HP x360 AI Laptop – First Artificial Intelligence Laptop 2022

The HP x360 laptop comes with an Intel Core Evo CPU paired with AI Features which makes this the first Artificial Intelligence Laptop

Recently, HP has launched its most awaited AI laptop, HP x360 AI. This is a complete Artificial Intelligence Software-based laptop with some exclusive AI software installed. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is growing day by day along with the advancement of Robotics technologies. So we expect this laptop to ship with new features that aim to deliver a unique experience.

At the recent HP laptop launch event, the Director of HP has given his statement that they have manufactured this laptop by focusing on insights-based innovations so they can deliver ultimate solutions to their customers. Not only that, but HP is also providing some unique and exclusive AI software on this laptop which we will discuss further down in this article.

HP x360 AI Laptop – Display

This AI-based laptop comes with two screen variants. One option is a 13.5-inch, and another option is a 16-inch display. Both of these variants have a 3:2 aspect ratio and feature a 91% screen-body ratio. Besides, it has been manufactured with an OLED design to deliver a fantastic colour during content creation workloads.

Impressively both these display panel features 4k native resolution with 120Hz. And with the touchscreen option, it feels great to operate while working on AI and photoshop projects. So when you zoom, double-tapping, drag files, press, hold with multiple fingers, or draw with digital software, it works smoothly without any lag.

HP x360 AI Laptop – What are the Special Features?

HP x360 AI Laptop
HP x360 AI Laptop Special Features.

Here are the details of the exclusive AI software of the HP x360 laptop.

  • Auto Frame – This feature delivers clear video calling with adjustment of white balance, background blurring, face tracking, a particular user id identification, and many other supports.
  • Noise Reduction – This feature delivers excessive surrounding noise-cancelling while you are in a critical video calling or meeting.
  • Dynamic Voice Leveling – This feature enables the level of your system sound or mic volume according to the current situation. For example, when your Voice is getting very loud, the mic will automatically adjust the dB level of your Voice. And when the sound or other person’s Voice is coming on your system very loudly, the system will automatically reduce it. Sometimes it also reduces the system sound to save your laptop battery.
  • Health Tracking – With this feature, you can track how much time you spend in front of your laptop consistently. Also, it will notify you through its sensor that your eye needs rest or your heartbeat is changing if you are feeling tired.
  • Sound Enhancement – This feature will enrich the sound quality of your laptop’s mp3, mp4, and other sound systems. So you can customise the properties of your laptop sounds such as Stereo, 7.1 surrounding, cinema hall experience, etc.
  • Security – This feature helps prevent your laptop from tracking and hacking by hackers. If anyone is trying to log in or operate your account or software from another device, this laptop gives you an instant notification and alerts msgs. The computer will also keep a track of the location, IP address, and device details.

HP Artificial Intelligence Laptop – Price

This AI-based HP x360 laptop is manufactured with recycled Aluminium and ocean-bound plastics. This laptop comes in two colour options. One is Nightfall black with pale brass accents, and another one is nocturne blue with celestial blue accents.

The 13.5-inch model is priced at $1,662.69, and the 16-inch model is priced at $1,790.59. Both screen variants are currently available globally with various offline Retailers and online retailers like Amazon. But the cost of this laptop may vary from one country to another.

So this was all about HP Artificial Intelligence-based x360 Laptop. If you think we missed out on anything, let us know in the comments below.

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