How to fix PS4 disk not reading error

Disk not reading is one of the major frustrations with the Playstation 4 consoles. So this article will guide you on how to fix PS4 disk not reading errors.

Sony did come out with their “White knight” Sony PlayStation 5 which looks incredibly nice and did excellent in performance. But some people want to still play their PlayStation 4 but there are times when the PlayStation shows errors and it makes life difficult.

But you don’t have to worry we have 5 fixes that can help you get your disk error notification removed. Do follow some steps to have uninterrupted fun with your games and not be bored with the error every time you switch on your Playstation 4. So, without wasting further time let’s quickly check out the top 5 ways on how to fix PS4 disk not reading errors.

PS4 Disk Drive

How to fix PS4 disk not reading error

Fix PS4 Drive Issue – Minor console bug

There are times when you leave your gaming console turned on for a long time and then when you resume playing the screen shows an error message so it’s because of a bug mostly. For this, the fix is simple what you can do is reboot or restart your PlayStation 4 and if you don’t get any error that means it’s a minor issue that has been solved by just restarting your console.

Fix PS4 Disk Drive not Working – Rebuild the PS4’s database

Unless your PS4 has an SSD, it’s using a spinning hard drive to store all your files. When the system saves new files to the hard drive, it tends to fill whatever space is available, without caring about what files go where. Over time, this random storage can cause problems for memory access, since the system is spending extra time looking across the whole hard drive for related files. This hard drive issue can also affect disc reading down the line.

That’s where rebuilding the database comes into play. When you rebuild the PS4’s database, it sorts all existing files logically. That way, the system doesn’t need to look all over the place for different files that are related, since now they’re stored in the same space. It can be useful to rebuild your database even when your PS4 isn’t having trouble reading discs, so in a way, this is killing two birds with one stone.

To rebuild the database, you’ll need to boot your PS4 into safe mode. Start by shutting down your PS4, then make sure to plug your controller into the console, rather than use it wirelessly. Now, hold the PS4’s power button until you hear two beeps. The first beep will be the usual tone heard when starting up the system, but the second will come about seven seconds later.

When asked, press the power button on your controller. From here, you’ll find a list of options. Choose “Rebuild Database,” sit back, and wait for the process to finish. This can take anywhere from three to 20 hours, so you’ll need to be patient.

PS4 Disk not Working – Software glitch

Well, when your console doesn’t show any error message and still does not let you play cause there’s some problem on your console, it can happen because of a software update on your console or an update on your game. While ur facing such a problem all you got to do is remove the disk from the disk drive and restart your console and update to the latest software and restart your console and get going.

Most of the time this happens because of old software updates and you need to get your console updated as soon as possible.

PS4 Drive not Working – Enough space on your Hard Disk

Do make sure that you got space on your hard disk before installing a game or playing one because when your hard is full it tends to behave a bit odd as the software gets slow and the hard disk as well. So clear out some space and you are ready to play your games again.

Fix PS4 Disk not reading error – Make sure to clean the game disc

The problem mostly arises when you have a dirty gaming CD inserted and now the sensor of the DVD drive must have attracted those dust particles into its sensor so the chances of it not working is very much.

So, you need a disk or a DVD Drive cleaner to get the dust out from the cleaner and to clean the disk as well and then put the disk in and you will see that you can play your games without any interruptions. Enjoy your console, as well as your games, get the fixes done if you are going through any from the list.

So this was all about the top 5 fixes on how to fix ps4 disk not reading error.

That’s all folks!

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