MSI GF63 Thin 10SCSR Gaming Laptop Review

MSI has always been the go-to choice for gamers and content creators all around the world and the MSI Gaming Laptops are no different. Gaming laptops are widely popular now mainly due to their portability and power-packed all in one. So today let’s check out the all-new MSI GF63 Thin 10SCSR Gaming Laptop. The new budget king.


Here are the specifications of the MSI GF63 Thin Gaming Laptop

PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 10750H Hexa Core Processor
DISPLAY: 15.6″ IPS-Level 144Hz Display
PRICE: Rs.89990
COLOR: Black

Build Quality

The MSI GF63 has a sturdy plastic body with Aluminum brushed aesthetics. The top lid, body, and bottom are totally made up of plastic with little to no flexing whatsoever. The hinge tension is good and the laptop can be opened with a single hand. But one must really have to be slow about it otherwise you will be needing another hand because of the base weight which is considerable.
Another thing is the weight of the system. It’s 1.8kgs and 21.7mm thin which is actually really light considering the other competitions in the market.


The Display on the MSI GF63 is an IPS-Level Full HD 1080p Display with a Refresh rate of 144Hz. This has an anti-glare screen which means there will be no mirror-like reflection no matter under which light source you are. The colors are vibrant and the display is quite bright. It does provide an excellent working and gaming experience.

Trackpad and Keyboard


The 4.1×2.6 inch Trackpad is made out of plastic and this is one thing that we don’t like much about the Laptop. The trackpad is a little bit wobbly and there aren’t any dedicated left or right mouse buttons for the trackpad. The left and right-click buttons are at the bottom beneath the trackpad which makes it a slight bit difficult to click especially for those who will be using this laptop for working purposes. However, the trackpad is very responsive and it responds to gestures and pinch to zoom features flawlessly.


The keyboard on this laptop is pretty good. Gamers will have no issues using this keyboard while gaming. This is an island-style keyboard and doesn’t have a Numpad. The keys are big and square which makes typing a really nice experience. At around 1.4mm key travel, the keyboard does feel a little shallow but the crispness is still intact. RGB lovers might have to use an external RGB Mechanical/Membrane keyboard as this keyboard only emit red lights which can be turned off or on depending on your usage. The red backlit is bright and perfectly lits up the full keyboard you will not have any issues using it at night.


The speakers on the MSI GF63 is a dual bottom firing speaker setup with a good amount of treble but a bit weaker on the bass side. The laptop is pretty loud in a closed room environment.


For the connectivity, thanks to the 10th Gen Intel processors, this laptop is equipped with the latest gen WiFi-6 and Gigabit Ethernet LAN which makes your connectivity more stronger and stable than the last generation models.
On the right side of the laptop, you will get two USB 3.2 Ports, one Ethernet port, one Type C port, and two gold plated connectors for Audio. On the left, we have the charging port and one USB 3.2 Port. At the back, we have one HDMI port for external monitor output.


Gaming laptops don’t have much battery life. But the MSI GF63 thin does better than the other competitors. MSI provides a 51W/hr battery which MSI claims to have up to 7 hours of battery on standby. But with minimum usage like web surfing at medium brightness, the battery should last at least 4 hours more or less. Yes, it is not enough but on a machine of this caliber, it does a pretty decent job.


The MSI GF63 thin is packed with the latest generation Intel Core i7 10750H Hexa Core processor and a GTX 1650Ti MaxQ 4GB. It is a very decent spec laptop with a score of 3933 in 3D Mark Firestrike.
As for gaming, in GTA V it stayed at around 70-75FPS through out a high to very high settings. For Horizon Zero Dawn it was around 40-45FPS depending on the locations. We had great fun playing Doom Eternal where it maintained more than 60FPS under High settings. For Valorant players, your FPS will not go down below 150fps that is for sure and finally for Call of Duty Warzone lovers expect more than 70fps in medium to high settings.

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This Gaming laptop has a single fan cooling system but its more than enough to cool its components. MSI achieved this using their Cooler Boost cooling technology. The fan is silent and without giving out any noise even when its ramped up at its full speed. This single fan cooling solution not only keeps the temperatures down but also reduce the weight of the laptop by a great margin. The temperatures on this laptop dosent pass 90 degrees and thus the chance of throttling is zero.
Quick Tip – Use an Aftermarket Thermal paste from reputed brands like Cooler Master, Corsair or Thermal Grizzly. It will keep your system cooler and run faster.


The MSI Dragon Center is one of the best software for monitoring your MSI Gaming Laptop. Using this software you will be able to Register your product online, monitor your GPU CPU temperatures and load, monitor your RAM speed and your Fan Speed. You can also optimize your battery settings to suit your requirements.


This current market price of this laptop is Rs.89990 and in our opinion it is one of the best gaming laptops under Rs.90000. It has almost everything which you will use daily. Not only you are getting a good i7 10th gen processor with a latest Gen GTX 1650Ti paired with 8GB or RAM which we suggest you to pair it with another 8GB stick which will make it 16GB. The 512GB storage on this device is fast and responsive however you might run out of storage quickly but you have the option of installing a Laptop Hard Drive or a SATA SSD. The laptop is lightweight, looks aesthetically good with that red MSI logo on the lid. Lasts a long time if we compare with other gaming laptops and does all your work seamlessly from wherever you are.

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