Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone Review – Best Mic for Vlogging/Podcast

The all-new Maono WM820 is a Compact Wireless Microphone System that is highly affordable and an excellent mic for Interviews, Vlogging, Live Streaming, video shoots, etc., made exclusively for Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

It is a fact that even in 2022, smartphones still do not have come with mics that are capable of recording high-quality external voices. iPhones or iPads are considered the best for smartphones and intelligent portable tablets. However, despite Apple providing the best microphones in their devices, you would still need an external wireless microphone for mobile to get the best quality sound while reducing the background noise and the unwanted voice disruptions.

There are a lot of wireless microphones for mobile in the market, but it is a challenge to find out the best one that fits right into the budget of any beginner content creator/vlogger. To save you the time and energy of finding it out on your own, we will review the Maono WM820, a compact 2 Person Wireless mic system that features two microphones and a receiver and excellent battery life.

So whether you are vlogging, filming your podcasts, doing interviews, or even live video shoots for Youtube, Twitch, or any other Video Platform, the WM820 Wireless Mic for iPhone and iPad can prove to be handy even in the busiest outdoors.

So without further delay, let’s quickly check out the all-new Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone, the Best Wireless Microphone System for your iPhone or iPad under a budget.

Maono WM820 B2 Wireless Microphone Review
Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone Review

Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone Specs

Here are the Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone Specifications

Transmission2.4Ghz Wireless
Polar Pattern (Built-in Mic)360 degree Omni-directional
Built-in Mic frequency response80Hz -16kHz
External Mic frequency response50Hz -18kHz
S/N Ratio82dB
PowerBuilt-in Li-po battery 350mA/3.7V
It doesn’t require external Power
Charge portUSB-C, DC 5V, Max.
Battery LifeUp to 6 hours
Audio Input3.5mm TRS lavalier microphone input (Transmitter)
Audio OutputApple Lightning connector (Receiver)

Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone – Price and Availability

Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone – Price and Availability

The Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone comes at around $179.99. The WM820 is MFi Certified and features a lightning interface. Some mics with fake Applejacks are readily available at lower prices, but those might damage your iPhones or iPads.

The product is already available on shopping Platforms like Lazada, Shopee, etc., specifically in the Southeast Asia region. However, it will be available with other online and offline retailers shortly.

Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone – Box Contents

Maono WM820-B2 Wireless Microphone - Box Contents
Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone – Box Contents

You will get the following items inside Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone System. I am impressed with the WM820 Box packaging. The Microphone set comes in a yellow-coloured box which reflects their official brand colours. The unboxing experience is excellent, and the internals is well-cushioned to keep the transmitters and the receivers safe during the shipping process. These features speak volumes about their quality control aspects.

So these are all the items you will get inside the Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone system.

  • 2 Transmitters
  • 1 Reciever
  • USB A to USB C 1-to-2- Splitter Cable
  • 3x Fur Windshields
  • 2x Lavalier Microphones
  • Carry Pouch
  • Manual

WM820 Wireless Mic for iPhone – Design and Build Quality

The Maono WM820 comes with two transmitters and one Receiver. The transmitters are manufactured out of a hard plastic material. The design incorporates a stylish Black Squircle shape (a shape between a square and a circle) with the Maono branding on both transmitters’ front sides.

Maono WM820 comes with two Transmitters and one Reciever

You will find a plastic clip on the back that you can use to clip in the Transmitter either on your Shirt or on your trouser pocket flaps when using the Lavalier Mics.

WM820 B2 Wireless Mic Back Clip

I have tried attaching it to my T-shirt, and to be honest, it fits really well and looks good too aesthetically.

WM820 B2 Wireless Mic Tshirt Attachment
WM820 Wireless Mic Tshirt Attachment

The top of the device features a 3.5mm Laveliar Microphone input port and one 360-degree built-in omnidirectional mic. The WM820 transmitter also comes with a detachable and re-attachable Fur Windshield, which will block wind from hitting the Microphone from your mouth, thus reducing the wind noise from being recorded. It is also known as a Wind muff. There are two LED lights on the top of the Transmitter. The blue light indicates whether the device is connected, while the white light denotes the battery life.

WM820 B2 Wireless Mic Top

We don’t have buttons or ports on the left side, but on the right side, we have three buttons. The top button is the On/Off button, the middle one is the mute button, and the last button is for connecting and disconnecting the Transmitter with the Receiver.

WM820 B2 Wireless Mic Right and Left Buttons

The bottom side of the device features a DC 5V Type C Port for Charging the unit.

WM820 Charging Port

The Reciever is a “Stadium Shaped” device with a lightning port on top of it. We have the Maono branding in the middle, and a blue LED indicator.

Maono WM820 MFi Certified Receiver for Apple Devices
Maono WM820 MFi Certified Receiver for Apple Devices

You might have to use a reset switch at the bottom of the Transmitter if your transmitters and receivers are not automatically connecting.

Reset the switch on the Reciever

The Lavalier Microphones have a decent build quality with a clip to attach to your Shirt. Both of them use a 3.5mm jack for connecting.

Maono WM820 Lavalier Microphones

The Fur Windshields are excellent and muffle the sound quite well. There are two clips on the windshields, which helps attach to the transmitters.

Maono WM820 Fur Windsheilds

The USB Type C cable used for charging is good enough for charging these transmitters. It is always advisable to use the cable when charging the microphone devices. The Type C Cable has a two-way connector, and you can charge both the transmitters with an external power source or power bank.

Maono WM820 Type C Charging

We are amazed at the Quality of the Carry pouch as well. It is exceptionally well made, and the complete WM820 microphone set can fit inside perfectly without any issues.

Maono Carry Pouch
Maono WM820 Carry Pouch

WM820 Wireless Microphone – How to connect

Follow these steps to connect your WM820 Wireless Microphone system with your iPhone/iPad or iPod –


Attach the Maono WM820 Reciever with your Apple iPhone or iPad by connecting the lightning interface to the lightning port on your Apple device. The blue LED indicator will flash, indicating that the Receiver is not paired with the Transmitter yet.

Connecting WM820 B2 receiver with the iPhone
Connecting WM820 Receiver with the iPhone

Now turn on one of the WM820 TX1 Reciever by pressing the Power on button. The LED indicator will flash, indicating that it has not been connected with the Transmitter yet. Press and hold the Pairing button for 2 Seconds, and the LED indicator will flash rapidly, indicating that the device is connecting. The light suggests that the Receiver is connected correctly with the Transmitter when it turns solid. Repeat the same process for the WM820 TX2 Reciever.

Connected and Paired Maono Transmitter with Reciever

The connection process is straightforward and, most importantly, without an app. Maono kept it as simple as possible to facilitate faster and quicker voice recordings by eliminating the need for an app to connect the receivers and the transmitters. The WM820 follows the idea of plug and play!

Maono WM820 Wireless Mic Review – Test Results

We did a few range and audio tests with the Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone, and here are the test results.

WM820 Wireless Mic – Audio Quality

The most important feature of any Microphone is its Audio Quality. Even if the mic features all the fancy, the cool features are useless if the audio quality is not up to the mark. Maono did surprise us with their audio Quality. Honestly, we didn’t expect it to perform so well, especially at this price. The two Transmitters easily pair with the Receiver within a second.

When connected to my iPhone 12, I have found that the Volume Up and down buttons on my mobile device mainly increase more gain when recording as neither the Transmitter nor the Receiver can do so. The mics placed inside the device are Omnidirectional, which means when you are editing, it will be much easier to filter out the unwanted noise. We also noticed that sometimes the built-in mic picks up the clothing noise, especially when you are wearing clothes like jackets with chains and pockets that tend to rub against each other, but that is not an issue always.

And if you think you are picking up unwanted noises, you can easily connect your Lavelier Microphones or use the already provided Wind protectors. This Maono WM820 B2 Wireless Mic is primarily used for audio voice recordings and not for recording musical instruments. This device’s signal to noise chain is 82dB by maintaining an 80Hz to 16KHz built Mic Frequency Response.

WM820 Wireless Mic-Range Test

So how much distance can this WM820 Microphone cover? Maono claims that there will be no loss of audio within a maximum length of 30meters or approximately 100 feet. Since the device features a 2.4Ghz connection, you don’t need to be in the line of sight with the Receiver connected to my iPhone 12 but make sure you don’t have obstacles like walls in between; otherwise, the optimal range will suffer. The maximum distance we could cover from our test is 28 meters before the connection distorts. The signal seems to be strong, and this Maono B2’s upgraded circuits and design made it reliable and easy to use.

WM820 Wireless Mic Review – Battery Life

Maono WM820 Transmitter, when fully charged

Maono claims that their lithium-ion batteries can serve 6 hours of battery life. And with our testing, we found that it gave us approximately 5 hours and 48 minutes runtime. Although it is worth saying that the 6-hour battery life is not enough if you will take longer videos. The device features a 350mAH battery.

But you don’t need to worry about the battery running out because you can charge both transmitters simultaneously with the already provided USB Type C splitter cable with an external portable battery or a charger. The red LED indicates its charging.

Maono WM820 Type C charging
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Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone – Verdict

Should you buy a Maono WM820 B2 Wireless Microphones
Maono WM820 Compact Transmitter

The Maono WM820 is an excellent wireless microphone kit that features two transmitters and one Receiver. The packaging also features the lavalier microphones. Because it is made exclusively for iPhones and iPads, it does lack some of the same controls as the other Maono Wireless mics have.

The WM820 is an excellent product, and because of its versatility, it will be a big blow to the competitors. The built-in microphones and plug-and-play functionality made it easy to use. The range is almost exactly as the company claimed, and it promises to be your great companion if you are podcasting, vlogging, shooting videos, interviews etc.

We would love to thank Maono for sending us their WM820 Wireless MFi Certified Microphone Set with us. We loved the product, and it is great to see brands like Maono bringing in more innovation and competition when it comes to reliability and price.

So this was all about the Maono WM820 Wireless Microphone Set Review, one of the best mics you can buy for Vlogging and Podcasting in 2022. If you feel we missed out on anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, folks!

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