Mini LED Gaming Monitor Review- Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q

Mini LED Gaming Monitor Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q is an excellent monitor for a great visual experience, especially for 4K Gaming.

2023 has seen many new and advanced Gaming Monitors from brands that never had a monitor lineup earlier, for example, Coolermaster and Corsair. Although there are a lot of other new players in the Gaming Monitor market, Coolermaster did a great job of introducing their 27-inch 4K gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 165Hz.

Many gaming monitor manufacturers are now releasing gaming monitors for a better visual experience. And Coolermaster company is one of them. They have worked on this project for many years and are finally releasing mini LED Gaming Monitors in the PC gaming market.

The recent addition to this Mini LED Gaming Monitor’s list is Tempest GP27Q from Coolermaster. This company has manufactured this Monitor with 576 mini LEDs, which will help provide the backlighting for LCD screens and features a higher contrast ratio. You can get more vivid colours from the standard LED screens available.

The Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q is the best mini-led gaming monitor you can buy for content creation and Gaming. And, without delay, check out the all-new Cooler master mini-led gaming monitor.

Mini LED Gaming Monitor Review- Tempest GP27Q Specs

Here are the details of the Cooler master GP27Q Mini LED Gaming monitor.

Size27″ Wide
Resolution2560×1400 Native
Aspect Ratio16:9 with 109 PPI
Panel TypeQuantum DOT IPS Ultraspeed
Colour Type10bit (8bit+FRC)
Refresh Rate165 Hz in VRR Range
Sync SupportAMD Premium Pro Free Sync and Nvidia G Sync
BrightnessIn SRD 600cd/m², In HDR 1200cd/m²
Contrast1000:1 in static mode
Viewing Angle178 degrees in both Vertical and Horizontal
Response time1 ms in Gray to Gray
Connectivity1 Display Port v1.2
2 HDMI Ports 2.0
1 3.5 mm output
SpeakerTwo 3W speaker
Mounting SupportYes
Power Supply Unit90 W USB Charger Cable
OthersKVM Switch and RGB Lighting system

Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q- Price and Availability

Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q Mini LED Gaming Monitor is available in the electronics market with all major online and offline retailers with a starting price tag of $500. But the price of this Monitor may vary from one country to another.

Coolermaster Mini LED Gaming Monitor - Design

Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q – Whats in the box

You will get the following things inside the retail packaging of the Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q.

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Power Cable
  4. HDMI Cable
  5. Display Port Cable
  6. USB B to USB A Cable
  7. USB C to USB C Cable

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Coolermaster Mini LED Gaming MonitorDesign

This Monitor features a gaming-type design similar to other latest-gen monitors available in the PC gaming market. The RGB colour design is very similar to the Asus or Gigabyte monitors. The build quality of the Monitor is tough and durable. Coolermaster has manufactured the base stand of this Monitor that resembles their official logo. It has proper rubber feet that can withstand firmly against shocks or vibrations. It also comes with cable management clips.

The RGB Backlight is not so strong at the back of the monitor, so it won’t illuminate as brighter as you think you would. It only looks good when you are in a very dark room. The Monitor can be swivelled up 15 degrees from the viewing angle in both front and back directions. And with a height adjustable feature of 113 mm, this Monitor can be pivoted in 90 degrees direction.

All ports of this Monitor have been placed at the backside of the heavy screen unit. The screen unit is not bezel-less, and the sides of the Monitor look thicker than other monitors. A small logo of Coolermaster, like a hologram, is placed at the bottom middle area of the Monitor.

Coolermaster Tempest Monitor 2023 Ports

The Coolermaster Tempest Monitor has the following Ports

I/O HDMI 2.12
I/O USB Type C1 (USB Data + PD 90W and DP ALT)
I/O USB 3.0 Type B1
I/O USB 3.2 Type A 2
I/O Speaker3W x2

You can also Wall mount this Monitor using 100x100mm VESA Mount.

Coolermaster Tempest GP27QScreen Panel Quality

Here are the details of the screen panel quality. We measured it using EIZO Monitor Test. These are the factory settings of the Cooler Master Tempest Monitor.

Luminance277.9 cd/m²250.7 cd/m²
Black Luminance0.2856 cd/m²0.2779 cd/m²
Average Color Accuracy5.024.5
Maximum ΔE9.859.86

Mini LED Gaming Monitor- Picture Performance Calibration

Here are the results of the Picture performance calibration of the Tempest Coolermaster Monitor.

Luminance247 cd/m²
Black Luminance0.2898 cd/m²
Average Color Accuracy0.4
Maximum ΔE1.7

CoolerMaster Mini LED Monitor- Power Consumption

Here are the results of the Power requirements and consumptions of the monitor when in use.

At sleeping time0.3W
When Brightness is in Zero Level with 62 nits29. W
When Brightness is in the 25 Level with 251 nits42.5W
When Brightness is in 27 Level with 267 nits43.7W
When Brightness is in the 50 Level with 447 nits55.9W
When Brightness is in 75 Level with 251 nits62.9W
When Brightness is in Full 100 Level with 642 nits70W

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Coolermaster Mini LED Gaming Monitor- Final Verdict


  • Low input lag with 165Hz feature
  • Dual Free and GSync are available with motion handle capability.
  • Great HDR with peak brightness and colour
  • USB C connectivity feature
  • Good Build quality with KVM
  • It has 576 dimmable Mini LED Zones


  • No software for controlling RGB lighting
  • Sometimes Brightness can create pressure on the eye for the mini-led system.
  • The panel catches dust easily.

So this was all about Mini LED Gaming Coolermaster Tempest GP27Q Monitor Review. If you have missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

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