How to install a new CPU Cooler on a Processor? Step by Step Guide

The PC Gaming market boomed a lot in recent times as more and more people are either upgrading or building their own systems for the purpose of Gaming or Content Creation.
Building a PC is easy considering the fact that you are moderately equipped with knowledge on how to install components inside your system.
That said the first challenge we face is installing the CPU Cooler. So we wrote a guide on different Processor sockets and how to install a new CPU cooler on your processor.

Types of Processor Socket

There are two types of Processor Sockets.
Now both of these processors have their own layout. Both Intel and AMD have their own way of housing their CPUs. The Socket layout also changes from Processor generation to generation.

How to install a new CPU cooler? Fast and Easy Step by Step Guide

Intel LGA Socket

LGA means Land Grid Array. This socket structure is mainly used by Intel Supported Motherboards. There are grids of pins that make contact with the bottom of the Intel CPU. Examples are LGA 1150, LGA 1151, etc.

How to install a new CPU cooler? Fast and Easy Step by Step Guide

AMD PGA Socket

PGA means Pin Grade Array. AMD uses this type of configuration for its socket.
The configuration on the PGA socket is just the opposite of LGA. In PGA configurations, the pins are attached to the processor itself. There are a series of holes on the socket where the pins get connected when the processor is installed.
A few examples of AMD PGA Sockets are AM3+, AMD4, etc.

How to install a new CPU cooler? Fast and Easy Step by Step Guide

How to install a new cpu cooler? Steps to install the stock CPU Cooler

Before installing any CPU cooler, ensure the processor is seated properly on the appropriate socket. So let’s discuss how to install your Processor properly on your motherboard. The steps are almost the same for both Intel and AMD processors.

For both the processors, first, remove the plastic cover from the top of the socket of the motherboard (intel only). Then lift the retention arm, loosen the metal enclosure. Grab the processor by the edge and prevent touching the bottom of the processor. Look for the arrow on one of the edges of the processor and match that with the arrow on the motherboard socket. Install the processor by gently lowering it down into the socket. Double-check if the processor is seated properly. Pull the retention lever down and lock it.
And your CPU is installed.

How to install a new cpu cooler? Applying Thermal Paste

After the CPU is installed, apply some thermal paste to the CPU. There are tons of thermal paste available in the market and the renounced ones are Coolermaster, Corsair, Thermal Grizzly, etc. Apply a grain of rice-like quantity on the CPU, spread it and you are good to go.

How to install a new CPU cooler? Fast and Easy Step by Step Guide

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How to install a new cpu cooler CPU Cooler Installation

Now for the final step. In this step, we will be installing the CPU Cooler on the Processor. There are brackets (if applicable) available in the motherboard box or any other after-market cooler boxes. Select the appropriate bracket required for that specific processor and screw it onto the motherboard.


For Intel Processors, take out the Heatsink and the cooler from the box. Align it along with the holes on the motherboard outside the socket. We have already applied the thermal paste earlier so we dont need to worry about that. After aligning the latches of the cooler with the motherboard holes, press the latches against the motherboard diagonally and lock it by rotating the latch screw. Repeat the same method on the opposite side. Hear out for the click sound which will ensure the cooler is perfectly seated and locked with the motherboard. Double-check the cooler to see if the cooler is attached properly or not. And this is how you install the stock intel cooler on the processor. Plugin the PWM fan connector to the nearest fan header on the motherboard.


For AMD Processors, take out the heatsink and the cooler from the box. Unscrew and remove the plastic brackets from the motherboard. The metal tray behind the motherboard also comes out once we remove the brackets. Hold the tray with one hand and align the cooler with the holes of the motherboard and screw both of them altogether. Once one end is screwed up properly, the rest of the screws can be tightened easily without any issues. Connect the PWM fan connector to the nearest fan header on the motherboard and your CPU Cooler is successfully installed.

For Wraith Prism coolers, you don’t need to open the brackets. Just aligning the two latches on either side with motherboard brackets will do the job. Pull down the retention lever slowly and lock the cooler into its place.

Dont be reckless while installing a CPU and a CPU Cooler. Any damage while installing the CPU will void your warranty. Read the manual properly or do some research before installing the processor and the cooler.
And this is how to install a new CPU Cooler.

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That’s all folks!

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