How to Fix Uninstall Problems on Windows Operating System

In this article, we will guide and help you on how to fix the uninstall problems on Windows Operating System.

When any program or application takes too much space in our System’s hard drive or it becomes unnecessary to us, we delete it or uninstall it. This means that the application is no longer available on our storage devices. Normally we would do it by simply going to the control panel and uninstalling it by clicking on the uninstall button or doing it with third-party uninstaller software to delete the files which are not directly uninstallable.

But sometimes, we face some problems when we uninstall some specific software. These problems occur primarily with security-based software like antiviruses. It remains on our storage memory and doesn’t get deleted at all. This leads to abnormal PC behaviour. In these cases, we directly try to delete the files of that application or program, but that won’t work because removing just the files won’t remove it from the Windows registries. The safest way to remove a program is by uninstalling it and not deleting it immediately.

So in this article, we will guide and help you on how to fix uninstall problems of any applications or programs on Windows when the file typically doesn’t want to get appropriately uninstalled.

How to Fix Uninstall Problems on Windows Operating System

Here are some steps that you can follow to uninstall your applications or programs that dosent get uninstalled in a primary or the regular way.

How to Fix Uninstall Problems on Windows Operating System
How to Fix Uninstall Problems on Windows Operating System

Restarting Windows Installer

When you are getting a restriction to uninstall an application or program in the windows platform, restarting with a windows installer might fix your problem. This process plays a vital role when your uninstallation of any application or program gets stuck.

  • Hold the “Windows” key and “R” key to open Run.
  • Now type “service.msc” and click “Open.”
  • After that, a new window will be opened. Find the windows installer service and right-click on that.
  • Now there will be some options that you will be offered—select Properties.
  • After clicking on the Properties, click on the stop button. You might have to wait a few seconds if you have a low-level system.
  • After it stops, now click on the Start button. Set the startup type to “Automatic”.
  • Now Click on Apply and then ok to save your entire process

Now you should be able to uninstall the program or application you want. If you are still getting restrictions, then proceed with the below steps

  • Go to the windows search bar and type cmd; run it as administrator
  • Now click on Yes in the user account control option
  • After that, you will be offered a command prompt option, type “msiexec(space)/unreg.”
  • Now type this command “msiexec(space)/regserver
  • After that, close the command prompt and try to uninstall the application or program.

Kill the Application or Program from the Task Manager

When you try to uninstall any program or application, it might still be running in the background. Open your task manager and check the running tasks list. If you find that particular program or application, click on it to select it, hit the End Task button, and then try to uninstall the program.

Fix Uninstall Problems on Windows in a Safe Mode

Sometimes, uninstalling applications or programs in a safe mode makes no restriction on your Windows Platform.

  • Press the “Windows key” and “I” keys simultaneously. This will open the Windows settings menu.
  • Now select System from the left options and then go to the Recovery section on the right.
  • Now here you can see a button Restart Now. After that System will ask for confirmation from you. Click on Restart Now button again.
  • After that, your System will restart and let you into a blue screen Troubleshoot window. Choose the advanced options from that.
  • Now hit the restart button on the right side in the startup settings menu
  • Now press “4” in the following window. This will launch a safe mode operating system.
  • After the safe mode operating System is launched, try uninstalling the particular application or program you want.

Fix Uninstall Problems by Using the Default Uninstaller on Windows

When installing any program or application in your windows operating System, some of it comes with its own particular 3rd party uninstallation software or app, which is named “uninstaller.exe”. You can find this exe file in the specific directory where the program has been installed. Double click on that, and your program or application will get uninstalled.

Fix Uninstall Problems by Removing the Registry Keys of that Program

This is a lethal way to remove your program or application when it’s stuck on your storage memory and not get uninstalled anyway. Removing the Registry key of any program means that you are deleting the associated files of that program that are directly connected with Windows as an Administrator. So you can remove the program or application easily.

So this was all about how to Fix Uninstall Problems on Windows when they are getting stuck or not getting removed by any chance. If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, folks!

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