon Grey and Beige Mousse and we have the Blue Stone color with us. The Blue stone variant is the best looking variant aesthetically in reality.

The full metal body with the shiny new engraved MSI logo gives an edge when it comes to power and looks in a small compact package.


The Display on the Modern 14 is a Full HD 1080P IPS. MSI is always known for using top high quality panels for their Gaming and as well as Non-Gaming Displays.

The Display is color accurate with close to 100% sRGB which is extremely rare for a laptop to possess at this price range. The Anti Glare finish also helps in reducing all the reflections or glares in bright conditions.

Inclusion of thin narrow bezels adds to the wide view experience that you can enjoy when using this Laptop for entertainment purposes and the 180 degree rotation is a good addition thus minimizing the hinge damage.


The Camera on the Modern 14 is of 720p resolution. There is nothing fancy or special about the camera. It shoots 720P 30FPS video. Its great for video calling, video conferences etc. The snaps and the videos taken by the laptop’s camera is decent with a little bit of noise.

Trackpad & Keyboard


The Trackpad on the MSI Modern 14 B11M is top notch with no wobbles at all. The trackpad is very responsive and responds really well to gestures like drag, double click, pinch to zoom etc.

Since the trackpad feels sturdy and well built,using it is a very good experience.


The keyboard on this laptop is one of the best. This keyboard is almost a replica of their gaming series laptops. It features white backlit with a lot of key travel which makes typing an amazing experience. The keyboard is one of the most highlighted feature of this laptop.

Connectivity and Ports

The Connectivity Ports are more less like the last generation laptops only. On the right side of the laptop we get to see two USB 3.1 Ports and one headphone microphone combo jack. On the left side of the laptop, we have the Charging Port, HDMI out, one Type-C Port and one MicroSD Card reader.

Also, we will get the WiFi6 Connectivity and Bluetooth 5.1 so that you can enjoy an extremely smooth and stable internet connection and seamless file transfer between two devices.

However the absence of Ethernet port might disappoint users a bit but its okay considering the price and the thin form factor.

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The Modern 14 sports a 52 W/hr Lithium Ion 3 Cell battery which is fantastic when it comes to performance . This laptop lasts for around 10 hours on a single charge. We ran some few tests and we found out that on Web browsing we are getting around 9 hours and more or less 7 hours of video playback and music which is very impressive considering the competition.


The MSI Modern 14 B11M is powered by the latest Intel Core i3 11th Generation Processor which runs at around 3.0Ghz base and 4.1Ghz boost. This processor is 2 core and 4 thread CPU with a maximum TDP of 28W. Talking about the performance, the CPU scores 496 points on Cinebench Single Score test and 963 points on Cinebench Multi Core Score test. The Geekbench Single Core scores 1260 points and Geekbench Multi Core scores around 2390 points beating out the last generation Intel i3 processors.

The Intel i3 incorporates Intel UHD G4 Graphics Processor which is good for day to day tasks. It is an entry level integrated GPU which can run all your multimedia, entertainment and day to day workloads with ease.


The thermals on this laptop is impressive. The Intel chip doesn’t heat up at all and temperatures doesn’t go beyond 80 degrees. Even at running at a full load for more than 20-30 mins there are no issues of overheating and thermal throttling.


Overall an excellent laptop which will suit all your daily needs. You can use it for entertainment tasks like watching movies, listening to music, connect to Bluetooth home theaters etc. You can also run basic photo editing softwares as the Full HD IPS Display reproduces really crisp but accurate colors.

Within a price bracket of Rs.54990, this laptop is a perfect choice for beginners and for business-oriented people who are on the go!

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