How to Fix the Microsoft Store Game Downloading Problems

In this article, we are going to guide and help you on how to fix Microsoft Store Game Downloading Problems.

Like other official applications, programs, games clients and online stores, Microsoft has its own marketplace or store. You can download the necessary applications and programs from here. The store also features games, and Microsoft has its own Xbox Gamepass app. The Microsoft store mainly offers apps and games for all types of users.

But sometimes, you might come across issues when you are trying to download games from Microsoft Store. Sometimes, the download of the particular game stops or the application or program greys out and cannot be interacted with. This is a very irritating issue as many users depend upon these Windows apps and use them as their daily drivers. Gamers sometimes are also unable to download their favourite games.

So in this article, we are going to guide and help you on how to fix Microsoft Store Game Downloading problems.

How to Fix the Microsoft Store Game Downloading Problems

Here are some possible ways to fix this problem

Microsoft Store Game Downloading
Fix Microsoft Store Game Downloading Problem

Relogging to Your Microsoft Account and Store

When the download option is disabled for a particular time, log out from the Microsoft Store and your Outlook account for a specific time. This might help to solve your problem.

  • Open Microsoft Store and look for the user icon, which you can find on the top-right side
  • Sign out from there
  • Now sign out also from your Outlook account too
  • After that, open task manager and look for Microsoft Store under the Process tab
  • Kill the task
  • Restart your system and do login again to your Microsoft Store and Outlook account
  • Now the download option should be visible

Disable Windows Defender and Anti Virus Software

Windows Defender and 3rd party anti-virus software often block and restrict downloading from Microsoft and other official stores. Uninstall your 3rd party software and turn off your windows defender to eliminate this problem.

Update Windows Service to fix Microsoft Store Game Downloading Issues

If the windows services feature doesn’t function well, you can face downloading problems from the Microsoft store. Update this feature to fix these issues.

  • Open Run by pressing the “Windows key” and “R” key at a time
  • Type “services. msc” in the black text field and then hit the Enter button
  • Now a new window will be opened with lots of options lists.
  • Find the “Windows Update” option. Right-click on it and then go to Properties
  • Now check whether the service is running or not. If it is not running, then hit the Start button.
  • If the service is already running, then press the Stop button. And after that, press the start button again
  • Now save your settings. Click on Apply and then OK. Now you should be able to download the games again from Microsoft Store

Delete the Cache files of the Microsoft Store to fix the issue of Game Downloading

When our internet browser gets slow, we delete the cache files. So also like that, try to delete the cache files of the Microsoft Store as well to enable your download button again.

  • Press “Windows key” and “R” key at a time to open RUN
  • Type “wsreset.exe” in the black text field and hit enter
  • After this, the process of cleaning the Microsoft store cache files will start. After the process completion, try to download games from the Microsoft Store

Change the Storage location to fix Microsoft Store Game Downloading Issues

If the particular drive where the download path is set is full, then allocate another drive for the application for game file downloading

  • Open Settings and then Go to the Storage option
  • Under the Storage option, you will find “Where New Content is Saved“. Click on that
  • Now you will get the option “New Apps Will Save To“. Change the drive where there is enough space for downloading apps and games to enable your download button in Microsoft Store

Windows TroubleShoot Feature

This feature is designed to scan all issues of all Windows Related software. Running this scan will fix the downloading problems of the windows store. Besides, you can also try to run the System File Checker (SFC), and Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) feature to solve this problem.

Perform a System Restore to fix Microsoft Store Game Downloading Restrictions

If the problems are not working for you, perform a system restore to fix your Microsoft Store Game Download Problem. This feature will take your operating system back to the previous working state and solve this problem.

So this was all about how to fix Microsoft Store Game download problems. If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comments down below.

That’s all, Folks!

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