Intel Arc A770 GPU Review – Is it good for gaming?

Intel Arc A770 GPU has launched on the PC gaming market, delivering midrange performance with XeSS upscaling technology.

The wait is finally over. Intel has launched its new ARC family GPU, Arc A770. This GPU holds 16GB of video memory with some latest features like Xess upscaling technology. One of the impressive features is that this GPU comes with output port support HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.0. Arc A770 is also compatible with the latest gen DirectX 12 and hardware-based accelerated Ray Tracing.

We did an experimental test on this to see what it honestly can do and what its actual capability is. We build a gaming PC with Intel ARC A770 GPU with all possible latest-gen gaming hardware. We ran a few latest games on it by keeping the game settings on ultra-high mode to collect the fps benchmarks of it.

Before any delay, check the all-new Intel ARC A770 GPU gaming experimental benchmarks.

Intel Arc A770 GPU Specifications

Here are the details of the Intel ARC GPU electronics architecture.

Model NameDG2-512
GPU VariantACM-G10
ArchitectureGeneration 12.7
Video Memory16GB
Memory Bus256 bit
Bus InterfacePCIe Express 4.0 x 16
Bandwidth559.4 GB/s
Base Clock2100 MHz
Boost Clock2100 MHz
Memory Clock2185 MHz with 17.5 Gbps Effective
DirectXv12.2 Ultimate
TDP225 W
Suggested PSU550 W
Output1x HDMI 2.1
3x Displayport 2.0
Intel Arc A770 GPU Review - Is it good for gaming?

Intel Arc A770 GPU Test Experiment Details

Here are the details of the Experimental system we used for the Intel A770 GPU gaming fps benchmark.

CPUAMD Ryzen 9 7950X
GPUIntel ARC A770 16GB
MEMORYKingston 32GB DDR5 5200 Frequency
MOTHERBOARDGigabyte X670E Aorus Master Mobo AM5 LGA 1718
CPU COOLERCooler Master ML 360 liquid Cooler
OPERATING SYSTEMMicrosoft Windows 11 64bit with the latest patch updated files
PSUEVGA 1600W 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular

Intel Arc A770 GPU Gaming Performance

Here are the details of the outcomes of the Intel Arc A770 GPU gaming benchmark. All games were set to 1080p ultra settings.

GAME NAMEIntel Arc A770 GPU FPS Benchmark
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla72 fps avg
Borderlands 394 fps avg
Cyberpunk 207769 fps avg
Horizon Zero Dawn93 fps avg
Days Gone88 fps avg
Red Dead Redemption 281 fps avg
Watch Dogs Legion99 fps avg
Dying Light 286 fps avg
Resident Evil Village160 fps avg
Far Cry 6118 fps avg
Forza Horizon 578 fps avg
God of War 563 fps avg
Halo Infinite60 fps avg
Hitman 3109 fps avg
Rainbow Six Siege175 fps avg
Marvel’s Spiderman133 fps avg
Shadow of the Tomb Raider93 fps avg

Intel Arc A770 GPU Final Verdict

From the above chart list, we can see that in all games, this Intel Arc GPU can deliver more than 60+ fps in every game. Also, some significantly more fps have been visible in Resident Evil Village, Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Siege, and Marvel’s Spiderman games of more than 150+ fps. So this card can deliver a good midrange performance for all the latest-gen games.

But on the flip side, you need to know that the Intel Arc GPU is not supported for older generation titles, and you will not be able to run old games with this Graphics Card. Yes, the performance is almost at par with the RTX 3060Ti, but right now, it is a worthy choice to go with an Intel or AMD Graphics Card.

So this was all about Intel Arc A770 GPU. If you feel we have missed out on anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, folks!

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