iPad Air 5th gen revealed – Leaks are Apple’s coming out with a new Air

OLED. Is it happening with the iPad Air 5th Gen this time?

If the rumors are true then the iPad Air is coming soon than was expected before. the new Samsung tabs do make a completion. The range of screen sizes that Samsung tabs have come up with. So it is a good time for Apple to come out with an upgraded iPad Air with some exciting Features.

The last Gen iPad was an eye-opening upgrade to the iPad air which is one of the most affordable full-screen Ipad on the market. The last Gen iPad Air came up with the design of the iPad Pro and brought back the touch ID to the iPad Air and that’s a great addition to something that felt nostalgic to do and remind me of my first iPhone which was an iPhone 5S. The touch ID in the 4th Gen Air was upgraded and it’s better than the Previous Touch ID technology.

New Apple Ipad Air 5G?
New Apple Ipad Air 5G?

Ipad Air 5th Gen – Specification

The new iPad Air 5th Gen is said to be similar in specifications to the latest iPad Mini. A15 Bionic is the cheapest that’s gonna be used in the iPad Air5th Gen which is the same chipset used in iPhone 13 Lineups.

Ipad Air 5th Gen – Display

The display is said to get an upgrade this year and the upgrade is OLED or it can b a mini LED as well, The mini LED is an option because apple didn’t introduce their Macbook Pro with an OLED panel, they used mini LED for the Macbook Display. But the bezels are shrinking in this gen iPad Air.

The advantages an OLED panel has over a mini LED or Liquid Retina display is a lot because the blacks in OLED are perfect black but min LED has come really close to an OLED experience but still lacking in places like wider viewing angles, perfect blacks, and richer color. The OLED panels for iPad and other devices will be provided by LG and Samsung respectively.

Ipad Air 5th Gen – Design

The design is said to remain the same as the last generation. The design of the iPad is appropriate for people who like to work on the go with the Apple pencil it’s easier to take down notes and reminders. The rectangle shape and the square edges help to fit in a hand as a slate and are very convenient for content consumption because of the display and its design which helps to get the maximum out of the whole display.

Ipad Air 5th Gen – Camera

The rumors are the front camera is said to 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor with support for the center stage which means if you walk around during a video call it will keep you in shot. There should also be a QuadLED True Tone flash for brighter pictures in the dark. There is the possible inclusion of a LIDAR scanner as well but not guaranteed.

Apple iPad 5G – Connectivity

The new iPad Air 5th Gen cellular is gonna come with 5G support for faster browsing, content streaming, and gaming. The love for internet speed will never end for that this Gen iPad will pack 5G.

The current iPad Air 4th Gen is one of the best iPad air till now. If Apple comes out with this iPad 5th Gen with all the rumors then it’s gonna be the cherry on top for people who were waiting for a much more affordable iPad with an OLED screen and the latest A15 Bionic chip which is used in iPhone 13 line up.

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