Intel Arc 700 Series GPU – Better than Nvidia 3050Ti and 3060?

A Chinese website has published the performance and benchmarks of Intel Arc 700 series GPUs against the Nvidia RTX 3050Ti and RTX 3060

At last, the wait is finally over to see what Intel has precisely manufactured as their first GPU in this video game market. After many years of waiting, Intel finally introduced their Alchemist GPUs to the world. These Intel GPUs will not need a separate motherboard to support; these GPU structures will also come with familiar designs like the other Nvidia and AMD GPU designs.

A Chinese website has published the experiment results of Intel Arc series GPUs. The models were Intel Arc A730M and Arc A770M, where the TDP of the GPUs were 120W max and 150W max, respectively. They have also compared performance and benchmark with Nvidia’s RTX 3050Ti and RTX 3060 GPU. And according to the test experiment result, the Intel Arc series GPUs perform approximately 13% faster than the Nvidia GPUs.

Before any delay, let’s check out the test experiment performance and benchmark results between Intel Arc A730M, Arc A770M, and Nvidia RTX 3050Ti, RTX 3060.

Intel Arc vs Nvidia RTX
Intel Arc vs Nvidia RTX GPU Performance and Benchmark Chart

Intel and Nvidia GPU Benchmark Chart

For Intel Arc A770M VS RTX 3060 GPU performance, an Intel Alder Lake Core-i9 12900HK CPU and 16GB DDR5 4800 RAM has used. And for Intel Arc A730M and RTX 3050 GPU, Intel Core-i7 12700H and 16GB DDR5 RAM has used. All Games were tested in 1080p resolution, and the graphics settings were set at the ultra level. Here are the details of the test results below.

Intel Arc 700 Series vs Nvidia RTX Performance Comparision

Game NameRTX 3050TiArc A730MIntel A730M Vs Nvidia 3050Ti Performance Percentage RTX 3060Arc A770MIntel A770M VS Nvidia 3060 Performance Percentage
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla3850132%746993%
Cyberpunk 20774262148%7089127%
Death Stranding3949126%5468126%
Dirt 5646195%8387105%
F1 20216886126%96123128%
Far Cry 66368108%8082103%
Gears of War 5585290%7273101%
Horizon Zero Dawn635079%806885%
Metro Exodus3954138%5369130%
Red Dead Redemption 24660130%6677117%
Strange Brigade98123126%134172128%
The Division 2635181%7886110%
The Witcher 396101105%124141114%
Total War Saga – Troy4866138%7186121%
Watch Dogs Legion5971120%7789116%

The above chart shows that in most cases, Intel Arc 700 series GPUs deliver better performance than Nvidia’s Entry-level RTX 3050Ti and RTX 3060 GPUs. If we do a basic calculation, it is clear that Intel Arc A730M GPU has delivered approximately 12% more fps performance than Nvidia 3050Ti and about 13% more fps performance than Nvidia 3060 GPU.

So this was all about the Intel Arc series A730M and A770M GPU, which deliver approximately 13% better performance than Nvidia’s 3050Ti and 3060. If you think we missed out on anything, feel free to comment below.

That’s all, folks!

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