How to Fix Webcam Not Working With Internet Browser

If you are facing issues with Video Calling, this guide will help you fix the webcam not working with the internet browser.

Webcam is very much essential hardware for every computer user nowadays. It is widely used by PC and Laptop users for internet video calls, steaming, and other types of home or office business work. Laptops come with an internally built Webcam, while desktop users mostly use the external webcams from brands like Logitech, Razer etc. The high-end Webcams provide great functionality and a good video calling experience. These webcams are great for taking stills as well.

As it is an external electronic device, it often creates issues with your system’s internet browsers. When you need this device at particular times, it gets essential for you, but it does not work. So in this article, we will guide and help you with the best of our knowledge on how to resolve or fix the webcam not working with your internet browser.

Webcam not working with your internet browser – 9 ways to solve

Here are the possible solutions you can try for your webcam if it is not working with your internet browser.

Webcam Not Working – Use Task Manager

When other internal camera-related apps conflict with the Camera, that might affect your webcam. So, in this case, open your task manager and end all other processes connected to your webcam.

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Webcam not working fix – Use Troubleshooter

When you get issues or problems with your webcam to the internet browser, use the troubleshooter to fix it. Navigate to the settings menu, go to system, and choose to troubleshoot. Under this, you can find an option name camera with a run button on the right side. Click on that, and your webcam-related issues will get scanned automatically.

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Solve Webcam issue – Check Permission Settings

When connecting an external device to your system, you often need to access the permission to allow it manually. Follow the process to grant access to your webcam on your system.

  • Open the setting and then choose the Privacy and Security feature, which can be found on the left side panel.
  • Now here, select the camera option which comes under App Permission
  • You can find many Toggle options to use your webcam for your system’s camera-related apps, including internet browsers
  • Turn on all options from there to grant access to using your webcam

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Fix webcam not working – Update the Driver

When buying an external webcam for your system, it comes with a specific software driver for which it can deliver its best performance, or you can use all its features thoroughly. So search the internet for your webcam driver and update it properly.

Fix Webcam Not Working – Repair Application

When your webcam is not working with your system and internet browser, then repairing the camera application might fix your problem. From the settings menu, choose the options of the installed app. Here, you can find the Camera. Click on the three vertical dotted options and select Advanced Options. From there, click on the reset section and the repair button.

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Webcam fix – Turn Off Antivirus Feature

The wrong Programmation of your antivirus software might block using your webcam with your internet browser by detecting that as a 3rd party hacking device. In this case, turn off all the windows inbuilt internal or any other 3rd party external antivirus software to use your webcam.

Solve Webcam issues – Browsing Data

When your internet browsing data storage exceeds the limit, it might not work with your webcam or any other external or internal devices and software. Clear your internet browser cache data fully to get your webcam working.

Fix Webcam Not Working – Browser Updating

If your internet browser version is old and you are trying to use a brand new webcam with it, it obviously, wouldn’t work. To fix this problem, scan and update your internet browser to the latest version.

Fix Webcam Not Working – Change your Browser

If the above problems are not working with your particular browser, then change your internet browser to use your webcam. Also, raise a ticket of complaint directly to the developer team that the webcam is not working after trying and applying all possible ways.

So this was all about How to Fix a Webcam Not Working With your Internet Browser. If you think we have missed out on anything, comment below.

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