How to fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller

Fix your PS5 controller stick drift easily via our step-by-step instructions on restoring it from a bit off mode.

PlayStation 5 controllers are one of the most important aspects of gaming, but they can also be incredibly frustrating when things go wrong. When you think you have mastered the art of using your controller, problems with stick drift occur when you cannot accurately control your game character’s movement onscreen.

This is a common issue where PS5 controllers suffer from stick drift. This occurs when the controller’s sticks move beyond their original boundaries, making it challenging to control games and applications. This can lead to situations where you’re wildly swinging your sword around without any sense of finesse or, worse still, invading someone’s privacy by snooping through their correspondence.

There are a few things that you can do to mitigate stick drift on your PS5 controller. By following these simple steps, you may be able to fix your controller and enjoy playing games without any issues.

So here are a few solutions from our technical side to fix your Stick Drift on a PS5 controller.

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DualSense Drift- What is it?

It is a technology of the PS5 controller, which is placed on the controller as sensor technology. For example, you can put your character in motion in a particular direction without touching the thumbsticks. You can keep moving your character, like in an open-world game, without continuously feeling the controller’s thumbstick.

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Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller – Adjust Input Threshold

Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller- Adjust Input Threshold

This feature is in most of the game’s controller settings menu. It is a specific zone where your thumbstick movement doesn’t get proper input registration. Players mostly call it a dead zone. However, it is also necessary to control excessive input for movement. By customizing it properly per your requirements in that particular game, your stick drift can work properly.

Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller – Clean the inner Dust

Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller- Clean the inner Dust

Do you know that controller hardware catches dust particles as the keyboard does? The electronic inputs can get delayed if excessive dust particles are gathered on the controller’s electrical chip or motherboard. For this solution, you can unscrew your controller easily or reach the store where you bought the controller for cleaning.

Fix PS5 Controller’s Stick Drift – Rotation and Lifting of Thumbstick

When it is required to move the character or object in a particular direction, players push and hold the thumbstick in that direction for a long time. For this, sometimes it begins to drift in that way and doesn’t stop.

To eliminate this issue, gently rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise for a few seconds. Doing this, the input level will return to its previous state. It is a process of resetting the sensor control. And this way, you can quickly fix Stick Drift on a PS5 controller.

Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller – Update the Controller driver or reset it

Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller - Update the Controller driver or reset it

If there has been a malfunction on your PS5 controller or the input has been wrongly placed, you can fix it by resetting it. It can be done via Sony’s very own software. In that way, you can fix the stick drift issue.

On the other hand, you can also search for the latest driver files for your controller. Sony regularly updates this controller’s sensor pressure feature for newly launched games. So it might have happened that a new setting or feature has arrived, and you have missed it without installing it on your controller hardware.

What if all the above-mentioned process doesn’t fix stick drift on your PS5 controller?

The last option to fix your PS5 controller’s Stick Drift is to hand it over to Sony’s PlayStation Customer Care department. If you find your PS5 controller not working, you can get it fully repaired to a newer one. But still, you have to maintain these steps.

  • Do not try to fix it by changing its program by downloading any 3rd party software that Sony does not support.
  • Completely make some screen recording or video proof before handing it to the customer care department. If there are any serial numbers or identification numbers, note them down.
  • On any condition, do not press or push the thumbstick very hard or bang the controller on the wall because of rage. The warranty very much depends on the physical condition of your controller.

So this was all about how to Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller. Let us know in the comments below if you think we have missed anything.

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