How to Rename Files in Windows 10

In this article, we will guide and help you with how to rename files on Windows 10, which sometimes shows an error while renaming it.

Renaming a file is a very common and essential feature in all operating systems. When you are creating new files then by default, its name starts “New” and the File type name word along with its extension. For examphen creating a new text , it automatically renames it as “New Text Document.txt”.

With a simple right-click on the file and going to the rename option or single-clicking on the file and then pressing the F2 button, you can change the file name. But sometimes, many users face problems when trying to rename a file on Windows. So in this article will guide you on how to rename or change file names on Windows 10 platform.

Rename Files on Windows 10
Rename Files on Windows 10

Rename Files on Windows 10 – Drive Deep into the Root of Problem

When you are facing files rename issues, then check out whether you are the only getting this restriction, particularly for this or not. Try to rename other files or folders in your Windows 10 operating system. If you see that only a particular file has the problem, then probably that is a malicious file. And if you are getting the restriction of renaming files everywhere, then there are some other software problems in your system.

File Renaming Solution in Windows – Administrative Problem

If there is a message showing “You do not currently have permission to access this folder”, then probably you have some Administrative Problem with that particular file. Grant the access to the file in your system to any user, including you, and then you can do anything with that file, including renaming.

Rename Files on Windows 10 – Background Task Running Issue

Sometimes you don’t know where the file is running actively or running in the background section. So when you apply any attributes to it, the file is denies changing anything. In this situation, open the task manager and check whether it is showing here as running as a background task or not. If it is showing, then right-click on it and select end task.

Windows 10 File Rename – Security Restriction

If a file is password protected or controlled by some 3rd party apps, then you probably can’t apply any attributes to it. Remove the password and any 3rd party access or security restrictions upon it, and you can change the file’s name or anything.

The file name is not changing on Windows 10 – Hidden Item

If the file or folder name-changing process gets restricted, it might contain hidden items. Go to the view tab and check for hidden objects inside the folder.

File Name Not Replacing on Windows 10 – Malware

If a file or folder name is not changing, it could be a virus file too. Scan it with Windows Defender or any other anti-virus you have installed in your system. The virus file will usually have an “INF” extension name.

Rename Files on Windows 10 – Restart Windows Explorer

Sometimes, replacing file names or any other problems occurs when your system is bugged or hanged or when any other glitch occurs. Go to the task manager, and restarting Windows Explorer might solve this issue.

Windows 10 File Rename – Operating System Update

When you are facing problems like can’t change file names or copying or even can’t delete them, it could be your operating system’s problem. Go to the Windows update option and update your operating system, and you will get rid of this issue.

So this was all about how you can change or rename files on the Windows 10 platform. If you think we missed out on anything, feel free to comment below.

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