How to fix Laptop Mouse not working

Struggling to fix the laptop mouse not working? Follow our comprehensive guide to fix the mouse yourself. Quick, easy & effective solutions await you!

A laptop’s touchpad or mouse is a delicate piece of hardware requiring regular maintenance. If it starts to malfunction, you may experience problems with cursor movements and general mouse interaction. This could be due to either a hardware failure or a software issue.

If your laptop mouse is not working properly, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Many laptop users face the frustrating issue of a non-responsive touchpad. Also, this terrible problem can be frustrating and hinder your productivity.

But fear not, as in this blog post, we will guide you through some simple and effective solutions to fix this problem. Whether it’s a software glitch or a hardware issue, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and get your laptop touchpad back up and running smoothly in no time.

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Laptop Mouse not working- What are the possible reasons?

There might be several reasons your laptop mouse or touchpad is not working. It could be-

  • Operating System issue that scans and detects laptop’s hardware and software
  • The laptop mouse or touchpad area is not placed properly, a manufacturing defect.
  • The touchpad has been disabled from the settings menu by mistake.
  • Any driver files which is related to the touchpad or laptop mouse have been corrupted
  • Jammed connectors due to anti-electrical components or dust
How to fix Laptop Mouse not working

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Fix Laptop Mouse not working

Here are our best possible solutions to fix the laptop touchpad or mouse not working.

System Restart

Restarting the system can fix the laptop mouse not working issue. Alot of the time, you might find that the trackpad is behaving abnormally while using the laptop. Restart it, and it will reload all the drivers, and it should start working properly.

Anti Electrical Particles or Dirt

We often have a bad habit of using our keyboard and mouse with our dirty hands. For example, we tend to watch shows while eating and using the keyboard or the mouse with that hand can hurt the usability of these components as oil, dust and anti-electrical particles get piled up between the edges and with prolonged use, it tends to get underneath the keyboard and touchpad as well which might cause major damage to the laptop if not diagnosed earlier.

So, in this case, if you want to fix your laptop mouse or trackpad not working, regularly wipe the areas with microfiber cloths, brushes, cleaning gel, etc., to keep the laptop mouse/trackpad properly working.

Enable Touchpad in Settings Menu

If, by mistake, the laptop mouse or touchpad has been disabled, you will notice that the laptop mouse or the trackpad doesn’t track any movements. To make it responsive or operational, you can turn it on by following the below steps –

  • Press the Win Key or click on the start menu and then type “Touchpad”
  • Then click on the Touchpad settings options.
  • Now check whether it is turned off or on.
  • If it is off, press the “Shift” and “Tab” buttons simultaneously to open the options.
  • After that, press the “Spacebar” button and turn on the touchpad or laptop mouse option.

If you are using a Mac Operating System, then follow the below instructions

  • Open your system settings and then choose Accessibility
  • Then select the “Pointer Control” feature.
  • Look out for the “Ignore Built In Trackpad when Mouse or wireless trackpad is present” Checkbox option.
  • If it is ticked, then untick or deselect it.

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Disconnect all wireless function

If you are using a 3rd Party wireless trackpad hardware and it is not working, disconnect all wireless functions of your laptop, including Bluetooth connection. After that, wait a few seconds and connect the device to your system, and it should start working.

Update drivers to fix laptop mouse not working

Try updating the Touchpad Software on your laptop by going to the Device Manager. Most of the time, the touchpad drivers get corrupted due to reasons like software interference. So it’s best to update and reinstall the touchpad drivers if your trackpad is not responsive.

If none of your Trackpad or Laptop mice is working, you can get a wired USB mouse to fix everything cumbersome with a keyboard until you get the Trackpad back to working condition.

So this was all about how to fix Laptop Mouse not working. Let us know in the comments below if you think we have missed anything.

That’s all, Folks!

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