Laptop screen broken – how to fix

These are some of the tips that you can try out to check or fix a laptop screen broken before taking it to the service centre.

A laptop is a valuable asset for work and play. Still, you might find issues with the display itself, and it is quite common with laptops to have a display issue because it is meant to be portable computer and using it every day on the go does wear it out eventually.

If the screen is broken, you may find working on your laptop challenging or using its functions properly. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can take to check or fix a broken laptop screen.

A laptop’s screen is one of the most important parts – you can’t use your device if it’s broken. A laptop screen comprises several layers: an LCD panel, a protective film, and a coating. You will occasionally find various visual defects on the display, like colour bleeding, rainbow-coloured lines, straight-up dark spots, or, in the worst-case scenario; the screen doesn’t work.

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Laptop Screen Broken- What are the actual causes?

The actual causes of a cracked or broken laptop screen are physical or external damage if you have ever dropped the laptop or dropped something heavy on the display itself, or you might have taken it out, and it got drenched in the rain. Remember, a laptop screen is extremely delicate and can break even if it has a bit of sand or dust on the keyboard.

The other issues that you might find to cause laptop display issues are

  1. Connectivity Issues
  2. Outdated Drivers
  3. Screen Burn due to heat
  4. Dead Pixels
  5. Brightness sensor malfunction

First things first! We must clear the main thing in our article here. If your laptop’s screen is broken externally or cracked, take it to the Laptop Service Center. This fix includes software and connection fixes that ensure your laptop screen is perfectly fine.

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How to fix the Broken Laptop Screen

Try the following fixes before taking it to the service centre to repair or replace the full display. If you are in luck, you might find that it was simply a software-related bug that led to cause such an issue, but otherwise, if none of these works, then it’s time to replace your display completely.

Restart your system

Restarting your system is the first thing you must do to fix any software-related issues you might face and even get the display on if you were having operating system issues earlier.

Graphic Driver Update

Check if an update is available on your laptop’s GPU or CPU Graphics driver. Outdated drivers can cause improper visual and picture quality. Double check whether your laptop is running on a CPU or GPU Graphics, as most Laptops nowadays have hybrid solutions to save battery life. Then search for your Laptop’s Graphics Drivers (Intel/AMD/Nvidia) and download and install them from their official websites.

Panels are Stuck

If you have dead or stuck pixels on the screen, you can use 3rd party apps to unstick them properly. These apps change and rapidly cycle colours on the display so that dead pixels or stuck pixels start working again.

Plug in an External Monitor

If your laptop screen is black, you can connect an external monitor to the laptop. If you are not getting a display, see if the laptop is on. Please turn it on and see and your laptop display will be projected on the external monitor.

Backlight Error

If you face backlight errors on the display, you can fix them only if you have experience disassembling laptops. All you need to do is remove the bezel, and the hinge covers around the screen and see if the backlight wires and connectors are properly sealed. If anything is broken, a service centre is your way to go because it is physical damage.

Fix the HDR

HDR technology is one of the main reasons your screen is not showing properly. High Dynamic Range is a technology that balances your system’s image brightness level’s dynamic range. If it does not work properly or does not fit with the system, the whole display can start showing errors. Fix the HDR option on your laptop by connecting to an external display, and then try restarting your laptop.

Dust off anything between the screen and the keyboard

If you live in a dusty area, you might regularly want to clean your keyboard with a Laptop/Keyboard Cleaner brush. Examine the keyboard and latch mechanism to check if you have any debris, dust or sand in between that makes direct contact with the screen, as it can cause the display to get physically damaged.

Once you have dusted off the keyboard and the latch area, close the laptop slowly and ensure it is properly closed. If you are facing issues like the display not turning on whenever you open the lid, then you might have a bad lid sensor that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Replace the Display to fix the broken laptop screen

If none of the above suggestions works, you must replace the display entirely. Screens with black holes or rainbow-coloured lines are beyond repair and must be completely replaced. So as we said earlier, take it to the Laptop Service Zone, and they will fix it for you. If you have experience fixing laptops, you can also do it.

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FAQ – How to fix a broken Laptop Screen

What to do with a laptop with a broken screen?

You can either pay to fix the broken laptop screen and continue using it, or you can salvage some of the parts like the hard drive, and you can sell the laptop in the second-hand marketplace for cheap if you do not intend to fix it or continue using it.

What are the costs of repairing a broken Laptop Screen?

Depending upon the model, the repair costs will be more or less $200, depending on the laptop you are using. The costs of the individual screen will go higher if you have a premium Gaming or Content Creation Laptop with higher refresh rate displays or high-end IPS displays, as they need to be imported (or available nationally). They will take more time to arrive, and if you don’t have a spare laptop, it can get frustrating when the waiting time is concerned. If your laptop is out of warranty, it is better to upgrade to a new laptop.

Laptop not turning on – Fix

If you are not getting a display, see if the laptop is on. First and foremost, try running the laptop with a different compatible power brick. If it still doesn’t show anything, remove all the drives and docking stations, as storage expansion devices tend to cause many booting issues.

If you are skilled, you can consider clearing the CMOS on the motherboard by simply reseating the battery. And again, if nothing works, and you still don’t have anything working yet, try swapping out the RAM and hard disk and use a different compatible RAM + Hard disk to see if the laptop is working.

If not, then dont wait any longer, and pay a visit to your nearest Laptop Service Center. Those guys are technically skilled and will be able to provide you with the exact solution.

So this was all about how to fix a Laptop screen broken. Let us know in the comments below if you think we have missed anything.

That’s all, Folks!

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