How to stop Windows 10 Update? Easy steps

Easy steps on how to stop Windows 10 Update. A few years back Microsoft Windows rolled out their all-new Windows 10 Operating system. Microsoft supposedly gave everyone a free Upgrade or a copy of Windows 10 for those who were on Windows 8 or 8.1 for a year. So along with Windows 10 came a truckload of updates that needs to be done in order to run all the latest versions of the Windows Apps. Since then Microsoft have been regularly sending updates to improve Windows overall.

On one hand, Windows updates are very much recommended but on the other hand, it does comes with a lot of issues like the operating system going into an infinite boot-loop, certain features not working due to updates, changes in settings, and sometimes a full black screen. In all these cases either a Windows Restore is needed or a full system format. To prevent this we have to stop Windows 10 Update.

Steps to Disable Windows 10 Update

  1. Click on the Start button.

2. Once the Start Menu pops up, on the search bar type “Services.msc” without the quotes and hit Enter.

3. A window will open which will show all the Services that are running in the background.

4. Now we have to disable some settings from Auto running. Look for “Background Intelligent Transfer System” (BITS) and select it.

5. Right Click on it and select Properties. A small dialog box will open.

6. Select the Disabled option from the Startup Type drop down menu. Click on OK and close it.

7. Next up, search for “Windows Update” and right-click on Properties.

8.Disable the Windows 10 Update from the drop down menu like we did earlier with the Background Intelligent Transfer System.

9. Close the Window and Restart your system.

10. After restarting your Windows, go to Search and type “Windows update” and click on Check for updates and if it shows something like this, then congratulations you have successfully turned off Windows 10 Update.

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So these are the quick steps on how to stop Windows 10 update. But it is not very much recommended to do it as older versions of windows are more vulnerable to security intrusions. Microsoft constantly updates Windows 10 as it comes along with a lot of bug fixes which hamper the regular Windows 10 experience.

But there are instances when you need to turn off Windows 10 updates when you need your system to be up 24×7.

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