Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Gaming Performance

Testing the all-new HP 15s features the Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Graphics Gaming Performance on 25 games in 2022.

The all-new HP 15S laptop is an entry-level laptop with the latest 12th Gen Processor, the Intel Core i3 1215U. The Laptop comes with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD. The Intel UHD Graphics on this Laptop is what we will be using to run the 25 Games and test them out. This is not a powerhouse, so we don’t expect it to be a game like Gaming Laptops or Gaming PCs, but it will be a great addition if you are looking for a lightweight 15-inch laptop that gets all your daily work done.

Apart from its excellent silver finish and lightweight, there is nothing much to this Laptop that makes you carry it inside your backpack. We are still hesitant about how the games would perform as we don’t have a dedicated GPU, plus the Laptop only has 8GB of RAM, which is nowadays not sufficient for Gaming. Nevertheless, we will try Gaming on it to see if it is worth it.

So without further delay, let’s quickly test out the all-new HP 15s Laptop’s Gaming Performance.

Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Gaming Performance – HP 15s Laptop Specs

Laptop Specs

Here are the HP 15s Laptop specs, which we will be testing the 25 Games on.

Laptop ModelHP 15s
CPUIntel Core i3 1215U (12th Gen CPU)
Integrated GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics
RAM8GB DDR4 Single Channel
Storage512GB NVMe Storage
Display15.6-inch IPS Display
Operating SystemWindows 10 64bit 21H2

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HP 15S Laptop with Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Graphics
HP 15S Laptop with Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Graphics

HP 15s Laptop with Intel UHD Gaming Benchmarks

Here are the performance metrics of the 25 games we tested to determine the performance of an Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Graphics Card. We used the Elgato HD 60s external capture card to capture the in-game performance and videos, so there is no loss of FPS or Performance.

GamesAverage FPSSettings
Valorant63 FPS1080p, Medium – High
League of Legends69 FPS1080p, Medium
GTA V35 FPS720p, Normal – Low
Apex Legends23 FPS720p, Low
Dota 285 FPS768p, Low
Fall Guys42 FPS720p, Medium
Fortnite45 FPS1080p, Low
Counter Strike Global Offensive49 FPS720p, Low
World of Warcraft65 FPS1080p, Fair
COD – WarzoneN/ACrashed Due to Insufficient RAM
Dead by Daylight36 FPS1080p, Low
Minecraft80 FPS1080p, Fancy
FIFA 2278 FPS768p, Low
Lost Ark46 FPS720p, Low
PUBG44 FPS720p, Very Low
Genshin Impact48 FPS1080p, Low
World of Tanks110 FPS1080p, Low
Forza Horizon 5N/ACrashed Due to Insufficient RAM
F1 2022N/ACrashed Due to Insufficient RAM
The Witcher 336 FPS720p, Low
Diablo Immortal32 FPS1080p, Low
The Sims 437 FPS1080p, Medium – High
World War Z36 FPS1080p, Low
Euro Truck Simulator 256 FPS900p, Low
Skyrim43 FPS1080p, Best Performance

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Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Graphics – Is it good for Gaming?

As per the test results, we can see that the Intel UHD Graphics Card performs as much as you expect out of an integrated GPU. The Intel i3 1215U 12th Gen Processor was doing its best to run the games as much as possible because, surprisingly, apart from the COD Warzone, Forza Horizon 5 and the F1 2022 crashed because of insufficient RAM as those games require more than 8GB RAM. Right now, the Laptop comes with 8GB RAM, but you can upgrade it with 16GB RAM if you want and might be on the lowest settings these games would work.

Apart from that, we can say that if you tone down both the resolution and graphic scenes, you will be able to enjoy the games at around 30+ FPS. But toning down resolutions will make the images more blurry. Esports titles like Dota 2, PUBG etc., run well if everything is toned down as much as possible, but these games require sharper graphics settings so you can play and experience much better. Surprisingly games like FIFA, Valorant, and League of Legends perform well even on the Intel UHD GPU. But we don’t suggest this even if you want to game on this casually.

Although we can’t expect this from an entry-level laptop that is only made to function and complete everyday tasks like Word Processing, Internet Browsing, Business work, Entertainment etc. and not made to game on it, so we would say that if you are getting an entry level laptop with a core i3 processor and Intel HD Graphics don’t expect it to give a satisfactory performance in Gaming.

So this was all about the Intel Core i3 1215U and Intel UHD Graphics Performance. If you think we have missed out on anything, comment below.

That’s all, folks!

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