Intel Core i5 13600K Performance Review

Today we will check out the all-new Intel Core i5 13600K Performance, which comes under their latest Raptor Series of Processors in 2022.

The Intel Core i5 13600K processor is a new chip that comes under Intel’s Raptor Series of Processors. These are Intel 13th Generation Chips, with a market price of $300-$320, which attracts a wide range of buyers looking to build a PC with the latest generation hardware. Apart from the Intel Core 13600K, the company also released the Core i7 13700K and the Core i9 13900K chips, which we are reviewing in a different article.

The all-new Intel Core i5 13600 has a K and a KF version. The KF version doesn’t have dedicated Graphics onboard. The newer generation Intel Core 13th Gen has six performance cores and 8 Efficient cores, and to test how much of a performance difference it made, we tested the Intel Core i5 Performance. We have benchmarked different applications and games so that you can clearly understand what to expect with the all-new Intel Core i5-13600K.

So without further delay, let’s check out the Intel Core i5 13600K Performance Review.

Intel Core i5 13600K Specifications

Here are the full specifications and details for the Intel Core i5-13600K CPU.

SocketLGA 1700
Base Frequency3.5Ghz for Performance Cores, 2.6GHz for Efficient Cores
Boost Frequency5.1Ghz for Performance Cores, 3.9GHz for Efficient Cores
Cores6 Performance Cores + 8 Efficient Cores
Threads20 Threads
Integrated GraphicsIntel UHD 770 GPU
Generation13th Generation
MemoryDDR5 and DDR4
PCIe Express5.0 and 4.0
Motherboard ModelAll 700 Series Motherboard and Z690 (With bios update)
TDP125W/ 181W Turbo
L2 Cache20MB
Maximum number of memory channels2
Memory128GB Supported [DDR5 @5600MT/s and DDR4 @3200MT/s]
GPU Base Clock300Mhz
GPU Frequency1.5Ghz
Max PCI-E Lanes20
GPU cores32
Max Resolution4096×2160 @60Hz
7680×4320 @60Hz
5120×3200 @120Hz

Intel 13th Gen i5 13600kPrice and Availability

Intel 13th Gen i5 13600K is now available globally with all the major online and offline retailers with a starting price tag of $320. But the price of this Processor may vary from one country to another.

Intel 13th Gen i5 13600kTest Setup

ProcessorIntel Core i5-13600K CPU
Graphics ProcessorEVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra
MotherboardASUS Z790 Maximus Hero
MemoryCorsair Dominator Platinum 32GB RGB DDR5 6000 MHz
Power SupplyEVGA 1600W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
CPU CoolerArctic Liquid Freezer II 420 mm
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro 64bit
Intel Core i5 13600K Performance Review

Intel Core i5 13th Gen K Series CPU Performance

Intel Core i5 13600K CPU Benchmark

Here is the Intel Core i5 13600K CPU Performance Test Benchmark.

CPU PerformanceIntel Core i5 13600K Processor
Super Pi332s
Y Cruncher81.3s
Cinebench R23 Multi-Core [Higher is better]23985
Cinebench R23 Single-Core [Higher is better]2016
Blender Open Beta [Lower is better]103.6s
Corona 1.3 Benchmark [Lower is better]100.3s
Keyshot 1152.3s
V Ray16243
Unreal Engine 579.1s
Microsoft Visual Studio C++47.5s
Upscale Images AI45.7s
Classify Images AI109.8s
Adobe Photoshop159.7s
Adobe Premiere Pro CC27.4s
Adobe After Effects71.4s
3DF Zephyr364s
Oracle VirtualBox28.47s
MySQL99684 QPS
OpenJDK 171184
ASP.NET Core 634.9s
7Zip Compress128903 MIPS
7Zip Decompress134689 MIPS
AV1 Encoding14s
H.265/HEVC Encoding116.9s
H.264 Encoding39.4s
MP3 Encoding72.6s

Intel Core i5 13600K Gaming Benchmark

We tested these games in three different resolutions, 1080p, 1440p and 2160p.

Games1080p or FHD1440p or 2K2160p or 4K
Age of Empires146 FPS143 FPS 102 FPS
Battlefield 5 248 FPS198 FPS 131 FPS
Borderlands 3 122 FPS124 FPS 78 FPS
Civilization VI 324 FPS275 FPS 197 FPS
Counter-Strike GO 662 FPS567 FPS 364 FPS
Cyberpunk 2077 118 FPS 82 FPS 40 FPS
Doom Eternal 293 FPS235 FPS 149 FPS
Elden Ring 115 FPS96 FPS 68 FPS
Far Cry 6 158 FPS128 FPS 83 FPS
Forza Horizon 5 119 FPS103 FPS 76 FPS
Red Dead Redemption 2 118 FPS98 FPS 69 FPS
Watch Dogs Legion 97 FPS81 FPS 56 FPS

Intel Core i5-13600K Cooling Performance

The Intel Core i5 13600K is a K Processor, which means it’s an unlocked processor, and it needs adequate proper cooling solutions to deliver as much Performance as possible with the thermal headroom. Under heavy load, you won’t be crossing 95 degrees, which will apply to the higher-end i7 and i9 processors.

So we used the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420 mm Cooler to test the Thermal Performance, and at stock speeds, the gaming temperatures stayed at around 72-75 degrees Celsius. At the same time, during CPU workload, it went as high as 91-degree celsius but never went beyond that. On the other hand, the AMD Ryzen 7700X temperature went up to 94 degrees under full load.

Intel Core i5-13600K Performance Review

To sum up, here are the pros and cons of the Intel Core i5-13600K Processor.


  1. It has excellent performance and is faster than the last Intel Core i7 12th Gen Processors and AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Chips.
  2. It is faster than any last-generation Intel or AMD chip in the market.
  3. Excellent Performance for both gaming and content creation
  4. Great pricing and comes under $320
  5. Supports both DDR4 and DDR5
  6. Supports last gen 600 Series motherboards with a simple bios update
  7. Fully unlocked K Series Processor
  8. Integrated graphics, although a KF version is also available without the GPU.
  9. Supports PCI-e Gen 5.0
  10. Built with Intel 7 or 10nm Process


  1. 125W TDP for an i5 is relatively high
  2. It needs a good liquid cooler
  3. When Gen 5 Slot is in use, the system will only use PCIe x8 Graphics
  4. Turbo Boost 3.0 is not present
  5. A mismatch of cores happens when some workloads get transferred to the wrong cores.
  6. Cooler is not provided with K Series Processors
  7. There is no support for the AVX512

So this was all about the Intel Core i5-13600K Performance. If you feel we have missed out on anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, folks!

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