How to Fix Windows 11 Copy Paste Not Working Issue

This article will provide some essential solutions on How to Fix Windows 11 Copy Paste Not Working Issue.

Copy Paste of any file on every type of system is very much an essential feature. Copying a file on a system automatically creates an exact clone of the file with the same data inside it. And when we are pasting that, we place that file clone somewhere.

Copy Paste of any data doesn’t make anything change to the exact clone of the original file. Even without observing the name, you cannot identify which file is original and which is the clone.

Now on the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, some of the users are facing issues with the Copy Paste feature. Some users have found that when a file is getting copied, it is not getting stored on the clipboard. Or sometimes, after copying a file, the paste function is not working.

So in this article, we will guide and help you with the best of our knowledge on how to fix the Windows 11 Copy Paste Not Working problem.

Fix Windows 11 Copy Paste – Clean Boot of System

If a 3rd party application or file or any corrupted data opposes the system’s copy-paste function, then do this. This will clear any other apps creating issues with your system’s essential functions.

  • Open Run by pressing the Windows button and R button at the same time
  • Now type “MSConfig.msc” on the black field and click ok. This will lead to opening the System Configuration file window.
  • Under this new window, click on the services tab.
  • Here, you will get an extensive list of essential and unnecessary service lists. For safety, at first, click on the left side corner check box of “Hide all Microsoft Service”. This will hide all necessary windows services and prevent you from disabling them.
  • After hiding all the windows 11 necessary service files, press the “disable all” button. This will disable all 3rd party apps.

Now click on the Startup tab. This will lead you to open the task manager app.

  • In the task manager app, choose the startup tab.
  • Under this task manager’s startup tab, you will find lots of apps with a status of enabling. Choose the disable options for every app over here.
  • After changing the status for every app, go back to the System configuration dialogue. Press the Apply and the OK button to save your settings and process. Now restart your system.

After restarting the PC, your problem should be solved. If it is still not solved, enable the 3rd party services one by one and check which application is causing the Copy Paste function to malfunction.

Fix Windows 11 Copy PasteUpdate Windows 11

The easiest way to solve any issue related to your operating system is to update the operating system. If any particular files are missed, then this will fix your problem.

Fix Copy Paste IssueFile Explorer

If any function of your windows is getting slow or stuck, including copy-paste function, then try to restart the file explorer from the task manager. This process makes every part work appropriately when they are not working or performing slowly.

Windows 11 Copy Paste issueCheck System File.

If any system files are corrupted, run the system file checker process to recover them.

  • Open the command prompt app and select it Run as Administrator
  • Under the command prompt window, type “Sfc /scannow.”
  • After that, a lengthy verification process will start. And in the end, the problem should get fixed.

Copy Paste not Working FixNew Local User

If your current user account is limited to use, create a new local user account in Windows 11. In the new account, the copy-paste function should work. And after completing the new one, try to repair the old user account in which the copy-paste function was not working.

Fix Windows 11 Copy PasteRepair Windows 11

Insert your windows 11 bootable drive and restart your system. After that, on the home screen of booting, you will get an option of repairing windows. If any malfunction has occurred, then it will fix it.

Copy Paste Issue in WindowsCheck Hardware

Check your mouse and keyboard’s every button if they are working correctly. Sometimes copy paste function works properly, but your mouse and keyboard controls might not work well, affecting your system’s features.

So this was all about How to Fix the Windows 11 Copy Paste Not Working Issue. If you think we have missed out on anything, let us know in the comment below.

That’s all, Folks!

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