How to download Files faster on Google Chrome

This article will analyze the problems and provide solutions to download files faster on Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a very famous and one of the most familiar browsers in our daily life internet usage. This Internet browser is widely used for downloading and browsing and is significantly faster than any other browser. The mechanism of Google Chrome is mainly to use the maximum amount of RAM for top speeds.

Although the fast download and upload speeds do not always work well on every system, this problem occurs for many reasons, which is why most users can’t experience quick file uploading and downloading speeds.

So in this article, we will guide and help you with the best of our knowledge on how to download files faster on google chrome.

Download Files Faster – Causes of Slow File Downloads

Before diving deep into the problem, we need to check out what are the significant obstructions that limit the speed of this Google Chrome Browser. So here are the familiar issues described below.

Poor Internet Connection

If your Internet service provider is delivering a poor network connection, then Google Chrome and other browsers installed on your system will also not work correctly. So check your system’s internet connection to whether it is working fully or not.

Ping Issue

The ping of the internet connection is always best when it stays at 1ms or at least 2ms for better balancing. But when it goes to 3ms or higher, the internet connection interprets and creates a disturbance. So check your pings as well too.

Slow Web Server

The Internet Service Provider providing you with the connection to the Internet might have an issue on their server. Contact them and ask if there are any disturbances or ongoing maintenance on their line or not.

Virus and Malware Problems

Sometimes, your system has hidden virus or malware files that make restrictions on your internet connection as they always try to hack and access other servers. Scan your system to detect these kinds of files.

So these are the Major causes that make your downloading speed slower when downloading or uploading any file through your favourite browser. Now Further any delay, let’s check the possible solutions to make downloading faster in Google Chrome.

How to download Files faster on Google Chrome
How to download Files faster on Google Chrome

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How to download Files Faster in Google Chrome – 4 Possible Ways

Here are the four possible ways to increase the downloading speed in Google Chrome

Updating to the Latest Version

We often ignore or forget to update the Google Chrome Browser. This makes the browser miss the important and latest updates released by the developers. Update Google Chrome regularly and report to the developer if you encounter a random browser crash.

Reinstalling Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome for a more extended period, the browser might respond slowly over time as this browser stores many excessive junk files, which are useless and cut the download speeds. Most of the Cache cleaner software cannot entirely remove these files. So if you are facing low downloading speed and low performance on Google Chrome, uninstall and install a fresh copy of it.

Data Clearing

Google Chrome keeps a record of every website you visit except when browsing the web in Incognito hidden mode. And when the browsers are filled with cache & cookies, the download speeds get restricted. Go to the history settings and clear all browsing data types to increase your Google Chrome download speed.

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Browser Extension

Check whether your browser extension has many extensions or not. Also, sometimes, some websites automatically install Extensions on your Google Chrome Browser without informing you. So check your Google Chrome Browser Extension properly and delete the unnecessary extensions. Also, prevent your Google Browser from installing extensions from any 3rd party or unknown or illegal certificate-less websites.

Enable Parallel Downloading Feature

This feature breaks down the heavy downloading data into small quantities and downloads them simultaneously. So enabling this feature makes your downloading speed much faster.

So this was all about how to Download Files Faster in Google Chrome. If you think we missed out on anything, feel free to comment below.

That’s all, folks!

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