How much FPS is good for gaming in 2021? – FPS Explained

Interested to know how much FPS is good for for gaming in 2021? Then this is your best guide!

Typically in a normal Gaming scenario, a minimum of 30FPS is a must for experiencing a game at its lowest possible settings. But most Gamers do prefer the 60fps because it’s much more smooth and the animations feel life-like.

Although triple-digit frame rates are there but not all hardware can push those frame rates. Triple-digit framerates are mainly suitable for Esports titles although there are gamers who would want more fluidity in the AAA titles.

PC Gamers love to argue about how fast their PCs are and how much they can handle their latest games and this is measured by the frame rates that their favorite games get. Let’s talk about it in detail.

What is FPS?

For those who are new in Gaming, FPS stands for Frames Per Second. It is basically how many frames your Graphics card can push out while running a game at their maximum playable settings. For example, if you are getting 1FPS in a game, that means your Graphics card is rendering one frame per second. It would mostly look like a slideshow in real life and the game will not be playable at all at 1FPS.

So to put it this way, the more the frame rate your GPU pushes the more smoother will be your experience while gaming.

How much FPS is good for gaming in 2021? - FPS Explained

Different FPS Brackets

There are different FPS brackets. Lets understand that how much FPS is good for gaming in 2021.

  1. 30FPS: This is the bare minimum frame rate that gamers should aim for while trying to tweak the in-game graphical settings. This means that GPU is rendering 30 frames per second. The 30FPS gives a very cinematic experience. Targeted mainly towards consoles and entry-level gaming PCs. You might notice a slight lag when it comes down from 30 to 20FPS sometimes. But anything above 24FPS is certainly playable. But E-sports titles are a big no-no when it comes to frame rates like that.
  2. 60FPS: 60FPS is the sweet spot that every gamer craves. It is every gamer’s target to tweak their game settings to match that. 60 FPS means that the GPU is rendering 60 frames per second. It feels buttery smooth and the animations look life-like. Although it’s not easy to get 60FPS in all the games in the current gaming scenario. But a little older generation game or a very well-optimized game can easily push out 60FPS.
  3. 120FPS: Talking about the big guns. These kinds of FPS can be achieved when you are using a high refresh rate monitor. Monitors ranging from 120Hz to 165Hz are needed to experience such high frame rates. But along with a high refresh monitor, you would also need a high-end gaming system to push such frames per second in AAA titles.
  4. 240FPS: To experience such high framerates, you would need a 240Hz display to achieve such amount of smoothness.
How much FPS is good for gaming in 2021? - FPS Explained

Although I would like to add that it is not necessary to have a 240Hz display to experience 240FPS. The high refresh rate displays are much smoother and life-like rather than a 60Hz monitor running an old game at 240fps. The user experience differs a lot when you move from playing a game with a 60Hz display to 240Hz at 240FPS,

Also, it’s easy to push out 240FPS in less demanding and older titles. So this the reason why high refresh rate monitors and high frames per second are much more demanded the esports competitive titles.

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How much FPS is good for gaming then?

There is actually not a fixed answer for this question here. Different type of frame rates is required to run different types of games. Here are some of the suggestions that we can give

  1. 30FPS: Best for single-player games. Recommended targeting this if you have an entry-level gaming system. Would give a much more cinematic experience.
  2. 60FPS: Good for sports games and slightly competitive games. 60FPS feels buttery smooth and makes the experience much more enjoyable.
  3. 120FPS: Mostly for online multiplayer games. 120FPS feels extremely smooth and adds another layer of realism over 60FPS.
  4. 240FPS: You only need it when you will be playing a very high competitive game. 240FPS when paired with 240Hz displays will provide an experience that is worthwhile. Extremely responsive with buttery smooth visuals and color depth. Although a 144Hz display would also do its job. Obviously, you will be needing a very high-end PC to run games at 240FPS.
How much FPS is good for gaming in 2021? - FPS Explained


So there is no specific answer to this question. It only boils down to your budget on investing in a Gaming PC. the more you invest the better the hardware. Good modern hardware will push your gaming to the next level and also will give you a very rich gaming experience with high frame rates.

If you are an esports player, a medium-range gaming system will help you fetch high fps. games like Counter-Strike, Valorant, DOTA 2, Rainbow six Seige, etc these titles aren’t very much taxing on the hardware, and thus you can expect good FPS out of those games.

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